Friday, October 28, 2011

A Fun Time In The Holidays

On an exciting Sunday evening I was ready to watch the ALL BLACKS versus FRANCE in the big final of the Rugby World Cup 2011

Finally the important game started. 7 minutes later Tony Woodcock scored a TRY but suddenly Piri Weepu missed the goal so the score was 5 points to 0 .

Later the captain of the French, Thierry Dusautiour, scored a magnificent TRY so... the score was 5 points to 5 . Iwas getting nervous because they got the goal. So again the score was 7 points to 5 to FRANCE.

Later on Aaron Cruden got injured so Stehpen Donald came on.Then Stephen Donald got a penalty so... the score was 8-7 to ALL BLACKS.

Later in the 70 th minute I thought the French were going to win... but the ALL BLACKS won THE WEBB ELLIS CUP!

My highlight of the ALL BLACKS game was when Tony Woodcock scored a TRY.
The whole country was overjoyed when the ALL BLACKS won.

My Highlights of Term 3

My highlight of this term was when I got awarded a special certificate and book at the Duffy Theatre. I liked this because I was surprised when they called my name. Also I liked when I had my first Holy Communion because I've been waiting for my First Holy Commnion for ages. I lso liked when I won the colouring competion because I triecd my best colouring to win that competion and I knew that I would win because my colouring stands out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Lifejackets make you buoyant and relaxed.
It helps you survive in the water.
Feels bulky and bumpy.
Each careful person has to wear a bright lifejacket on a strong boat.
Jackets are joyful to wear.
A lifejacket helps you survive
Calmly and comfortably.
Keeps us safe on a boat.
Enjoying wearing the shiny lifejacket.
Tight and snug.


Lifejackets help you survive so well.
It's brightly smooth and soft and cool to wear.
Feels like a warm cushion.
Each Lifejacket is important.

Jackets are joyful to wear in the water.
Are warm and safe for you.
Comfortable and relaxing.
Keeping us warm in the water and keeps us away from hypothermia.
Enjoying the water.
Tight and bright.

Lifejacket-Acrostic Poem

Lovely bright colours.
It's smooth, comfortable, warm.
Feels powerful and protective.
Each lifejacket is warm and bulky.
Jackets are looking out for you.
A lifejacket is a mighty lifesaver.
Comfortable and keeps us super safe.
Keeps us away from hypothermia.
Easy to put on, safe and smooth.
Trying to save us.

Lifejacket -a poem

Lifejackets make you feel safe.
Important for all.
Floating happily.
Every person is joyful and peaceful.

Joyful and peaceful.
Aware of safety.
Comfortable and relaxed.
Keeping us warm.
Enjoying the water.
Tight and snug.

Lifejacket, A poem

Bumpy, Strong
Helping, Floating,Saving
Hard cushion around my chest.
Floats on the surface.

Lifejacket, A poem

Buoyant, Relaxing
Saving, Protecting, Helping
Feels bumpy and comfy
Stays on the surface.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hard cushion
Floating, Helping, Saving
It feels warm inside.
Saver and Floater.



Buoyant, Relaxer

Surviving, Helping, Huddling,

Keeps you warm, away from hypothermia.

A hero.