Friday, December 2, 2011

The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon a time there was a lion sleeping in his cave and then a Mouse came and he was climbing on the lion's paw. The lion woke up and the lion got the mouse with his paw and the mouse said "let me go, let me go". The lion said "why did you wake me up?" The mouse said "because I want to look in your cave." The mouse said "call me when you are in trouble". But the lion said "but you are only a mouse" mouse said "I know I am only a mouse" and the lion was laughing.

The mouse went back to his mum. The lion was Roaring and the mouse heard the roar again and the mouse saw the lion trapped. The mouse said "be quiet before the trappers come and kill you." After that the lion said "but you are a mouse how can you help me?" the mouse said "just wait" and the mouse chewed and chewed. Then the lion was free to go back to his cave. The lion said "I won't laugh at you again."

Thursday, December 1, 2011


On a beautiful sunny day, it was an exciting day, as we were going for badminton in the school hall.

After reading Mrs Pole said, “Everybody pack up because we are going to badminton.” So we packed up and took our shoes off and put them under our desks.

When we got into the hall we sat down and waited for Room 5 to finish. So we waited and they were gone. Then we said, “Good Morning Glorinne”, then she said, “Good Morning. ” But before we started we had to get a buddy. My buddy was Annalise and Alecia’s buddy was Kalo.

Next we got two short racquets and one shuttle and we started playing around.

After that Glorinne put out some nets that said Mini Badminton. Victoria and Joshua were challenging Annalise and I. We won 6 times and Victoria and her partner won 7 times.

Meanwhile Petra and her partner came in and challenged us as well. We won again and again .“ Why are there three of you on each side?”, Glorinne cried. Then we said “ We don’t know.” So Petra and her partner sat down on the bench.

Finally Glorinne blew her whistle because Room3 were coming to play badminton so we lined up and walked to class.
My highlight was when we won 6 times, I am so proud of Annalise and I.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Exciting Day At Badminton.

On a still Tuesday morning the weather was still and calm but also quiet. Then Room 4 and I rushed out quickly to go to BADMINTON. After that when we settled down we got started.

First of all we buddied up with a parnter. My partner was Kalolaine. We all got a short racquet because it is easier to hit with. Kalo and I were pretty good at hitting it to each other without a net. Then we got to hit it over the nets. Kalo and I were versing Vaine and Kanesini. At the end of the game the points were 5-3. Kalo and I won that game. But then another disappointment! We lost some games but we still had fun. Our coaches name was " Glorrine. "

At badminton I felt disappointment because Kalo and I lost most of the games. My highlight of badmintion was when we were hitting it to each other without a net, I lid that because it was easy and fun.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thank you Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Wednesday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I would like to thank you for making our Duffy Books possible. What I enjoy is the Duffy Theatre, it's funny.

My favourite Duffy Book is the Lighthouse Keeper's New Friend because it's funny. When the man went to look for a mermaid he found a dog on the rock.

I feel reading is important and fun because I enjoy reading.

I like to read every day because I come to school every day.

That's all for now.

May you have a Merry Holy Christmas, Mrs Wright.

Yours sincerely,

A Thank You Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Wednesday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I am writing this to you because you have given us wonderful books.

What I enjoyed about the Duffy Role Model Assemblies is receiving new books because I love reading so, so much it makes me learn a bit more.

How I feel about reading is it's really fun and cool and it's awesome.

Why it's important is to get better at reading , by the way I love reading.

My favourite Duffy book is" In the Dark" because it's scary and it has adjectives and by the way it is interesting and funny.

Well, that's all Mrs Wright.

May you have are lovely Holy Christmas with your precious family and I hope you enjoy my letter.

Yours sincerely

A Thank You Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Dear Mrs Wright

Thank you for all the special Books. I would thank you for all the books that you have given to me.

I enjoyed the Duffy Theatre because the Duffy people was getting very funny. My favourite book is "I'm not a Supermouse " because it is a very,very false story. In every Duffy Assembly we ask questions, receive our books and listen to our speaker.

I feel intersted in books because they are scary and funny. Reading is inportant so we can learn more.

My favourite book is" Oliver goes Exploring" because it's scary and creepy and the other book is "Scooby Doo" because it has clues and is funny.

Thank you again and I hope you have a Hsappy Christmas.

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Room 4
St Pius X School
Glen Innes

Thursday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I would like to thank you for the beautiful books you have provided from the DUFFY Programme . I like Duffy because he likes READING like me. Also I have 12 Duffy books, that's why I like Reading.

My Favourite Duffy Book is THE WONKEY DONKEY by Craig Smith . I like Wonkey Donkey because it was on a CD, also the PICTURES, they were BEAUTIFUL and FUNNY and COLOURFUL . I always play the CD on the radio, it is so funny. My favourite sentence is" I was walking down the road and then Isaw a donkey HEE HAW, he only had three legs and one eye" .

Also I liked the DUFFY THEATRE because it was really FUNNY .Also the DUFFY SONG it was nice and funny . I would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS.

from Patrick.

Thank You Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Casltedine Crescent
Glen Innes

Wednesday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I would like to tell you and thank you for making these wonderful Duffy Books a reality and thank you for being our sponsor, we all appreciate the Duffy Books.

The thing I enjoy about reading is that I feel that reading is good and it is important. I think reading is important and good is because it helps people get better at writing and helps people to have a good education too.

I would also like to tell you about my two favourite Duffy Books and one of them are called " Miss Primrose and the Stolen Salami'. The authors for that Duffy Book are Janet Slater Bottin and Claire De Zoete. My other favourite Duffy Book is called " Amy and Louis". The authors for that Duffy Book are Libby Glesson and Freya Blackwood. I like those two Duffy Books because they rhyme, they have beautiful pictures inside and they are funny.

That is all I have to say to you Mrs Wright. Goodbye for now and have a Happy and Holy Christmas and I hope you will still help us with our reading.

Yours sincerely

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Letter To Kanesini

Dear Kanesini,

On Wednesday 9 November it was a exciting day because were going Hoyts to see other schools’ movies.

We went by bus. When we got into the fancy bus we had to sit with our partner. My partner was Rosalina, Annalise’s partner was Alecia.

When we arrived at Hoyts we sat on red, comfy chairs. We got really excited to see our movies so we got ready to see our movies. When it started we cheered for St Pius. “Go St Pius,” I cried.

Tokilupe and this boy were the first one to get on stage to say a little speech before Room7’s movie started

When Room7’s movie started I was excited because it was funny but when it came up to the song I was about to cry because when Rollen was sitting on the bottom of the St Pius sign and he was looking around the school, it looked like he was really lonely.

After that it was Point England’s turn to show their movie. I was wondering what Point England’s movie was about, so it was about to start.

Meanwhile I sat back and waited until it started so then I heard a sound, it was Point England’s movie. It was about a Samoan song, it was called O le Pepe. I loved that song very much.

