Monday, September 30, 2013

Running Away from a Dog - A Narrative

One sunny day Jimmy and Jessica were riding their speedy bikes at the near by park. They were riding up and down the steep path having a great race. As they went by the courner Jimmy heard a loud bark. "Whats that?" Yelled Jessica.
"Oh there is a big black dog coming after us." Shouted Jimmy.
"I think that is his owner." Shouted Jessica
"That's not his owner." Yelled Jimmy.
Jessica said, "That's the owner."
"He is a big strong man." Called Jimmy.
The man came to take his dog Max back home. "I'm sorry. I left my gate open." Said Jack the owner. "I will take you two back home."
The children were so glad they were not attacked. They will go to the park again.

By Samuel

Friday, September 27, 2013

Escape From Danger - A Narrative

One sunny day Josh and Jake decided to go to the windy park to ride their bikes. So they rode up and down the hills. Suddenly Jake heard a noise and looked at Josh.
 Josh said, "Oh no! A big black dog!" The fierce dog showed his very sharp teeth. The boys pedaled faster but the dog got closer. The dog barked loudly. Suddenly Josh fell off his bike. Jake was scared because he didn't know what to do. The dog barked ferociously at Josh. Jake said, "What are we going to do?" Jake saw a tree so he quickly helped Josh get up. Then they ran to a big tree. Josh said, "Let's climb this safe tree." So they climbed up to the first branch but the dog kept yapping and jumping up an down.
The dog jumped so high that Josh said, "Let's climb up another branch." Suddenly a big strong man appeared. He said, "Come here Sam." to the fierce dog. Then the man explained to them and said sorry. The man said, "This is my dog. He came off his leash and ran away. The dog is not scary he just wants to play. That's all." Said the man. Then the boys came down from the tree.

 They felt relieved after that they rode their new bikes home. After they arrieved home they told their mum what had happened. Their mums said, "We are so relieved that you are safe!" Their mums gave the boys a big hug.
Josh said, "What an adventure that was!"
Jake said, "I am so happy that the dog didn't bite us!"

By Katelyn

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fabric and Fibre Artwork

Here I am doing my sewing.
I like doing sewing because it is fun.
What I found tricky was that I had to go forward and backwards on the flower.
My favourite part was stitching around the flower.
When my artwork is finished I will give it to my mum because she is funny.

By Olidah

Fabric and Fibre Artwork

Here I am with Mrs Mafu.
Mrs Mafu is threading my needle because I cant as the needle hole is too small.
I enjoyed sewing the butterfly and the flower because I love stitching.
When my artwork is finished I will give it to my mum because she is special to me.
This is my sewing artwork.

By Sia 

My Sewing

Here I am trying to thread my needle.
I liked sewing the flower because I got to choose a button for the middle of the flower.
I found sewing the flower tricky because I had to go back and fill up the gaps that I had missed.
When my artwork is finished I am going to give it to Mrs Pole.

By Mei

Fabric and Fibre Art

This is me sewing the stem of the flower 
I enjoyed the stem of the flower.
I found it tricky and Miss Mat had to unpick the stem because I tangled it.
When my artwork is finished I am going to give it to my mum.

By Fiapo

Fabric and Fibre Art

This is my artwork.
I enjoyed it because I had fun doing my sewing. My favourite part was when I was sewing my butterfly.
What I found tricky was the flower because I had lots of work to do. I found sewing hard because I had to sew the border in a straight line.
When my artwork is finished I am going to show it to my mum on Christmas.

By Claudia

My Sewing

Here I am trying to tread my needle.
Threading the needle was tricky because I had to suck the end of the thread and try and put it in the needle hole. I had to sew around the flower.
I like sewing because it is easy to go up and down. I liked sewing the border.
When my artwork is finished I will give it to my dad and he will be proud of me.
I liked doing the flower  because you have to follow the yellow crayon that I had previously drawn.

By Malakai

Fabric and Fibre Art

Here I am doing my fabric artwork.
This is my beautiful butterfly and flower that I sewed. 
I enjoyed sewing the butterfly and the flower.
What I found easy was everything.
When my artwork is finished I am going to give it to my dad because hes a loving dad.

By Aaliyah

Thursday, September 19, 2013


In Room 4 we are doing Fabric and Fibre Art.
What I like is sewing and decorating the flower.
 The tricky part is when  I am doing the stitching around the material.
It's tricky because I have to go backwards.
 When it's finished I will give it to my mum.


