Friday, December 4, 2015

Day at home

On Saturday I woke up very early. I watched T.V. On the T.V I watch the Regular show movie. I was watching Cartoon Network. It showed the people in the future. I liked it. It also showed two guys that were best friends one was good in the future and the other was bad. Their names were Modeci and Rigby. The good guys shoot green. The bad guys shoot red. Modecei and Rigby shot each other.

The Zoo

On Saturday I went to the Zoo with my step-mum, my two brothers and my dad. We had to take a picture. The man said cheese. My dad was talking with his friend. We ate ice blocks at the Zoo. I went to the fountain and my step-mum took a picture of me.We went to the animals and then we went to the parks then we went back home.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kelly Tarlton

At Kelly Tarlton I went to the school. Then the first thing was we looked at the Sharks and we looked at the Stingrays and we looked at the Penguins. Then we looked at the turtles then we had lunch we had smoothies. My smoothie was blue. We played at the park. Then got the bus to go to school. I had fun at Kelly Tarltons.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The Cat is lying on the cotton and he is a happy. He is fluffy and he is a good cat and he has white whiskers and he is comfortable . There is blue cotton and he has a pink nose.

I have to wake up early and get ready for school. And I pick up rubbish. I get dressed for school and me and my sisters tidy up the play room and I clean the room.

The horse has four long legs. And it is a brown horse. It has one white leg. It has long ears. It is so so cute. It is so soft.