Friday, October 18, 2013

Learining About Squash

Yesterday afternoon Room 4 were going to the hall to play a game called squash. I thought that we had to squash a ball or a coconut but I was wrong. It was a game will a racquet and a small yellow ball. When we got there we saw a man named Phil. He showed us a big giant plastic thing. It was as tall as a giant's foot. It was a squash court.
After that Phil showed us how to play squash. It looked hard because it was too fast like the hare. Later he put us in teams. The other team went to the squash court and I was with Phil. He played lots of games. The last game was like relay. We had to balance the ball on the racquet while we were walking. 
When I'd finished the last round we asked questions about squash. After that we said bye. I felt like playing it again.

By Falakiko

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  1. What a great story Falakiko. I love the way you described the court as being "as tall as a giant's foot". Well done. This really made me think how big a giant's foot might be.