After Point England’s movie it was Tamaki Primary’s turn to show their movie.Their movie was about dancing, it had music, the music was Move Your Body by Beyonce. It was my favourite because I love dancing that’s why.

Next it was Glenbrae’s turn to show their special movie. When it started I sat back and got ready to watch Glenbrae’s movie. It was about rubbish. I thought it was about going for a picnic but I was wrong.

Later on it was St Pius’s turn to show their movie. It was Room 8’s turn. It was about a wallet. My brother was the taxi driver. It was funny because Maila was trying to find her wallet. When it finished we had to leave Hoyts because the Film Fest finished but I was sad I didn’t want to leave but we had to go. So we got out and hopped on the bus.

When we arrived at school we had lunch. A few minutes later we packed our bags and went home. That was the funniest time ever.

Love from Rosrine.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Kanesini

On Wednesday the 9 of November we went straight to the Film Fest instead ofJump
Jam, prayers, line up, math, R.E. We went under the shelter and called out the roll and waited there. When we are ready Mrs Pole said chose a partner so we got a partner .
After that Mrs Pole told us to stand up so we walked to the bus and Rm’s 1,2,and 4 and Rm 3 went on the bus at the back of us.Mrs Pole called them but I don’t know what Mrs Koloti said . And Mrs Pole came back and the driver started the engine and he drove off and Mrs Pole nearly fell over!
Mafu always tells people to sit down on the bus. We got to Panmure and then Sylvia Park .We drove through the Pak’n’Save and the Hoyts. The door of the bus opened and we got out of the bus and walked on the footpath of the road, it was raining .I said to myself, “I don’t care when it’s raining I can get wet .”
After that we got inside and it looked so beautiful. I walked inside. I sat on a very soft chair and the lights were off. The schools were Panmure Bridge, St Pius X and other Schools. When the lights were off I was scared. I was holding onto Vaine’s whole body and it started.
I like all the St Pius X films .My highlight was
when we saw all the St Pius X movies.

From Joshua

A trip to Hoyts

Dear Kanesini

I’d like to tell you about our school trip to Sylvia Park. First we got in the bus, then we drove all the way to Hoyts. Next we went upstairs, then we got to the theatre. Next we sat in the big comfortable chairs at Hoyts.

The Movies were great. There was one about a butterfly. There was a Samoan song in the butterfly movie.

After that it was Room 7’s turn to show their film. It was about a new boy. It was funny because the new boy was all alone and a mum from the play group comes and pats him on the back, and then he got in the classroom. Then he got new friends.

From Paul.

Going to the Cinemas

Dear Kanesini

I want to tell you our school performed a movie for the Maniakalani Film Fest. We went by bus. We took 2 buses. Finally we were there. I saw thousands of people in the theatre. We were ready to watch ST PIUS X SCHOOL movie. It was about a new boy coming to ST PIUS .The movie was really funny. Mr Coakley WELCOMED him to RM 7. Next POINT ENGLAND preformed a SAMOAN song about BUTTERFLIES, it was beautiful and funny. Soon PANMURE BRIDGE acted about eating noodles and WEET- BIX. After that Room 8 acted their MOVIE about Lost Things like a WALLET. My highlight was all of ST PIUS MOVIES because they were funny.

From Patrick

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Fun Time Outside Doing Fireworks

On Saturday night it was Fireworks Day and my mum said if my dad comes early we could do fireworks at night. So I went to my room and watched TV and I fell asleep. After that my dad was here and I heard my mum saying that we could buy a box of fireworks.
So we went to buy a box of fireworks. Next we found a shop at Panmure and it said fireworks sale. After this we went to get a box full of fireworks and it cost 35 dollars and it cost a lot of money.
My mum said “bring the small box then.” Later on I went home and my dad said I am going to have a shower first. Mean while I called my cousin’s house and they said they’re going to come. My cousin’s box was bad boy. When my cousin came I saw her with her sister brother and her mum and her aunty too. Later my dad lit the fireworks and we done the sparkles first. Next our fireworks box was finished and it was fun. After we went inside and I looked at the clock and it was 10 o’clock and my mum said if my dad could go for a ride because my dad hasn’t driven a car before so we went off and came back. After that I came and I went to my room and I fell asleep.

A Fun and Sad time in the holidays

In the holidays I stayed at my house because it was a funeral. After that my big sister went to her room and cried. And then she came with a picture of him. And my mum cried and she gives it to my uncle. After that we went out side and we were dancing. After that we were eating some of the food. After we’d eaten we went to the shop and we got some chips, and some lollies. And we came back from the shop and we gave the food out to every body. And they said thank you and I said thank you and then I passed it the next person.

A fun time in the holidays

I was happy when the All Blacks won too. The French were sad. The All Blacks were so happy when they won the WEBB ELLIS CUP! The whole crowd was so excited when they won to against France. I was nervous because it was a close game.

A Fun Day at Guy Fawkes.

On Saturday night we had fireworks, we all used rockets. My brother lit them. He got bored so he went and I lit the exploding fireworks.

After that our fireworks nearly ran out so we used the best for last. They were spinners. They were so cool. They went so fast in circles. The colours were green, then orange, then nothing! Then back all over again, it was funny.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Playing Outside

A Fun Time Playing Out Side.

On Monday morning we went to play out side with our ball. After this we played hide and seek first. Next I had to hide from my sister and she had to find me. Then she went to my room and into my mum and dad’s room. After that she found me in my mum and dad’s room. After that it was my sister’s turn to hide. After I counted I went to find her. I looked in the rooms but she wasn’t there! So I went out side. I called and she didn’t hear me so I went in the car and looked in the front seat.
She wasn’t there and I found her in the back seat. I’ve found you I said.
She laughed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Fun Time In The Holidays

On Monday morning it was a beautiful sunny day. I was excited because my family was going to see the ALL BLACKS! So I got changed really fast and then I opened the door of my car and sat down. When we arrived into town we were trying to find parking.

Next we found a special parking, a person was about to take the spot but we took it really quickly! So I opened the door of my van and ran out to see the All Blacks but…. They were not there. All we saw was Rugger he said, “Hi.” And I said, “Hi.” back.

Later on the Close Up man came and talked to us and I was on camera.

Then all the sudden we heard music. It was the mighty All Blacks! First I saw Dan Carter, Aaron Cruden, Ma’a Nonu and Piri Weepu.

After that Richie McCaw was holding up the Rugby World Cup, it was so shiny.

Ma’a Nonu and Piri Weepu were dancing on the van.

After, Ma’a Nonu got interviewed by a woman; Piri Weepu was putting things on his head.

Later on the Parade finished I was so happy that I got to meet the All Blacks.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Fun Time In The Holidays

On an exciting Sunday evening I was ready to watch the ALL BLACKS versus FRANCE in the big final of the Rugby World Cup 2011

Finally the important game started. 7 minutes later Tony Woodcock scored a TRY but suddenly Piri Weepu missed the goal so the score was 5 points to 0 .

