Friday, September 20, 2013

My Sewing

Here I am trying to tread my needle.
Threading the needle was tricky because I had to suck the end of the thread and try and put it in the needle hole. I had to sew around the flower.
I like sewing because it is easy to go up and down. I liked sewing the border.
When my artwork is finished I will give it to my dad and he will be proud of me.
I liked doing the flower  because you have to follow the yellow crayon that I had previously drawn.

By Malakai


  1. I am sure your dad will be very proud of you. Nice writing.

  2. Wow! Malakai that was amazing when you came home with your artwork home and Mum and Dad was proud of you and it was nice. That was a good work you've done Malakai keep up the good work! :)