Friday, November 29, 2013

A Special Mass

Today,in the morning , the junior school went to our mass. The people who were going to read had to go and sit on the front seats. Sia was the first one to read. Then we were singing and singing. After that Father was reading us a story when we finished singing. After that Father asked us some questions to us. Some of the Juniors  kept saying the same thing as the other people were saying. Only one man came back to Jesus and said thank you. Aaliyah and Vanessa was the last one to read.  Akesa and Goerge had to give the flowers to Mrs Moodley. I think Mrs Moodley was happy. It was fun. I was happy too and tired. I enjoyed Aaliyah and Vanessa's part.

Our Junior School Mass

This morning I went to church with Room 4 and 5, Rooms 1 and 2. We bowed down to pray with Father and all the people. The children from Room 1 went to give the bread and the wine. We all sang songs to Jesus.  Aaliyah and Vanessa did the Reading for Mrs Moodley  who got a surprise and she was sad because she was going to miss us.

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Dragon Who Wants A Friend

Once there lived a nice dragon who wished he had a friend. While he was walking he saw a fat green frog who was trying to catch a fat fly. He walked to the frog “Hi my name is..”
“Help! Help! There’s a fierce dragon who is trying to eat me!” Cried the frog.
“Please don’t leave I just want to have a friend.”
But it was too late. The frog had left him. The dragon was so sad. Next he went to a river. Nearby the river was a big bad bear who was fishing for his lunch. The dragon combed his spiky hair and walked slowly to the bear. He said in a big voice “Hi, my name is..”
“Help me! Help! There’s a big green dragon trying to eat me for his lunch.” The bear ran away screaming “Help! Help!” The dragon cried and cried and cried. The dragon said in a sad voice “No one wants to be my friend but I am not going to give up.”
It was getting dark and cold. The dragon decided to go back home to have a rest.
Then in the morning he will go back and look for a new friend. When the dragon woke up he was still tired. He thought it was the morning but he was wrong. It was still night. The dragon dreamt about something crazy. That’s why he woke up so early in the morning. He heard a tiny voice. He looked down. There he saw a tiny mouse hiding from a huge eagle which was flying on top of the cave.
“Hey can you please scare away the huge eagle? He wants to eat me.” Said the mouse. The dragon thought for a while. Then he thought that this little mouse could be his friend. The dragon quickly blew out flames from his mouth. “Thank you so much! Um what’s your name?”
“My name is Max. I am really shy and I don’t have a friend yet. Maybe you would like to be my friend?”
“I’ll be happy to be your friend.”
So on that very day Max never felt alone again. 

By Aaliyah

My Troll

My troll is an ugly troll. He has sharp nails and uses his hands to catch goat meat. He has a coat on to hide the goats under.  
He's got red eyes. On his head is an orange hat. His skin is green. His shoes are curly. He is a naughty troll because he scares people. He has got a scratch on his eye and a scar on his forehead. On his chest there is a rip. My troll lives under a wooden bridge. My troll eats girls and boys and goat meat.

My Troll

My troll has got a big foot and a small foot. My troll has a big arm and a small arm.He is a big, ugly hungry troll. He lives in a dark hole. When he hears a noise he comes up on the bridge and gobbles up people and eats them up.
 He spits out the hats and eats the goats. When he eats the goats he says yum! Yum! You taste yum! My troll eats everyones beds.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Troll

My Troll looks  very fierce. He has a black, giant beard. He wears a big, giant, dotted  hat and ripped
clothes. His nails are long and grey.On his face is a red scar and his buttons are sparkling. Also he
is a naughty, bad creature because he always has fights with other green Trolls and brown goats.
He lives in a stinky, brown, old shoe. He waits for his supper in his stinky shoe. What he eats is
creepy slimy bugs. Even animals like big goats. And he is the meanest, odd fellow with  red eyes.
Sometimes he eats humans like you. But be careful because this fierce troll will come and get
you in bed!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Troll

My troll is evil, wicked and ferocious. He has ugly teeth. He lives under a bridge in a cave. He eats goat meat. He has ugly, long nasty legs. He has a read, ugly hat and he wears nasty pants. He has a short head and he has a green face. His ears are yellow and red. He is so mean and horrible. He has ugly fancy shoes. He smells like socks. He wants to eat girls and boys too. He has a fierce red eyes. He is a happy creature because he eats lots of goat meat. I think he is a mean creature.