Later the captain of the French, Thierry Dusautiour, scored a magnificent TRY so... the score was 5 points to 5 . Iwas getting nervous because they got the goal. So again the score was 7 points to 5 to FRANCE.

Later on Aaron Cruden got injured so Stehpen Donald came on.Then Stephen Donald got a penalty so... the score was 8-7 to ALL BLACKS.

Later in the 70 th minute I thought the French were going to win... but the ALL BLACKS won THE WEBB ELLIS CUP!

My highlight of the ALL BLACKS game was when Tony Woodcock scored a TRY.
The whole country was overjoyed when the ALL BLACKS won.

My Highlights of Term 3

My highlight of this term was when I got awarded a special certificate and book at the Duffy Theatre. I liked this because I was surprised when they called my name. Also I liked when I had my first Holy Communion because I've been waiting for my First Holy Commnion for ages. I lso liked when I won the colouring competion because I triecd my best colouring to win that competion and I knew that I would win because my colouring stands out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Lifejackets make you buoyant and relaxed.
It helps you survive in the water.
Feels bulky and bumpy.
Each careful person has to wear a bright lifejacket on a strong boat.
Jackets are joyful to wear.
A lifejacket helps you survive
Calmly and comfortably.
Keeps us safe on a boat.
Enjoying wearing the shiny lifejacket.
Tight and snug.


Lifejackets help you survive so well.
It's brightly smooth and soft and cool to wear.
Feels like a warm cushion.
Each Lifejacket is important.

Jackets are joyful to wear in the water.
Are warm and safe for you.
Comfortable and relaxing.
Keeping us warm in the water and keeps us away from hypothermia.
Enjoying the water.
Tight and bright.

Lifejacket-Acrostic Poem

Lovely bright colours.
It's smooth, comfortable, warm.
Feels powerful and protective.
Each lifejacket is warm and bulky.
Jackets are looking out for you.
A lifejacket is a mighty lifesaver.
Comfortable and keeps us super safe.
Keeps us away from hypothermia.
Easy to put on, safe and smooth.
Trying to save us.

Lifejacket -a poem

Lifejackets make you feel safe.
Important for all.
Floating happily.
Every person is joyful and peaceful.

Joyful and peaceful.
Aware of safety.
Comfortable and relaxed.
Keeping us warm.
Enjoying the water.
Tight and snug.

Lifejacket, A poem

Bumpy, Strong
Helping, Floating,Saving
Hard cushion around my chest.
Floats on the surface.

Lifejacket, A poem

Buoyant, Relaxing
Saving, Protecting, Helping
Feels bumpy and comfy
Stays on the surface.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hard cushion
Floating, Helping, Saving
It feels warm inside.
Saver and Floater.



Buoyant, Relaxer

Surviving, Helping, Huddling,

Keeps you warm, away from hypothermia.

A hero.

Friday, September 23, 2011

snail-an acrostic poem

S nails might slip off your hand when you pick them up.
N ow when I find a slimy snail I leave it .
A hungry snail eats green juicy vegetables.
I like snails because they are very slimy.
l emon and Garlic is a tasty treat for a snail.

Snail- An Acrostic Poem

S nails are slippery and slimy, even ugly.
N eed fresh vegetables.
A snail lays little tiny baby eggs.
I n the garden there is a slimy snail.
L emon and garlic is a best treat on a snail.


Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Dear Mr Burton

Thank you for all you have done for our Catholic school. I appreciate all the wonderful swimming lessons you have given us.

I really enjoyed gliding because I like to slowly flow along the surface of the water. I also really enjoyed floating, kicking and sculling, I enjoyed that because I can see the diference when I scull fast and kick fast or when I scull slow and when I kick fast.

In the past few I have learnt some amazing skills and I would like to tell you some things I have learnt. I have learnt how to float, float, scull, and scull gliding, starfish on my back and stomach. I know how to do the Turtle and I know how to roll around in the water. That's all I know how to do. I hope you will teach me more marvellous swimming lessons.

I feel pleased that you brought that pool to our school. You are mt life saver and you are my hero. Mr Burton I will miss you and so will my class, Room 4.

God bless you Mr Burton and I hope you will never forget us,
Room 4.

Yours sincerely

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Room 4
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Dear Mr Burton,

Thank you for teaching me how to swim and teaching Room4 how to swim. Especially I enjoyed spending time with you and I would like to say thank you for bringing this warm pool. I like to make a little ball and then flip like a button. He! He! He! I like to do that. Also like to do a starfish on my back and on my stomach too. What I learned from you is how to be a good swimming teacher like you. Alecia and I can do a mermaid. I can't wait to show you Mr Burton we showed it to Mrs Pole on Friday and she said that it was good.

Yours Sincerely

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Friendly Letter

St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Monday 5 September

I hope you come back to Room 4 soon.
At school Room 4 loves swimming. We hope you come soon so you can swim with us.
Hi again Richie. Last, last week we had a talent quest. I was playing the ukulele. After that we had fish and chip it was YUM… and tasty .
Last Sunday me and Alecia had our first Holy Communion .We had medals. My medal was shiny. After that we had some pizza and lollies and cake and… cookies. After that I went to BOTANY to buy some shiny Nike’s! The colours were red, green, blue and orange.
Anyway I hope you come back to Room 4 soon Richie.

From Seuati.

A Friendly Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Monday 5 September

Dear Richie

I hope you are getting better and will come back to Room 4 soon. In the massive SWIMMING pool I can do torpedoes and I can dive like a dolphin.

Also Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 and I acted out One Lost Son with Paul and Joshua and Rosrine and Alecia reading it as part of our mass. On Saturday I went to the WARRIORS game at MOUNT SMART STADIUM and the Warriors won 18-6 against Cowboys.

Then I watched the ALL BLACKS and…they lost against WALLABIES 20-25 .Last, Last, last, last Saturday my rugby team was in a tournament and we won 52-18 .We won against Mt Albert and we won 22-4 Northcote Tigers. They were hard but we managed to win against them .Also when I was at home we had SAUSAGE SIZZLE it was delicious .

Well that’s it Richie. God bless you, Richie.

Love from Patrick

A Letter to a Friend

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glenn Innes

Monday 5 September

Dear Richie

We miss you, we all hope you get better soon and come back to Room 4.

We’ve been doing a lot about the new swimming pool I know how to do lots of things in the warm water like a starfish, floating and Turtle. I know how to, roll around in the water. I wish you were here in the new swimming pools.

Last Friday we had a treat, the treat was ice block and Moro bars, it was yummy, VERY yummy.

My personal news is that I had my first Holy Communion we all got a medal and we had a delicious treat.

Last Saturday I went to the Warriors game. I had snack burgers at KFC it was fantastic. The number on the score board was 18-6 the Warriors won it, it was at Mt Smart Stadium.

Anyway I hope you get better very soon and I hope you will write back to your class Room 4.

