Friday, March 13, 2020

Our Special Friend

Fr Felise surprised us this morning. He came to see us and to share about lent. 

Lent is about fasting and its the journey with Jesus when he went to the desert for 46 days. It is 40 days but there were Sundays too which makes 46 days. 

Fr Felise was excited to see that we have 6 crosses in Takiritia 3. We have 3 on the walls and 3 on our prayer table. He was also proud that we answered all his questions correctly. 

We told him that Jesus was tempted by Satan for three things but Jesus did not accept any of it. First temptation was for food, second one was to jump off the cliff and the angels will catch him and the last one was to bow to Satan and he will be the king of the world. 

At the same time, Jesus denied it knowingly that he will die on the cross for our sins. We are lucky that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. 

By: Takiritia 3.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Our letter to Bishop Pat

During lent, our class takes some time to look at what other children in the world are doing while we are at school.

We decided to write a letter to Bishop Pat to say what we are thinking.  We want to share with you and also the clip that made us want to write the letter.
Lun Nee

Our letter to Bishop Pat

Dear Bishop Patrick,
Catholic Office,

We are currently learning and discussing
ways of helping during this lenten season.
We have to say that watching Lun Nee
from Cambodia has made us think of ways
to help out.

We are Takiritia 3 of Year 2 and Year 3
students at St Pius X Catholic School in
Glen Innes.  Listening to Lun Nee talking
about leaving school at Year 4 is sad
because he’s almost the same age as
us. We feel he’s way too young to drop
out of school. 

In class, we pray every morning for people
who need our help and those who are poor.
We are also collecting coins to send to
Caritas.We try to help at home by doing
chores so we can help Mum and Dad just
like Lun did. Our teacher has collaboratively
worked with our parents to make sure
we do chores at home and joyfully bring
some coins to help Lun. 

We thank you for giving us the opportunity
to learn and watch what the rest of the
world is facing. We have always thought
that we are poor but watching Lun has
reminded us to be thankful to be
ourselves and what we already have. 

Kindest regards,
Takiritia 3
St Pius X Catholic School.

A heart for special people

 By Hope

At this very moment, I felt I needed to treat the 2 most special people in my life - ie, Mum & Dad. I decided to give them my heart, that is my love. How can I show them that? 

I got some clean paper and put some glue on it. It was the shape of a heart.  I got the glitter from my bag and put it on top of the paper that I have put the glue on. I took it outside to shake the glitter that is not glued, so it will be blown away by the wind. I got back to class and left it on the table to dry.

Arriving home, I totally forgot my card at school when I left it to dry.  I am looking forward to see Mum's and Dad's face when I give them my heart. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Princess

By Jasma & Crystallani

One afternoon, I was a princess. I am Princess Cinderella and my friend is Princess Elsa.  

We are twins in different kingdoms.  Our father died because he was very ill and the queen, our mother looked after us well by giving us 2 different kingdoms to rule.

Do you want to be a princess?  You can come along to Takiritia 3 and you can be a princess for one afternoon. 

Friday, March 6, 2020

My little birdy

by HoHo

I was cleaning up in my hub when I saw this tiny bird beside the window. I jumped and got her. I was so happy as I felt like a superhero when I caught it alive. It feels so soft and tiny too. I wished that I could take her home but Mrs. Pulotu told me to let it fly away. 

I saw it flying away as if she was taking me with her. Mrs. Pulotu shared with us that it is God's creation and we need to let it live freely by letting her go.

It was an experience that I will remember forever.