Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Fun Athletics Day

Our Fun Athletic Day

Last Friday I was so excited about
Athletics Day. After morning tea we went to the corridor and changed into our sports clothes. Meanwhile Mrs Pole told me to play Hangman with Room 4 because we were waiting. Next we lined up and went outside to our houses. Then we went to the field and sat on the blue plastic mats. Next Mrs Pole said to the classes, 5 year old girls please come up and the the five year old girls stood up and followed Mrs Pole to the lanes. After that they started to run and Frank’s little sister almost came first but she ended up 3rd in the race. Meanwhile it was the 6 year olds boy and girls race. So the girls went first. Next Mr. Gaffney banged the blocks and Claudia came first. After that it was the 7year old girl’s race. On the heat I came 1st. And in the final I came 2nd because Annalise beat me. Next it was the 8 year old girls race. On the heat Folouhola came 1st in the race then in the final Kirsten came 1st in the race. Meanwhile it was the 9 year old girl’s race. When they started running Szakia came 1st and Kirsten came 2nd in the race. Later on it was the 10 year old boys race. My brother came 4th. Later on it was the distance race. I was amazed that Kirsten always came 1st in the races. After that it was lunch time and I ate my YUMMY egg and cheese sandwich. After that I ate my chocolate muffin with chocolate chips. Later on we were doing the distance races again. After that we had the novelty race first it was Room1 and 2 they were putting the ball under them and hopping to the end of the line and Charlie won. After that it was Room 3 and 4 Room 4. Room 4 was holding the ball on the spoon and and our team came first. Next it was finished and Geckos came first and Tuis came 2nd and Kiwis came 3rd. Finally Keas came last. I was so happy because I won in my age race.
By Rosrine

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