Love from Alecia

Friday, September 9, 2011

A letter to a Classmate

St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Monday 5 September

Dear Richie

My sweetest cousin ever, I hope you get better. We felt sorry for you when you had your operation. But you were brave.

Richie at school we had a Junior Mass with Room 1, 2, 3 and 4. I had a part in mass. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was in the Gospel with Alecia. The actors were Patrick, Joshua and Paul. Patrick was the bad boy and Joshua was the good boy, as usual. When we’d finished our Junior Mass we had Juicy Ice blocks and Chocolate Moro. It was divine.

Richie, I would like to tell you something else. Do you know the Jesus dance? We showed it in front of the whole school. We were the first ones to stand up and do the Jesus dance. We were so nervous. Then it was Seuati’s turn to play on the ukulele.

Richie I’m going to tell you some personal stuff. My personal stuff is my dad came back from Israel. He bought me some presents. My presents were a shiny bag and a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt that says “Hello from Jerusalem” and a shower thing. He bought me a hat as well.

Richie I went to my cousin’s house and her name is Jolynn and her two sisters are Amelia and Silia. We played outside on the swing and we played Ring a of Rosy. It was lots fun. Also we ate chicken, potato and we had a drink called pitch black drink but it was actually grape drink. It was really delicious. I hope you come back to school because you are my best cousin ever and I’ll never stop thinking about you because I love you

Love from your cousin

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SWIMMING =an acrostic poem

S wimming is really cool.

W ith my family on a sunny day in the holidays I go to the beach.

I love to swim in warm water because I feel calm and nice.

M y school has an a ENORMOUS swimming pool.

M e and my auntie go swimming lots of times in the holidays.

I just love to dive like a dophin in a HUGE, pool.

N ow and finally, I can SWIM like a shark.

G oing to the swimming pool is AWESOME.

SWIMMING -an acrostic poem

S plashing in the pool.

W arm water is in the pool.

I like floating in the pool.

M rs Pole asks us to get out.

Mr Burton went to the pools.

I n the pool I like to float.

N ow I can glide.

G oing to the the pool is fun.

SWIMMING -an acrostic poem

S wimming is fun.

W hen I go swimming it is fun.

I n the pool I like diving in the water.

M e and my friends can dive together.

M y friends and I can touch the bottom.

I go swimming everyday.

N ow I can float on my back.

G oing swimming is fun, Mrs Pole and Mr Burton are the bosses.

SWIMMING =an acrostic poem

S plashes of warm water jumping out of the pool.

W e can blow bubbles under the calm and warm water.

I can make a starfish on the water.

M y kickboard holds me up, tucked under my chin.

M y teacher hates getting splashed.

I n the calm water I can dive to the bottom.

N ow I can swim backwards!

G oing to the pool is awesome.

SWIMMING -an acrostic poem

S ome water pops in my eyes but it doesn't hurt.

W hen we go to the pool we are really crazy.

I n the warm water I like to float on the surface.

M oving across the water is hard because the current pushes me a different way.

M y body floats when I do the starfish slowly.

I like to play Ring a Ring a Rosy.

Nothing scares me when I dive in calm water.

G athering around Mr Burton to listen to what he tells us to do.

SWIMMING - an acrostic poem

Some warm water calming me down as I Float .

Water pushes me as I walk to the other side.

In the calm water I can sit like a turtle at the bottom.

Mr Burton throws treasure in the pool.

Me and my friends like to blow bubbles.

I like to float like a starfish on the surface.

Now I can push off and dive like a dolphin.

Going out of the pool is SAD !

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the Pool

In the pool I like to float across the pool because it is fun and cool. Also I like blowing bubbles under the water because you can see the bubbles.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our First Swim

My highlight of our first swim was when we went to the pool and when we got to the pool. I was nervous at the pool because at the pool I thought that it was deep in the pool. The water looked beautiful in the pool and I loved the smell.

Our First Swim

My highlight of our first swim was when Room 4 climbed up the steps and we all went inside. After that I went under the water and it smelt good.

Our First Swim

My highlight of our first swim was when we went around the pool because it was really warm. I felt happy and excited.I liked how we played 'Simon Says.' It was a fun game. First we had to put our hands on the side then next we put our chins in the water.

Our First Swim

My highlight of our first swim was when I got in the pool and went to the edge of the pool and I got so nervous when the pool was deep. But when I got to the middle of the pool I got used to it and I wasn't nervous any more and I was so brave.

Our First Swim

My highlight of our first swim was when we all walked slowly around the pool. I liked it because Mr Burton told us to hold on tightly until... you go under the pool. I felt so proud because I listened to Mr Burton.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello From Room 4

In Room 4 today we had Miss G come in and teach us how to use the Easi-speak microphones. We had fun learning how to speak clearly into the microphone. Next term we are going to practise this skills lots because we want to use it to present our writing expressively.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rona and the Moon (retold by Alecia)

A long time ago in a Maori village Marama the moon was shining brightly, but Rona’s children couldn’t sleep.
“Rona, Rona please can you get us some water?” they begged.

Rona took the taha and headed off into the dark, still, scary forest. It was a bumpy way but Marama’s bright light helped her way through the dark, still, scary forest.

But soon Marama hid behind a dark, fluffy cloud. Rona couldn’t see the bumpy path. Then something terrible happened! Rona tripped on a root of a ngaio tree.

“Oh you stupid silly moon see what you have made me do, you’ve made me trip!” she yelled.

But then Marama said, “Don’t you talk to me like that.”
With a loud voice Rona shouted, “I can say what ever I want you silly old moon!”

But suddenly Marama grabbed hold of Rona. Rona held on tightly to the ngaio tree. She held on tightly, but Marama was too strong. Marama pulled so hard the ngaio tree came right off the ground.
Marama pulled Rona up into the sky.

Rona’s children waited and waited and waited, for their lost mother to come back with the fresh water.

But then Rona called to her children,” Tamariki tamariki, I’m up here.”
The children looked up.

Rona is still up there in the sky with Marama and Rona is still holds the ngaio tree with one hand and the taha with the other.

