Friday, October 16, 2015

My Holidays

In the holidays I went to Nana's house and I went to the playground and the movies. We went to the shop after and got more dvd's. Then we went back to Nana's house and we had ice-cream and popcorn.

My sister and I also played in our strawberry tent.

By Arvay

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the park. I went with my sister, my aunty's baby, my brother and my cousin. Me and my cousin were racing. After that we were playing rugby. After that we played tag. I was in then I tagged my sister.

By Solomone

In The Holidays

I went to the shop with my mum and dad. We bought some bread. I also went to the park with my brother. We played on the swings.

By Savior

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the movies to see some movies. I went to watch batman and Big Hero's 6. I had some ice-cream, ice blocks and popcorn while I watched the movie.

I also went to the park with my brother and my cousins. There was a playground and we went on the swings and the slide. I also watched my big brother play touch. His team won!

By Jabez

Rock Climbing

In the holidays I went to rock climbing. I went with my mum Sia and Sateki and his little brother. When I reached the top there was a little bench which I was leaning on. When I went down I ate biscuits. After that I went back to play. I was climbing on a wall. After that I went to the hardest one. I climbed the bean stalk one. I almost reached the top!

By Thomas

In The Weekend

In the weekend my dad took off the training wheels on my bike. I didn't know that he had taken them off. I got on my bike and rode it. My mum said that my sister Mei and I had to go home and decorate the hall.

First I had a break and then I rode my bike around the hall.

By Josaia

My Holidays

In the holidays me and my cousin and my mum and James went to the movies. The movie we watched was Inside Out. James' mum bought 3 cups of popcorn and 2 big cups of fizzy drink. After the movie Inside Out we went to eat some food. The food I ate was a Happy Meal and my cousin had butter chicken. Then we went to the park. Then me and James bought a coke drink from McDonald's.

By Silia

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the world cup! It was the Sharks against Rabbitohs. The first week I am in the team sharks.
Now the next week I scored a try for the team Sharks. At last I was a star at the Rugby Cup.

By Tupua

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to McDonald,s and I ate a hamburger and chips. I went with my mum and with my brother and my grandma.

I also played computer games with my brother, then we went outside and played tag.

By Nikos

On The Holidays

On the holidays I went camping and I helped my dad set up the fire, the tent and I was so happy I jumped over the moon! We cooked some marshmallows on the fire.

When it got dark my dad was telling my mum and I some scary stories! We stayed at the campsite for 2 nights then we packed everything up and went home.

By Francis

In The Holidays

In the holidays I stayed at home and played games. After that I went outside to play with my brothers. We all played touch. After that I watched T.V. I went to my bedroom to sleep. The next day I woke up and played with my friends. After that it got really dark, so we got inside to sleep.

By Dereon