Monday, November 30, 2020

Summer song


Naomi, Hope and Annabelle wrote this Summer song. We think we did an amazing job writing and then singing it for you all to enjoy.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Summer song


Song composed by Meki, Callen and Preston

Today, the three of us made up a song about Summer. The song is about how much we love the sun. Hope you all enjoy our song.

Acrostic poem


Cunning making an escape plan to 

    save Wilbur

Helps Wilbur, so he doesn’t get killed by Mr. Zukerman

A friend to Wilbur

Relaxes on her web

Loves to catch bugs in her web

Outside she lives

Talks to Wilbur a lot

Telling Wilbur to wait patiently

Every day, she has to fix her web

Every day, my class listens to the story called Charlotte's Web. Today I wrote an acrostic poem about the character called Charlotte. She is the spider.

By Callen

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Invasion


Takiritia 3 and TWP4 decided to tell the story of how Covid 19 has impacted on our learning from the perspectives of the virus. Hope you enjoy our movie.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

View from the window 

 The grass is growing 

and people get older

Mountains are growing


 Seasons are changing 

 Birds are bigger

 leaves are dropping 

 A new day is dawning

                                Through the window 

a storm!  

look out 

here it comes over the fence 

over the clouds

Soon the sun is out 

                                      Boys are older 

babies are born 

shops are renewed

 people are coming 

flowers have grown 

rain storms are gone 

Out comes the sun 

Here it comes 

By Preston


Poem: View from the window

        View from the window

A long big tree 

Outside the window

I look to see a shiny rainbow 

Flowers are blooming 

And cars are 


Painting on wood 

And my cat on 

The roof 

Birds are flying in the 


My new baby 

Looking so shy 

By Christina

Poem: View from a window


View From The Window 

Birds are chirping

Like singing little diddles

Waking people up 

Like Lions roaring 

All through town

While the people 

are sleeping.

Rain is pouring 

Like ice falling from

the sky.

People grow older

As the years go by

Kids get older and get jobs.


As people die and 

new are born

As people get hurt 

and get new parts

some get killed.

Babies get older 

and go to school 

they learn, learn, learn

To get smarter every hour

By Callen