Sometimes Rona thinks about how nasty she was to Marama and thinks how her poor lonely children will feel right now, how her children are hungry and thirsty, how they are separated from her and what they will be doing right now.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Spirit of Polynesia Show

My favourite part of the Spirit of Polynesia Show was when I volunteered to do the Poi Dance. I felt very nervous when I got up because I was going to dance in front of the whole school, but when I started to do it I wasn't nervous any more, I was happy. A poi dance is when you swing the poi around in circles in time. When I looked at my friends they were smiling and that is what made me smile.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


The Kindy Kids Special Time Visiting Room 4

On Tuesday, 22 June, after morning tea Alecia and I looked out the door and saw the Kindy Kids. When the Kindy Kids came out of the hall we were super excited. Kindy Kids were visiting us to choose a Kids At Home Book, part of the Duffy Programme. When they arrived in Room 4 Mrs Pole took the Kindy Kids around the circle to a partner. After that Mrs Pole read a book to the Kindy Kids. Later on the Kindy Kids chose a book to have. When they’d finished choosing a book we read a special book to them. We read in small groups. After our special teacher Mrs Pole came and took a picture of Annalise and I reading a book to Angelyn, that was Annalise’s little sister. Meanwhile Mrs Pole called us to the mat so we could give out the yellow and green book bags and the activity books that had the cover of Duffy. Soon Mrs Pole told us to sing our song that we performed at our assembly. Rosrine was singing in the front and I was at the back singing. When we started singing the song I was so nervous, that’s like Alecia. When we were singing I was about to cry. Lucky last Sammy, a little kindy boy, said, “ Thank you for having us and we will come back.” Room 4 felt very happy for the Kindy Kids getting their new special book bag and Duffy activity book. We hope they come back and visit us.

By Rosrine and Alecia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Super Assembly

After play on Friday Room4 felt excited because we were going to do our Assembly. First of all Kalo welcomed everybody using the microphone. Then we did a play about the 8 Quarrelling Children and it was such fun. Then Mrs Pole said freeze! And we did! Then Seuati said stop this noise and work peacefully and we said" yes father " And we started to quarrell again and Vaine, Me and Victoria were quarrelling together. After that Seuati said Come here my Children. After that we said What is it father?. He said just Come here and listen and sit down. And he said come here my oldest child and take this stick and break it. Now take 2 sticks and break them. Now take 3 sticks and break them. Now take this bundle of sticks and break them. He took them to all of us and we all tried to break them and the sticks WOULD NOT BREAK. After that Alecia said that was a task and then we did the unity sign. After that we all went around like a rainbow and said Together We Are Strong.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Super Fancy Assembly

Last Friday after morning tea I rushed to line because I was super excited for the super assembly. When we arrived at the hall Mrs Pole told us to sit down so we did that right away. Next Mrs Pole told Joshua to go to the office so Joshua could tell Mrs Bell to ring the bell. Then the bell rang really loudly!
I was frightened then the whole school came to the hall. I was really nervous. Later on Kalolaine said something to the whole school then Annalise, Vaine and Joanna came up and said their prayers.It was about their lovely, sweet school and their country. I felt like crying because of their lovely prayers.
After that we sang a song called Come Gather and Praise. I was singing with a boy called Joshua. Once we stood up I was really nervous but I was trying to sing really loudly but I couldn't because I was scared but once group 2 came around us I was not nervous at all because group 2 came around. When we'd finished the song I felt super happy! After that we played our recorders. We only played Leapin' About because that was the only song we knew so we had to play it. We had a folder so we could play the notes because if we didn't have a folder we might play anything.
Later on we did the unity signs. The people who did the unity signs were Victoria, Joshua, Paul, Kanesini, and Justin-Tyler.
After we did a play about The Father and His Quarrelling Children It was about these kids who always quarrelled all the time.
Lucky last we were holding hands and we said," TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!"
Then Kalolaine said," Mr Coakley can you please come and give out the virtue certificates please?" Later on Mrs Pole came and gave the Caught Being Goods out. After that we went back to our classes.
My favourite highlight was when I was singing because my mum took a photo of me.I was really proud of myself and Joshua because we were singing really, really, really proudly.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Broken Arm

Before last week on Monday I fell off the monkey bars.I was crying because it hurt so much.I went to the sick bay and I sat down on the bed. After awhile Mrs Bell
took me to my brother's Kindy and my dad was there with my sister.We picked up my dad
and sister to go to the doctor to check my arm.I had an x-ray and after the x-ray they
told me that I fractured two bones inside my arm. After that I had to wrap my arm up, After I got something that held my arm in place - a sling. I walked home with my sister and dad and when I got home I went for nap. I missed my mum so much. After a long time mum came home and I was happy to see mum and I ate again and I felt great. My fun part was when I had my x-ray because my sister and dad were there.

Our Virtues Assembly

After play last Friday when the bell rang Room 4 packed up to get ready for our Virtues Assembly. First of all we set up the hall. Then we waited for everyone to join us for Assembly. After this we did our items. I enjoyed playing my recorder and singing.


After play on Friday we went straight to the hall.Mrs Pole told me to tell Mrs Bell to ring the bell.I saw Room 1 lining up. Then Room 1 came inside and sat down on the hall floor. After that Room 2 came inside the hall.Room 1 was the silly class .After that the whole school came inside.Next we started with some prayers.When they'd finished we stood up and we sang Come Gather and Praise. After that we finIshed the recorder song .Then we put our recorders in a basket. The people who were not the quarrelling children stood up and bowed.The quarrelling childern started planting some flowers and digging some dirt and picking some flowers.After this Seauti said,"Stop this quarrelling! " After that Seauti said, "Come here my children ". Then all the childern came to Seauti. They all sat down in a circle. Seauti said, "Come here my oldest child." First of all Albert stood up and went to Seauti and Albert took 1 stick and broke it and he then took 2 sticks and broke them and finlly he took 3 sticks and broke them . They all finished. Last of all Mr Coakley took the certificates to the people who were standing up at the front of us .Next we clapped all the people who stood up .They all sat down in their place. I felt happy when I sang come Gather and Praise.And when I did the unity sign. My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we made a circle and we said together WE ARE STRONG ! I liked this because I liked the sound of it. I felt happy and excited.

A Fantastic Assembly

Last Friday we had our Assembly, it was called unity. To begin with we had some prayers. After this we sang Come Gather and Praise. Next we played the recorders, the song was called Leapin About. Then it was the play! I WAS excited about it.Later on we had a message for every body- TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! We had the certificates.Later on Mrs Pole went around the hall to the children who were sitting up for them to choose a Caught Being Good. Last of all Mr Coakley said a message to every one in the hall. My Favourite highlight was when I sang Come Gather and Praise. I was so proud of my self because I liked the way we moved.

A Wonderful Assembly

Last Friday after play we went to the school hall to have Room 4's Assembly and our Virtues Assembly was Unity. We had a practice and at 12 o clock the whole school came to the school hall . Then the whole school sat down . We waited for them to be quiet and then Kalolaine told me to say the prayer.When I'd finished saying my prayer Vaine said her prayer and the prayer was about Jesus my Friend. After the prayer we played on our recorders and we played Leapin' About on our recorders.After that Kalolaine asked Angelica,''What is our virtue?" Angelica said it was Unity. Kalolaine said," That's right our virtue is Unity." After that we did the play The Father and his Eight Quarrelling Children .After that Kalolaine asked Mr Coakley to present the certificates.Next kalolaine asked Mrs Pole could she give the Caught Being Goods. Some people got to pull a Caught Being Good out of the box. Last of all we got in our lines and we said TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we sang the song together. It was fun because it looked like we were showing the Virtue called Unity.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


After play last Friday Room 4 had an Assembly in the hall.And we did a play. After that Kalo was speaking on the microphone and we did some prayers. We did the play.It was fun doing the assembly. I was excited because it was fun. My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when I played the recorder. I liked this because it was fun playing the recorder at our assembly in the hall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Virtues Assembly

My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we played on Leaping About on our recorders. I liked this because we played with the CD player. I felt happy.

