Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Squash Sport

Yesterday we played squash. We had a ball and a racquet and there was a court in the hall. It was fun and cool. We had the racquet and the ball and we hit the ball on the court. Phil and Michael showed us how to play the game but I thought it was easy but it was hard. It was good i was tired.

By Maea

Our First Squash Lesson

On Monday afternoon Room 4 went to the hall to learn how to play squash. First we got into a circle then Phil taught us some lessons. Next Phil and Michael put us in two groups. One group went with Michael and the other group went with Phil. I was in Phil's group. Phil showed us how to bounce the ball. Then we played a game where you had to balance the ball and run to the cone and back. I kept dropping the ball on the ground. Affter a while it was our turn on the court. I kept missing the ball.

By Katelyn

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our First Squash Lesson

On Monday afternoon Room 4 went to the hall to have our first kiwi sport called squash. Phil was waiting at the door. The instructor told us about the game. It was called squash. First of all I thought squash was like we had to sit on each other. When I went to see in the hall I thought this thing was a large frozen block but it was just a court.
The instructor divided us into two groups. One on the court and the other practicing new skills. Next we swapped over. Aaliyah and I were partners. Then we changed partners. I felt so confident because before I was so nervous.

By Olidah

Our Squash Lessson

 On a sunny afternoon we went to squash. Mrs Pole said "Let's go to the hall." So off we went. When we got there Phil was at the door. He said, "Come in and I will show you how to play. You will need a racquet and a rubber ball."
He said, "Sit in a circle."
We took turns. It was hard for me but the court looked so big! He taught us some games. The thing he taught us was hard but we had fun. It was cool. My whole class had a turn with Mike and Phill said it was time to go back to class. So we went with Mrs Pole.
I felt so exhausted because we played a lot of squash.

By Vanessa

Monday, October 21, 2013

Room 4's New Kiwi Sport

Yesterday, on Monday, I looked on the big board and it said 'squash,' which was after lunch time. I found out that it was our new kiwi sport. First of all Room 4 went to line up and also our tall instructor Phil meet us at the front door. Phil said to us, "Have you heard of squash?"
We shouted at him "No!"
He said, "Oh, let's play now."
Then we went inside the hall and sat down in our lines. The instructors were showing us how to play squash. I was just watching Phil and Michael.
After Tuesday Sateki came to our school. When it was Tuesday Michael and Phil had to show Sateki how to play squash, then we carried on playing. I was puffed after squash. I felt very tired.

By Sia

A New Kiwi Sport

On Monday Mrs Pole told us that we are going to do a new kiwi sport called squash. It sounded like fun but still it sounded like people were getting squashed by each other!
After lunch we lined up in the hall. When we got there in front of us was a tall man. He told us to take a seat. Then he introduced himself. His name was Phil and the other guy was Michael. First of all Phil showed us how to play squash. After that Phil told us to sit in a circle. Phil showed us how to hold the racquet.
Next Phil asked us if any of us wanted a turn on the court. Maea raised his hand. When Maea had finished his turn, I raised my hand. I felt nervous. Phil said "Good job!" I was proud.

By Aaliyah

Friday, October 18, 2013

Our New Kiwi Sport

On Monday afternoon Room 4 went to the hall to have our new kiwi sport called squash. Our instructor, Phil, was waiting at the door for us. Phil had a helper called Michael. He can do tricks. He helped Phil show us some skills. Phil said, "Michael, you have 8 children on the court with you and I will have 8 children."
Phil had a game with his team. Michael and Phil played the game to show Room 4. I was too shy to do it. But then I felt better. It was my turn to have a try. I missed the ball but then I had another try. This time I hit the ball and Michael said "Good shot." I had to go to the back of the line.
At the end I felt exhausted and tired.

By Maris-Stella

Learining About Squash

Yesterday afternoon Room 4 were going to the hall to play a game called squash. I thought that we had to squash a ball or a coconut but I was wrong. It was a game will a racquet and a small yellow ball. When we got there we saw a man named Phil. He showed us a big giant plastic thing. It was as tall as a giant's foot. It was a squash court.
After that Phil showed us how to play squash. It looked hard because it was too fast like the hare. Later he put us in teams. The other team went to the squash court and I was with Phil. He played lots of games. The last game was like relay. We had to balance the ball on the racquet while we were walking. 
When I'd finished the last round we asked questions about squash. After that we said bye. I felt like playing it again.

By Falakiko

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our First Squash Lesson

Monday afternoon Room4 went to the hall to learn a new kiwi sport. When we were inside the instructors introduced themselves.  Their names were PHIL and MICHAEL. Room 4 were there and MRS POLE. Room 4 sat down on the ground. PHIL told  us were going to play squash. They said that they were going to show us what squash looked like. After that we had a turn playing squash. Sometimes we missed the ball .PHIL told us to sit in a circle.  PHIL told us to roll the ball on the other persons
 racquet.Some people kept making the ball fall off. They kept balancing it too. It was fun. Last of all  PHIL told to  line up at the back of our teacher. We had a drink because we were exhausted and tired. I like squash because its fun.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Escape From Danger - A Narrative

Many years ago two cousins called Olidah and Sia. They went to a park in Glen Innes.
They were riding their bikes and suddenly Olidah said to Sia, "That's a big dog with huge sharp teeth." The dog was chasing them. Sia said, "We must run into the tunnel and hide there."
They waited and waited inside the dark tunnel but the dog did not go away. It stayed outside and barked and barked.
They girls were scared and did not know what to do. At last they heard a voice yelling at the dog and it ran away. It was a man from their street who said, "Come on girls." Olidah and Sia thanked him and they all went home together.

By Claudia