Friday, September 13, 2013

The rude Rona and the Powerful Moon retold by Maris-Stella

One very dark night there lived a woman and her children. One of the children said that they were thirsty. Rona went to get some water for her children. Marama hid behind a cloud and Rona tripped and fell. Rona shouted at the moon and said "look what you have done!"
And the moon said "don't talk like that to me."
Rona said "I'll say what I like you silly old moon." 
The moon pulled Rona up to the sky and never came back down to Earth.
Rona said to her kids "I am up here with Marama." She said that the children had to look after themselves and find food for themselves. They were very, very sad. They always prayed for their mother and said sorry. She was up there with the Ngaio tree. The moon always treated Rona bad and horribly. Rona said to her kids "I will be okay and fine." The kids waited and waited for their mother to come back with the Taha full of water. But she didn't come back. The children went out of the whare and out to the cold forest and looked for their mother but they could not find her. Rona said "Look up to the moon and you will see me with Marama." So they children looked up and saw her.

Rona was never seen on Earth she was seen on the moon. 

Message: Be careful who you are talking to.

By Maris-Stella

Rona and the Moon retold by Samuel

Long, long ago in a dark forest Rona's kids were thirsty. She went to get some water for her kids from the river. It was to dark. She tripped. Marama came out of the cloudy clouds and Marama grabbed Rona's hand. Rona's hand was holding tightly onto the Ngaio tree. Rona's kids yelled out "I am thirsty." Rona said to Marama "Let me go! Let go of my hand!" Marama did not let go of Rona's hand. Rona's kids were waiting for Rona.

MESSAGE: Be careful how you talk to others.

By Samuel

The Angry Rona and the Powerful Moon retold by Vanessa

Many years ago on a very dark forest lived Marama the moon and Rona and her two children. In a whare the children said to Rona "Bring us some water." Then Rona went and took a bottle but Marama hid behind a cloud and she was so mad that she tripped on a root. She screamed at Marama "You pineapple head. Come out from that cloud Marama." When Rona was getting fresh water the moon grabbed Rona as strong as he could. Rona became angry. When Rona was calling them the children looked up in the sky. She said to Marama "let me go!" But Marama didn't listen to her.

The message was don't talk rudely to people.

By Vanessa

The Moon and the Rude Rona retold by Mei

Once upon a time there lived a mum who lived with her children in the forest. The children were thirsty. So the mum went to go and get some water for the children. The moon hid behind some clouds. Then Rona called the moon a stupid Marama. Then Marama growled at Rona. Then Marama took Rona while she held onto the ngaio tree. Then children were looking for their mum. The children were so sad. Their mum was so sad too because she didn't get to be with her children.

The message is be careful how you talk to others.

By Mei

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cheeky Rona and the Powerful Moon Retold by Fiapo

Many years ago in the dark forest near a cold whare lived Rona and her children. Rona's children were thirsty. Rona went to fetch some cold water. Rona tripped on the bumpy ground. So Roma was rude to the bright moon because Marama was at the back of the dark cloud. She yelled at the moon "see what you've done?" The moon said "Don't talk to me like that!" The moon grabbed her as she was holding the rgaio tree but Marama was too strong. She pulled Rona up to the sky. The children were calling her. She said look up at the sky but they couldn't see her. Rona said look up at the moon. They looked up at the moon and saw her. The children had to look after themselves.

The message is be careful how you talk to others.

By Fiapo

Rude Rona and the Marama Retold By Sia

Once upon a time in a deep, dark forest lived a rude woman called Rona and Marama, the moon, and some children and a father who always slept next to his little child who was really thirsty. The child asked his mother to get him some water. The mother said "Marama come out of the clouds." Then the moon came oiut of the clouds and grabbed Rona's hand and Rona was still holding the ngaio tree. When she was up on the moon she said, "help! Help!" to her children. The children were waiting for their mother. The children were very sad.

Message: Be careful how you are talking to people because you say rude words.