Our Virtues Assembly

My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when I did my part really well. I liked this because my friends J.T and Albert were in the play as well. I felt proud of myself because I did my part well as one of the eight quarrelling children.

Friday, June 10, 2011


After school on Friday my nana came up to my home to take me to Hamilton to have some fun and it was a long way. When we got to Hamilton I went to my dad's home and we had dinner at my dad's home. After dinner my nana came and picked me up and Vanessa up at eight o'clock. I was so amazed that nana picked me up. When we got to my nana's home, we had a bath in the bathroom. Then I got changed into my pyjamas. I go downstairs to watch some movies called 'Glee' and then we went to sleep. My sister and my brother put a comment on my blog. We had some fun.


On Saturday morning at 11:30 my brother went to play rugby behind Okahu Bay playground. After that we arrived at the rugby game right in time so we could watch it. Then we ate our chips and pitch black drink, it was actully grape drink in a monutain dew bottle. Next the game started. We cheered and cheered really loudly, people could hear us cheering from the other side of the field. Later on they had a break. They ate juicy oranges from a lunch box. This woman had put the lunch box out of oranges out of her bag. After the game started. The coach called my brother Eneasi but his back hurt and he was crying and my sister Latai comforted him and hugged him and rubbed him. Later on we went to the park in front of us. I went on the swings and my two brothers, their names werw George and Nasili, my dad's little son Nasili is named after him. George and Nasili were on the swings. After we went home but I said," Mum please can I buy a lolly because I have money on me so I can share it with my little brother and sister.," My mum said," Sure." So we went to the dairy and bought some lollies. when we'd finished buying our lollies we went back home. My favourite highlight was when Varsity won.

Friday, June 3, 2011


At Tonga it was a lovely day because it was my baby's birthday. There were 100 presents. Her cake was a pink one. It had a photo in the middle.After that a car came outside. It was my mum. Then I ran outside. I had on my face a happy smile. My mum said the baby's birthday was starting at 7 but it was 5 0'clock so my dad went to buy pies for everyone at home. My mum told my dad to get a 100 pies. I told my mum it was 7 o'clock. After that we started the party. I gave all the presents to my sister, After that we had finished and everyone went to their own home. I felt happy and good. It was such a lovely day. At last it was night time so I went to sleep for church.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


In the night time there was a knock. Maybe it was our auntie? My Mum opened the door. It was my brother and our sister! Our Mum said, "Hello there. Come in."
My brother had a bag of clothes. He carried it into our room then he put his shoes in our room too. We were happy to see our brother.

The Doctor

On Monday we went to the doctor because my brother had a broken arm. At the doctors the nurse tested my brother's blood. He cried for my mum.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Kiwi Kick

On a muddy soggy afternoon we went to the muddy field to play Aussie Rules. We met a boy and girl called Anita and John, they were our coaches. After that John spoke to us for a little while so we could play a game called Shapes. It was a fun game. Then Anita was holding a ball ready to kick the ball to John. I was so amazed the John caught the ball perfectly.
Later on we had to choose a partner to kick the ball to. So I picked Annalise so we ran to the field ready to kick. Next we went back to the concrete to listen to our coaches again.
This is what they told us, “You have to put mud on your shoes so you can splash the mud in your partner’s faces”.
Next we played another game called Bomb The Teachers but the coaches asked if Mrs Pole and Mrs Logan if they could come and play with us but they said, “ No thank you.”
So we had to bomb our coaches. I was a lion and my partner behind me was a tiger so we started. We were ready to throw the ball at our coaches so Anita was out. Albert was in the middle so we hit Albert. After that Anita said lions won so we went back to our classrooms. My favourite highlight was when lions won in Bomb the Teachers because Anita called it out but we didn’t know.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Funniest Day at Kiwi Kick

As the bell rang I rushed over to the line. I knew it was KIWI KICK. When we got onto the field there were two people there, our coaches. When we’d sat down they introduced them selves. First of all Room 3 came. Then we played a warm up game. When we got on the field it was muddy. John told us how to play the game. It was called Shapes. It was lots of fun. When we’d finished we were going to learn how to kick.
After Anita explained how to kick a ball. We got a partner. My team mate was Kanesini. I learned how to kick by myself, it was fun.
When we’d finished we played another game, it was called “ Bomb the Teachers” but the teachers didn’t want to play! So I called it” Bomb the Coaches,” because the coaches were playing instead of the teachers.
Later on I tried to throw the ball to Anita so my team could get a point. Later the team that won were Lions and I was in Lions.
I was very happy indeed because my team when we played Bomb the Coaches won.

Monday, May 9, 2011


On Friday night my family went to Tonga.After we got there I was tired. After that it was morning and I went outside to my friends and I said that my name is Victoria and they said Hi back to me. The next day my Mother cried all the time because my Grandpa had died because he was sick all the time. The next day my whole family went to the church, that was lovely and nice. Meanwhile my Grandpa got blessed in the church. Last of all my Grandpa went inside a hole. Everyone in my family cried but I didn't cry.The last bit I didn't like was when my Mum cried. And then I was so sad.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Fun Time in the Holidays

I woke up thinking it was the morning, getting out of my bed and going to the sitting room then… the next thing I was so excited because I WAS GOING TO THE SWIMMING POOLS.
I was so excited I just had to pack my bag. When my sister woke up I just had to tell her the GREAT News. When she finished packing her bag we headed off.
Soon as we got there. I ran inside. Later when we’d got inside Sonya, Dad and I got changed. When we were finished we went for a little swim

Then my Dad went to a lady to ask her if Sonya and I could be in the swim school, she said, “Yes.”
Later on Sonya and I went to a class. First we were floating in the water. Second we made waves with the flat boards. Third we had a competition to see who the fastest swimmer was. I had some luck, and I tried my best but I came second.

Soon as possible when we’d finished we went to the little swimming pools. After this we went to the big swimming pool.

