Friday, April 24, 2015

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went bowling with my family. My mum bowled first. After my mum went it was my dads turn. After my dad it was my Aunty's turn to bowl. After she wemt I asked my dad if we can have some coins. So we could play on the games. The game was called 'Hit the Target.' Then we went back home.

By Charis

In The Holidays

In the holidays my cousins came over and we played with the rugby ball. After that we played Simon Says.
The they went home. We went inside. The we watched T.V and we had lunch. We had KFC for lunch. Then we went into the shed and we played with the toys. We played with the cars and my transformer bike.

By Josaia

In The Holidays

I went to the swimming pool. I went with my mum and brother.
My mum was really fun at the swimming pool. My brother was scared to swim because he is three years old.
That is why he was scared of the swimming pool. We went back home and we fell asleep at home.
After our sleep we watched T.V.

By Solomone

In The Holidays

In the holidays on Sunday we went to church with my mum, Nana, my two brothers and my sister. FIrst we dressed up. My dad stayed at home so he could go to work. We went in the van and my mum drove to church.

We had to sit down on the chairs. Next we made a circle and we sang a song. Then we went back in a line. There were heaps of people because a baby was getting baptized.

Then we say more songs and there were two people at the side and one person infront of us. He was the one who talked the most.

Last of all they carried the baby in white clothes.

By Christopher


In the holidays, I went to the movies with my cousins and my Uncle. The movies was called Spongebob out of water. First it started as a cartoon and it came out as a real life movie.  It was funny. My Uncle told my cousins to be quiet because they were loud. After that we went to my sister's place and we went home. We dropped off my sister's friend.
by Gabriel.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cutting my hair.

In the holidays, I went to cut my hair. I went in a car and I went with my sister and Valenisia. We stayed at the shop so the rain can stop. We went to the barber shop and my hair was cut by the barber. I saw the man cutting somebody else's hair. It was fun cutting my hair at the barber shop.
By Thomas.

My holiday

In the holidays, I went to the penguins. I went to the sharks and the fish. I went with my mum, my dad and my brother. My dad took us there so we can look at all the fish. I saw green and blue jellyfish.
by Jireh.

My holiday

In the holidays, me, my mum, my dad, Jane, Opi and Nisi leka and my aunty Silia went to the Easter Show. Opi and Jane wanted to go in the haunted house but I was too scared to go. After Silia's ride, we ate chips and then Nisi wanted to get a duck. I rode on the boats, bikes, cars, merry go round and hated the animals because they were smelly. I stayed outside when my mum and Silia went inside. We ate sushi after that and ice-cream. It was very expensive to buy food there. It was our holiday treat and we got to eat and drink. I wish Lau and Nana were there too.
by Silia.

In the holidays.

I went to mini-golf with my dad. I got my ball in once. My dad got his ball in the hole as well. When we got to the Chinese level, I patted the panther.
By Iverson