By Sia

The Hare and the Tortoise Retold by Viane

Many years ago in a lovely meadow lived a show off Hare and a very slow Tortoise. Hare was a very mean rabbit and Tortoise was a very kind Tortoise. One day Hare made fun of him. He said "You are a very slow Tortoise."
Then Tortoise was very mad and red. Following this Tortoise said "Do you want a race?" Hare just laughed. He said "All right then, tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to come with my own crown." On the race day the people didn't think that Tortoise would win. They went to the start and Owl said, "Go!" And Hare ran as fast as his legs could move him. Tortoise just plodded on like a slow motion robot. Hare ran so very fast that when he looked back he couldn't see Tortoise. Hare said to himself "I am going for a nap. Hare went and sat down near a lovely tree. All of a sudden Hare fell asleep for a very long time until the sun went down. Tortoise plodded quietly on then he went past Hare. Tortoise crossed the finish line. Hare thought he had won but he saw Tortoise at the finish line waiting for him.
Hare said, "I'm sorry and I won't
do it again." Hare learnt his lesson.
Tortoise said "It's okay. It was just a race. They lived happily ever after.

The message is don't give up.

By Viane

The Maori Legend Retold by Aaliyah

Long, long ago in a very dark forest lived a mother named Rona and her two sons. That night in their  whare Rona's two sons couldn't sleep because they were thirsty. So they called Rona. "Rona, get us water." So Rana went to get some water for her children. But she could not see the rocky path. Marama shone the way to the spring where Rona get fresh water from but as Rona was walking Marama hid behind a cloud and Rona tripped on a root of a tree. Rona was mad and yelled "Look what you've done you silly moon!"
"Don't talk to me like that!" Yelled Marama."
"I can say what I want to say you silly old moon."
Marama was so mad that he grabbed Rona off the ground but Rona held onto the ngaio tree but not for long! Marama pulled so hard that the ngaio tree came out from the ground. Rona begged for Marama to let her go but Marama didn't. While the children were waiting they came out to look for their mother. They looked  and looked until they looked at the moon. The children were sad and they didn't have a mother to look after them.

By Aaliyah

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise Retold by Falakiko

One hot summer morning there lived a quick runner called Hare and a slow green Tortoise who was kind and never showed off. One day quick Hare made fun of Tortoise. Then Tortoise got very red and mad and challenged Hare to a 2 kilometer race. Hare laughed and said "You can't catch up to me! You think you can beat me? We'll see about that!" Said Hare "Let's see who wins."
After their horrible arguing they ran, except Tortoise he just plodded while Hare ran. He said to Tortoise "Hurry up you little green Tortoise." When Tortoise got to the starting line they said together "Take your mark, get set, go!" Quickly Hare ran in a blaze and left Tortoise behind plodding along the dirty, dusty road with his green little legs. Hare was far away from Tortoise so he thought that he could have a sleep, so he ate a carrot from a bush, felt drowsy and sleepy. Then there was silence and Hare fell in a deep sleep. Later Tortoise saw Hare snoring, he moved his head but Hare still slept on and Tortoise went past Hare and won the race.

By Falakiko

The Hare and the Tortoise Retold by Aaliyah

One hot summer morning was a Hare who always thought he was the most fast, clever and handsome animal in the meadow. He told the rabbit that his ears were the tallest. Hare always made fun of Tortoise because he was so slow. Tortoise had had enough of Hare making fun of him, so he said, "Hare, I have had enough of you. I want to have a race with you."
Hare said, "Ha! You are the slowest animal in the land."
"We'll see about that!" Said Tortoise.
So everyone gathered where Hare and Tortoise were having the race. Everyone cheered for Tortoise even if Tortoise lost because Tortoise was a very good friend to everyone. He was a patient, kind, faithful, joyful little Tortoise. So the fox said "Get on your marks, get set, go!" Hare was running and running and Tortoise was plodding and plodding. Hare came to a stop. He was very tired. Hare thought Tortoise was so slow that he could not even catch up, so Hare went to bed. Hare was fast asleep. Tortoise was plodding past Hare. Tortoise saw that Hare was asleep so he kept trying to get to the finish line. Hare ran as fast as he could, but it was too late, Tortoise had already crossed the finish line. Hare came to Tortoise and said "'I'
m sorry." So Hare and Tortoise became friends.

By Aaliyah

The Hare and the Tortoise Retold by Macky

Once upon a time there was a show off Hare who was the fastest runner in the land. He saw a slow Tortoise walking alone in the bushes. The Hare asked Tortoise if he wanted a race. Hare said to Tortoise "You are very slow." The Hare ran as fast as he could. After a while he went for a sleep under a big tree and Tortoise went past Hare. He was still asleep when Tortoise was at the finish line. Hare woke up and ran as fast as he could. You go Tortoise! You won Tortoise!

The message is never give up!

By Macky