It wasn’t deep. I tried to float all the way back to the end by myself. Next I tried to swim by myself. Later on it was home time. I felt cold, proud, happy and excited because I floated by myself and I love going to the swimming pools and also because I went to my first swim school, it was the GREATEST day in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Athletic Sports Day

The Athletics Sports Day
Last Friday the whole school had athletics. We started with mass first and when we’d finished we went with our class to sit on the mat. Mrs Pole told the girls to go and changed into their sports clothes and we did. Then the boys needed to change and they did. Next we needed to get our drink bottles and go to our teams. I was in Kiwis and Angelica was our leader so we lined up in line’s Like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. The seniors sat at the back and the 5 year olds sat at the front.
First to run were the 5 year olds. They went to Mr Gaffney who set their race. He clapped his blocks and they ran. Soon after it was the 7 year old girls turn to run. I ran in that race and I came 5th in the heat. I was sad because I could not run the final. Next were the 8 year olds who needed to run and then 9 year olds. After them were the 10 year olds.
As the day went on everyone had a run. At the end I was very tired from all the fun I had and my legs were very sore.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Our First Confession

Last night Wednesday night I made my first reconciliation and confession. I was excited. When I’d finished doing my hair my sister and I raced to the car. Meanwhile when we got there my dad and sister and I went inside and got a seat, when we were ready we started.

Father and some other Priests came in and sat down. After Father had said some things we had our CONFESSION. I was SCARED and NERVOUS. When it was my turn I tried to be confident and calm. When I’d finished I was happy. Later when it was all finished there was cake, I didn’t have any because we were going to McDonald’s! Later on after we’d eaten our dinner I went to bed and thanked Jesus for helping me feel confident and calm. I was very happy indeed because I had made my FIRST Confession and Reconciliation.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Fun Athletics Day

Our Fun Athletic Day

Last Friday I was so excited about
Athletics Day. After morning tea we went to the corridor and changed into our sports clothes. Meanwhile Mrs Pole told me to play Hangman with Room 4 because we were waiting. Next we lined up and went outside to our houses. Then we went to the field and sat on the blue plastic mats. Next Mrs Pole said to the classes, 5 year old girls please come up and the the five year old girls stood up and followed Mrs Pole to the lanes. After that they started to run and Frank’s little sister almost came first but she ended up 3rd in the race. Meanwhile it was the 6 year olds boy and girls race. So the girls went first. Next Mr. Gaffney banged the blocks and Claudia came first. After that it was the 7year old girl’s race. On the heat I came 1st. And in the final I came 2nd because Annalise beat me. Next it was the 8 year old girls race. On the heat Folouhola came 1st in the race then in the final Kirsten came 1st in the race. Meanwhile it was the 9 year old girl’s race. When they started running Szakia came 1st and Kirsten came 2nd in the race. Later on it was the 10 year old boys race. My brother came 4th. Later on it was the distance race. I was amazed that Kirsten always came 1st in the races. After that it was lunch time and I ate my YUMMY egg and cheese sandwich. After that I ate my chocolate muffin with chocolate chips. Later on we were doing the distance races again. After that we had the novelty race first it was Room1 and 2 they were putting the ball under them and hopping to the end of the line and Charlie won. After that it was Room 3 and 4 Room 4. Room 4 was holding the ball on the spoon and and our team came first. Next it was finished and Geckos came first and Tuis came 2nd and Kiwis came 3rd. Finally Keas came last. I was so happy because I won in my age race.
By Rosrine

Going Running

Going To Running
On Friday morning I came to school with my athletics clothes in my bag. Then the bell went. Then Mrs Pole said to us to get our clothes to go on the field to go into our houses.
Later on Rooms one and two were first to run. After they ran it was Room three and four’s time to run. After Mr Gaffney clapped his blocks together and I had to run. I was running with the 7 year old boys. I came first with Albert and Manu and Richie came last.
Later on Albert and I had to go to Mrs Williams to get a stick to go in the final run. It was my time to run with the 7 year old boys again. Then Mr Gaffney and Mrs Mat said to us to line up to run again on the field with J.T and Albert and Manu and Richie. After that Mr Gaffney clapped his blocks again.
Next I ran and I came last and Ms Mafu said to me to go back to my house that I was in. Next it was the 9 year old boys. After they’d run it was the 9 year old girls. After that it was the 100m for the people who wanted to run again.
I was happy, hot and joyful.

By Seuati Peleti



I came second because J.T. came first and Albert came third. I was running fast in the race but J. T. ran faster than me. J.T. just beat me and I beat Albert.

By Asipeli


When I Had A Sore Leg

When I had a sore leg at home I got ready to go to the doctor and we got there the nurse called out my name. The nurse said to me that it was alright. After that we went to the shops to eat food. After that we went to my aunty’s home and I slept there . I woke up. My mum was gone . My aunty told me that my mum had gone to the shops to get food to eat and then she was going to come back with food . I was playing In the park and waited for my mum. I saw the van and I went into the house and ate food.
By Vaine


Our Sports Day

Last Friday I was very excited because we were having our sports day.
First of all we got changed in our sports clothes. When we got on the mat Mrs Pole gave us our house and age. I said my name is Patrick and I am 6 years old .
When the bell rang for morning tea I practised running with Kirsten in the lane.
We were waiting and waiting for the bell to ring. FINALLY the bell rang LOUDLY for sure. I looked after the people from Room 1 and 2. Meanwhile we got there we sat on the nice blue mats.
Later Mrs Williams said please bring the 5 years olds up. When it was the 5 years old girls we CHEERED for Annalisa. She come 4th. Finally the 5 years old boys race was on. When Mr Gaffney SLAMMED the blocks they all ran. We were going for JOSEPH from the GECKOS.
After this Mrs Pole said may you bring all the 6 years olds. I was one of them. When Mr Gaffney SLAMMED the blocks I was racing fast and I couldn’t believe I came 1st. Fanoalie came 2nd. I got a red stick for 1st place.
Next it was the 7 years old girls We were going for Aniola but she came last and Annalise came 1st and Rosrine came 2nd. We saw the 8 years olds race. Kirsten,
Foloahola and Toklupa came 3rd.When ISIA was racing we all CHEERED for the 9 years olds BUT he came 3rd.
While the 11 year olds were running we went for SEVANIA AND JOSHEH from Room 7 . Sevania came 3rd, Josheph came 2nd.
Next it was the 12 year olds race. Kalanie came 1st, Ondrie came 2nd and Joseph came 3rd .When it was the 800 meters race Kalanie came 1st again. Finally the 400 meters race Luckily Ondrie came 1st .
When Mrs Pole said may you bring Room 4 students for the heats . It was the egg and the spoon race. The Keas came 1st, Geckoes came 2nd .
When Mrs Williams showed the score board GECKOES came 1st and KEAS came last.
I was hot, sad and joyful .
By Patrick

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fun Day at Netball

On Tuesday Room 4 was lining up. So Room 4 went to the court. So Julie and Emma went to the court. They said hello to Room 4. Emma and Julie came to Room 4. They picked three people to get the bib's. There were yellow bibs and blue bibs. I was in the yellow team. I was catching the ball and I caught it. Room 4 was in front of me so I threw the ball. Julie said I had it then she said, 'get me some space.' I went to Emma to play a game with the ball. Emma said she wanted 4 people. I threw it to Room 4 and they passed it back. After we finished Room 4 lined up to go home. When I was going home I sat in the front off the car and my cousin Sam was at the back. Once we got home I was very tired and went straight to bed.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning to Play Netball

On a hot day we went to the court to play netball. Emma and Julie came to the court. I was happy when Emma and Julie helped us to learn about netball. First of all we played a game called netball. Next when Room 4 played game I got the ball. I quickly gave it to Victoria and JT got the ball. When JT got the ball he passed the ball to Rosrine who got a score. Next it was yellows turn to play netball. Then Room 2 came to play netball. Next all the people came to Emma and Julie and gave the yellow and blue bibs to Emma and Julie. I was hot and joyful.

