Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Teeth Brushing in Ruma Wha


Talofa and Greetings from Ruma Wha. We brush our teeth every day, when we finish our fruits after lunch. Our teacher gives us a little bit of toothpaste on our finger and we put in onto our toothbrush. 

We keep our toothbrush safe and clean in a silver steel container. We are doing this, so we can keep our teeth clean and have less cavities. We are all happy to brush our teeth 3 times a day or more.

A Kitten for the King

Hi Room 4 at Glen Innes School

Good morning Room 4, we designed some pictures of the King yesterday with Mrs. Collins. 
We have just read the story and we are excited to share with you our pictures. It is an interesting story to see a young king and getting a kitten with spots. 
King Ethelred is acting like us when we are sick, most times we do not want to stay in bed.  Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us Room 4.

Friday, March 22, 2019


We started the day with a whole school mass. At the mass, we offered it for our friends who died in Christchurch last Friday. Fr Felise shared with us, that it is very important, we respect and love everyone for we were all created by God. 
 After mass, we had shared lunch with our soul friends. Room 5 were kind enough to host us and Room 1. We had lots of food to share with each other.
 After lunch, everyone at the whole school had 2 minutes at 1.32pm to be silent to show our respect to our 50 brothers and sisters who have fallen in Christchurch. Every single one of us were so quiet. We pray that their souls will be with God.
We all prayed for our friends and families in Christchurch today and for our soul friend at school too.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Dan, the dragon

Dan is a skinny smart dragon. He looks funny because he's got yellow wings, pink body and he breathes out fire. He's got night vision scary eyes and purple dots to scare little children like me. Dan can fly up to the sky at night  and when it's sunny at day time, it cannot fly. 

When he's hungry, he can eat any meat or fish around his area. He is friendly to people when he's not hungry.  When he eats lots of food, he grows taller but not fatter.  

We hope that Dan was here to protect us and to save the people in Christchurch. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


 This is Room 4's learning for Christchurch. Yesterday, we learnt and shared how we feel that everyone in our class is a family. 

We did some art with Julia's paper doll template to remind us of who we are in New Zealand.

We also learnt that when we stand together as a family, we will help ourself to learn, and help each other to grow happily. 

We are made of different cultures but we are one as KIWIS. We will look after each other in class and at school.

When we are happy, we will help to rebuild ourselves as true christians and faithful New Zealanders.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Coming home- Our new song

In the hall, we got into a small circle so we can do some warm ups. Everyone thought of a dance move and we all did it together.  This dance was a little bit hard than the one we wrote about before. 
We got up on the stage to showcase our dance. The boys did a great job but us girls rock the floor.  We had a really fun enjoyable time with Miss Shannon.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Tuhi Mai, Tuhi Atu - Rm 4 at Glen Innes School

Good morning buddy class.

How are you?

We are learning to be smart learners by writing properly and sounding out the words.  We do maths and we don't forget to count the numbers.  We play 21 and buzz.  We read our books everyday and we take them home too.  We like reading!  We do developmental play (DP) when we are good.  D.P is when you Learn, Create and Share the toys with others.  

We are the best class at St Pius X...

Friday, March 15, 2019

St Patrick's Day in Room 4

Greetings from Room 4, 

To-day we discussed who is St Patrick and how he relates to us in our school. We understand that the Faith Sisters were from Ireland.

The Faith Sisters were the founders for our school, St Pius X Catholic School. We had a look at some of the pictures of  the Irish sisters and we all decided that we would like to do art using the shamrocks.

We made paper men representing us. We are making our own little paper men/women so it will remind us to follow the footsteps of all saints including St Patrick who converted all of Ireland to christianity. 

If you would like more pictures, we have displayed them in class. Drop a comment so we can show them all. 

St Patrick's Day

Yesterday, me and my class, made a St Patrick Day man. I was the first one to finish. I helped my friend, Isitolo to make his one too. It was fun and I felt excited about it. We made them out of a green shamrock, some papers and glue. 
by Meela.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dancing is fun

Good morning from Room 4.

In the hall, we were doing some new movements for our Dance class. They were the lights, the stretch, the apples, the clapping and driving. 

We have enjoyed  the driving the most because it makes all our bodies move including our heads and our feet. 

The name of the song is called ' Paint the town green'. It is an amazing song.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Welcome to Room 4's 2019's blogging at St Pius X Catholic School

Hello.  This is room 4.  We learn at St Pius X Catholic School in Glen Innes, Auckland, New Zealand.  We write and sound the words out if they are tricky and learn to spell them.  We also do maths and reading. We take our reading book home.  There are 21 room 4 students and our teacher is called Mrs Pulotu, who is from Tonga. 

We are excited and curious about our learning this year...please leave us a comment.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Puppet for Maths

This morning, we did Maths with Mrs. Coakley. She let us talk to each other using our new friends (puppets). We did counting forward from different numbers. We had fun because we got to say different numbers with our new friends.  Naomi had the first chance because she knew the first number. 

We all had turns to say some numbers. It was really fun to see our new friends face when we said the right numbers.  At the end of it, the whole class had a turn to play with our puppets and to count too.

After that, Annabelle had the first turn and than Hope after that. We hope that our new friends, puppet will visit us again during this year.