Friday, September 23, 2011

snail-an acrostic poem

S nails might slip off your hand when you pick them up.
N ow when I find a slimy snail I leave it .
A hungry snail eats green juicy vegetables.
I like snails because they are very slimy.
l emon and Garlic is a tasty treat for a snail.

Snail- An Acrostic Poem

S nails are slippery and slimy, even ugly.
N eed fresh vegetables.
A snail lays little tiny baby eggs.
I n the garden there is a slimy snail.
L emon and garlic is a best treat on a snail.


Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Dear Mr Burton

Thank you for all you have done for our Catholic school. I appreciate all the wonderful swimming lessons you have given us.

I really enjoyed gliding because I like to slowly flow along the surface of the water. I also really enjoyed floating, kicking and sculling, I enjoyed that because I can see the diference when I scull fast and kick fast or when I scull slow and when I kick fast.

In the past few I have learnt some amazing skills and I would like to tell you some things I have learnt. I have learnt how to float, float, scull, and scull gliding, starfish on my back and stomach. I know how to do the Turtle and I know how to roll around in the water. That's all I know how to do. I hope you will teach me more marvellous swimming lessons.

I feel pleased that you brought that pool to our school. You are mt life saver and you are my hero. Mr Burton I will miss you and so will my class, Room 4.

God bless you Mr Burton and I hope you will never forget us,
Room 4.

Yours sincerely

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Room 4
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Dear Mr Burton,

Thank you for teaching me how to swim and teaching Room4 how to swim. Especially I enjoyed spending time with you and I would like to say thank you for bringing this warm pool. I like to make a little ball and then flip like a button. He! He! He! I like to do that. Also like to do a starfish on my back and on my stomach too. What I learned from you is how to be a good swimming teacher like you. Alecia and I can do a mermaid. I can't wait to show you Mr Burton we showed it to Mrs Pole on Friday and she said that it was good.

Yours Sincerely

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Friendly Letter

St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Monday 5 September

I hope you come back to Room 4 soon.
At school Room 4 loves swimming. We hope you come soon so you can swim with us.
Hi again Richie. Last, last week we had a talent quest. I was playing the ukulele. After that we had fish and chip it was YUM… and tasty .
Last Sunday me and Alecia had our first Holy Communion .We had medals. My medal was shiny. After that we had some pizza and lollies and cake and… cookies. After that I went to BOTANY to buy some shiny Nike’s! The colours were red, green, blue and orange.
Anyway I hope you come back to Room 4 soon Richie.

From Seuati.

A Friendly Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Monday 5 September

Dear Richie

I hope you are getting better and will come back to Room 4 soon. In the massive SWIMMING pool I can do torpedoes and I can dive like a dolphin.

Also Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 and I acted out One Lost Son with Paul and Joshua and Rosrine and Alecia reading it as part of our mass. On Saturday I went to the WARRIORS game at MOUNT SMART STADIUM and the Warriors won 18-6 against Cowboys.

Then I watched the ALL BLACKS and…they lost against WALLABIES 20-25 .Last, Last, last, last Saturday my rugby team was in a tournament and we won 52-18 .We won against Mt Albert and we won 22-4 Northcote Tigers. They were hard but we managed to win against them .Also when I was at home we had SAUSAGE SIZZLE it was delicious .

Well that’s it Richie. God bless you, Richie.

Love from Patrick

A Letter to a Friend

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glenn Innes

Monday 5 September

Dear Richie

We miss you, we all hope you get better soon and come back to Room 4.

We’ve been doing a lot about the new swimming pool I know how to do lots of things in the warm water like a starfish, floating and Turtle. I know how to, roll around in the water. I wish you were here in the new swimming pools.

Last Friday we had a treat, the treat was ice block and Moro bars, it was yummy, VERY yummy.

My personal news is that I had my first Holy Communion we all got a medal and we had a delicious treat.

Last Saturday I went to the Warriors game. I had snack burgers at KFC it was fantastic. The number on the score board was 18-6 the Warriors won it, it was at Mt Smart Stadium.

Anyway I hope you get better very soon and I hope you will write back to your class Room 4.

Love from Alecia

Friday, September 9, 2011

A letter to a Classmate

St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Monday 5 September

Dear Richie

My sweetest cousin ever, I hope you get better. We felt sorry for you when you had your operation. But you were brave.

Richie at school we had a Junior Mass with Room 1, 2, 3 and 4. I had a part in mass. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was in the Gospel with Alecia. The actors were Patrick, Joshua and Paul. Patrick was the bad boy and Joshua was the good boy, as usual. When we’d finished our Junior Mass we had Juicy Ice blocks and Chocolate Moro. It was divine.

Richie, I would like to tell you something else. Do you know the Jesus dance? We showed it in front of the whole school. We were the first ones to stand up and do the Jesus dance. We were so nervous. Then it was Seuati’s turn to play on the ukulele.

Richie I’m going to tell you some personal stuff. My personal stuff is my dad came back from Israel. He bought me some presents. My presents were a shiny bag and a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt that says “Hello from Jerusalem” and a shower thing. He bought me a hat as well.

Richie I went to my cousin’s house and her name is Jolynn and her two sisters are Amelia and Silia. We played outside on the swing and we played Ring a of Rosy. It was lots fun. Also we ate chicken, potato and we had a drink called pitch black drink but it was actually grape drink. It was really delicious. I hope you come back to school because you are my best cousin ever and I’ll never stop thinking about you because I love you

Love from your cousin

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SWIMMING =an acrostic poem

S wimming is really cool.

W ith my family on a sunny day in the holidays I go to the beach.

I love to swim in warm water because I feel calm and nice.

M y school has an a ENORMOUS swimming pool.

M e and my auntie go swimming lots of times in the holidays.

I just love to dive like a dophin in a HUGE, pool.

N ow and finally, I can SWIM like a shark.

G oing to the swimming pool is AWESOME.

SWIMMING -an acrostic poem

S plashing in the pool.

W arm water is in the pool.

I like floating in the pool.

M rs Pole asks us to get out.

Mr Burton went to the pools.

I n the pool I like to float.

N ow I can glide.

G oing to the the pool is fun.

SWIMMING -an acrostic poem

S wimming is fun.

W hen I go swimming it is fun.

I n the pool I like diving in the water.

M e and my friends can dive together.

M y friends and I can touch the bottom.

I go swimming everyday.

N ow I can float on my back.

G oing swimming is fun, Mrs Pole and Mr Burton are the bosses.

SWIMMING =an acrostic poem

S plashes of warm water jumping out of the pool.

W e can blow bubbles under the calm and warm water.

I can make a starfish on the water.

M y kickboard holds me up, tucked under my chin.

M y teacher hates getting splashed.

I n the calm water I can dive to the bottom.

N ow I can swim backwards!

G oing to the pool is awesome.

SWIMMING -an acrostic poem

S ome water pops in my eyes but it doesn't hurt.

W hen we go to the pool we are really crazy.

I n the warm water I like to float on the surface.

M oving across the water is hard because the current pushes me a different way.

M y body floats when I do the starfish slowly.

I like to play Ring a Ring a Rosy.

Nothing scares me when I dive in calm water.

G athering around Mr Burton to listen to what he tells us to do.

SWIMMING - an acrostic poem

Some warm water calming me down as I Float .

Water pushes me as I walk to the other side.

In the calm water I can sit like a turtle at the bottom.

Mr Burton throws treasure in the pool.

Me and my friends like to blow bubbles.

I like to float like a starfish on the surface.

Now I can push off and dive like a dolphin.

Going out of the pool is SAD !