Our Special Netball

After lunch time Room 4 lined up at our line and got our drink bottles. Room 4 and I went to the tennis courts because we were going to do NETBALL with Julie and Emma, they were our instructors.

Meanwhile we all went into 3'ws and played a game. Later on we went and sat in the shade. Julie put us into two groups, one was going to play REAL NETBALL and another was going to play games with Emma.

After that my group was going to play relays. I had lots of fun. Later on some people swapped, I did. When we were playing I tried to catch the ball, so I could throw it to Annalise, but I couldn't because I kept dropping the ball.

Later on it was home time. I felt very tired, sweaty and happy because we played real netball ...and I was sad because it was our last session.


On Tuesday afternoon Room 4 lined up and went to the tennis courts to play netball. When we got there we saw Emma and Julie getting ready for us.

After that we put our water bottles against the fence. Then Room4 lined up and listened to Emma and Julie.The first thing we did was play a fun activty so we got into 3's.

Next we played real netball. I was the goal shooter.Then Seuati passed the ball to me and I was trying to get a goal so I stepped back and gave it a shot, so I looked really carefully and our team got a score.

Next we went back to class to get ready for home time. I was so happy because I got my first goal.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Walk

I walked to the street and some people walked past me. I walked past too and talked to the people. Then it was night time and I went home.

Rainbow's End

I went to Rainbow's End and had fun. It was cool . I went on the Go Cars and I drove the Go Cars. I went on the slide and had some food, I went on my back down the slide and went fast. I got off the slide and went home. I felt happy and excited.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Party Time

At my Aunty's house it was her birthday. My brother and I went to my favourite cake in the kitchen and it tasted YUM! There was cream at the top on the cake . My Aunty got angry and me and my brother ran outside, running all over the place.

My Aunty got angry when the cream was not on the cake.

We went to pop the pinata out side. We hung the line at the tree and it fell down. The prize was some lollipops.Also some biscuits.We all felt happy because my Aunty got angry.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Kite Day

On Monday morning Mrs Pole told us to go straight to our desks. When we got to our desks we saw a question mark on the board. We thought Hmmm, what could that be? A super surprise. Next Mrs Pole told us to put our heads down on our desks. When we put our heads down we saw something in front of us. Ezra said it was a kite. After that Mrs Pole said we had to go and sit on the mat so she could explain it to us. She put up her kite. It looked magnificent. Then we went to our desks and decorated the kites with Jovi's. When we had finished Mrs Pole and Miss Ana attached the string to our kites. When we had finished doing that we went outside to fly our kites but first we took a photo of us with our kites. We went to fly the kites in the tennis court. We went round and round the courts. J.T's one was flying in the sky. Then we went to the field to fly our kites. So we ran as fast as we could. We looked behind. Our kites were up in the sky. So we ran up the hill and back down to the courts. We ran around again and we stopped. The rain came down but we were still flying our kites. After that we went back to the classroom and ate our lunch. I was so happy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

At the Pools

It was a sunny day and we went to the pools. My Mum took me and all of my brothers to the Onehunga Pools. It was a long way. We got ready to swim. I went in the shallow pool. The water was cold. I was freezing so I jumped out and got my towel. After that I went in the warm pool. I got nice and warm.

At The Beach

My Mum and Dad and the whole family went to the beach. Then after that we had our picnic. We had bananas and heaps of food. My favourite food is banana. I didn't have a swim. I played Tiggy on the sand.

My New Bed

In the weekend I got a new bed. Mum and Vanessa and me and Anna fixed my new bed. I want to sleep in my new bed. My Mum said NO. I am not allowed to sleep in my new bed. She said on Friday. I am so happy. And I'm sleeping up the top. My bed is a bunk. I like to sleep on the top because it will be fun.

Friday, February 11, 2011


A fun time in the holidays was when I went to the beach. I went with my family. I was excited. I got ready and dressed up. My mum and dad packed all the food and togs. After that we headed off. Meanwhile when we got there we went to the bus. After a while we got our stuff and set up under a nice tree. I went to the playground with my cousins. While I was at the playground with my cousin we played on the swings. After a while I heard my mum call me, when I got there she told me it's time for a swim, but I was wearing my togs under my clothes. When I got to thewater all of my cousins were there. After that we had a race to see who could get into the water first. Then we jumped in the water. Later on we got out and got changed in the bathroom. Meanwhile we ate. After that we went to the playground. When we had finished playing my mum and I went to buy the ice cream, I got goodie goodie gum drops. Then it was home time! My favourite part of the day was swimming. I felt very happy indeed because I had had such a fantastic time.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Fun Time in the Holidays.

A fun time in the holidays was when I went to Rainbow's End. We went in the bus with my Holiday Programme. When we got there we got our tickets then we went on the Pirate Ship. Then I went on the Fear Fall. I was scared when I went up. I was even more scared when I dropped! Then we went on the Log Flue ride. It took a long time waiting in line. Then I finally got a turn and I got wet. When we were finished the ride my tummy was sore. Then we went on the Elevator. It was the new ride. My friend beside me closed his eyes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

At The Zoo

In the morning we arrived at the Zoo.

Heaps of people were excited and were amazed to go there, but I've been there once and that was it.

Next I walked around the Zoo with my group, I had to go with girls.

The parent that was with me was Sianna-Reigh's mother.

I was alright with the girls.

Anyways when I went with the girls we saw a Lizard, it was YELLOW and COOL.

Then me and Ramonedel saw a dragon in the forest, it was RED.

I started to feel cold that's why I put my school jumper on.

It was then morning tea, I was really thirsty so I got my drink and I said, "Finally it's morning tea".

My group and I then saw the Cheethas and everyone of course wanted to see them run.

We saw the rest of the animals and left.

We went back to school.

My favourite part was when we saw the spider monkeys and I felt HAPPY.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Auckland Zoo

In the middle of October we went to the Auckland Zoo. When we got to the Zoo we looked for the Red Panda.

We were looking for the Red Panda and others were too.

He was in his house. We saw him coming.

He then came out of his house and everyone was happy to see the Red Panada, he was climbing on the tree.

Mrs Moodley came looking for us so we can go to a classroom.

A lady told us to put our bags into this little cage, then we went to the classroom, and the lady told us her name. Her name was Helene.

Then she showed us a Red Panda and his habitat.

After that we went and looked for other animals.

We were very happy.

My favourite part was when we went to the MEERKAT TUNNELS.