Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Amazing Myron

At school we had Duffy assembly. It was at the hall. The quests came and Myron came too. They watched us asking questions. Myron let Taniela wear his bikey things and we took a photo of us with him. He is amazing with his bike.


We went  for our assembly and we sat down on the floor. Some students sat on the chair. Aaliyah got the students to stand up and we all sang the national anthem for rugby and netball too.


We went with my class to the hall. We had assembly for Duffy. I went on Myron's bike. I wore his costumes, the one he wears when he is riding. He picked up his bike using his pinkie finger. He is  fun and cool to hang with. I felt like the luckiest boy in the whole big world.

                                                           Mini Myron- Taniela
                                                                Mr. Myron Simpson

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

At school

I went to school and I saw my teacher. She was showing us the earth. She showed us which country we are in. We did writing and we went to the library. My teacher's name is Mrs Marich. We did reading and we played on the park. I had a friend, her name is Maea. We played on the monkey bars and in the tunnel and slide on the slide. I liked it so so so so much. We also had morning tea and lunch then I went back home.

Library time

Miss Logan and Room 4 went to the library to read. They took some books into their classrooms. Room 4 love to read different books. Room 4 read lots of books to the teacher.

Tiger chased Jorday d Zebra!

In the jungle, Jordan the zebra was very hungry. So, Jordan went to go find some food. After that, Jordan went home and ate some food.  Jordan went with the two tigers. He said hello to the two tigers. Then the two tigers said, "We are going to eat you". Then Jordan ran really fast away from them. Jordan ran far far away.  Jordan was saved.


In the weekend, we went to the shop with my Mum and Dad. After that we went to  Pak N Save to buy toilet paper.

Ice cream

I went to the ice-cream shop. I can see lots of different flavours then robbers came in and stole the ice-cream. The police was called in and they caught these bad robbers. Luckily we had saved some ice-cream at home. We went back and got to have some ice-cream.

The Jungle

At the jungle, the snake eats the bird and the tiger can smell the zebra's tracks. The two tigers followed the zebra's tracks. The two tigers saw the zebra and the zebra asked the giraffe to trick the two tigers. The zebra got away happily.

Cut it?

I saw Mr Tai cutting the hedge. He used the secateurs to cut the hedge. It is too big.


In the jungle, there were lots of animals. The monkey was in the water because he fell down. The other monkey tried to save the fallen monkey. There were lots of crocodiles in the water. How can he save his monkey friend? Luckily the other monkey had a really long arm that stretched out to save his friend monkey.

Cutting the hedge

Mr Tai is cutting the hedge with the secateurs. The hedge is too big. The secateurs is very sharp. I know how to turn the secateurs. It is so easy to use it when you know how to use it.


I went to Polyfest and I watched my sister. I went with my Mum, my Dad and my two sisters.  You can go to the Polyfest too. Do you like Polyfest? I was with my sister and I loved it. I played with my friends and do you like playing with your friends?