By Fiapo

My Troll

My Troll is an evil, horrible, unkind creature. He walks on one foot. He has a wooden foot. He has fierce, blue eyes. He has  many scars on his face because he has been having dangerous journeys. His hair is light green and he has big, scary looking teeth. My troll lives under children's beds. He doesn't look like he can fit under children's beds, but he can!  Before children go to sleep he scares them. After he has scared him or her he runs away then hides under another child's bed. My troll eats good kids because he hates good things, and other small trolls. I don't think he has a happy life.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Troll

My troll walks like a monster and he is a strong man. He lives in a scary forest in a cave. He is an evil man. He eats people and he likes to fight goats. He has a mask on his face. He has red pants and he has horns. His horns are red. He has power and he uses it when someone goes over his bridge.

By Beni

My Troll

My Troll has a big head and big ears. He has sharp teeth and skinny feet. He wears a stripy t-shirt and he eats goat meat. He loves goat meat because he has it for supper. When he has meat for supper he eats it everyday. My troll lives under a bridge and his clothes are ripped and he always likes to fight. He is not kind and he loves being mean. My troll doesn't do anything but fight.

By Claudia

Monday, November 18, 2013

Our First Day of Milk

Today, 8th November, Room 4 had their first day of milk. First of all the monitors Aaliyah and Vanessa went to get the milk from the music room. It was inside a box. Aaliyah and Vanessa gave the milk to the people in Room 4 who were reading quietly. When we go the milk I took the straw off and put it in the hole on the milk. After I had finished I went to Ms Mat to fold the milk. After we had folded it Mrs Pole told us to come and sit on the front mat to watch a video about milk. By Fiapo

My Troll

My troll is evil and mean. He lives in dark cave in a forest. He eats meat, people and goat meat too. In the night he does not sleep. He goes and finds meaty people and goat meat so he can eat them. My troll is always very hungry. My troll has got scars on his face and he got long ears and spiky teeth and a big nose. My troll is enormous. He wears big ugly shoes, his hair is spiky and he wears colourful pants and a golden shirt. His eyes are orange and his face is orange and blue and he's after you.

By Macky

First Day of Milk

Today Room 4 had milk on Friday 8th November. We had to read our books. First our monitors had to look for the people who were reading. When I drank the milk it tasted yum. After I had finished I had to make sure the carton was empty because if it's not the milk will go everywhere. Our monitors are Aaliyah and Vanessa. I was so excited when I was given my milk. After I drank the milk I had to give it to our monitors and they folded the carton of milk. By Macky

Our First Day of Milk

Today on the 8th November Room 4 had milk. After morning tea we went straight to the music room. Mrs Hoggins was there with all of the monitors. One monitor asked how many people have given their forms back. I said "15 people have given it back." Mrs Hoggins gave us 15 milk bottles in the cartons. So Aaliyah and I carried it to the classroom. It was heavy! When we got there Mrs Pole took photos of Aaliyah and I. Mrs Pole told Aaliyah and I to give it to the people who are ready. I gave it to the people who were reading. When everyone was finished Aaliyah started to drink our milk. It tasted fresh and it was yum! After that Mrs Pole let us watch a movie about milk. Meanwhile Mrs Pole told us about folding the carton. When she had finished talking we were writing about it. It was very cool! I love it. I am going to have it every day at school. By Vanessa

Our First Day of Milk

Today 8th November Room 4 had milk which was very sad that Mrs Hoggins had to lift it for us. Our milk tasted like normal milk but it sort of tasted like the Church bread. I said the milk made my skelton really strong as it had made my brain go faster and made me work faster. I also concentrated on my work rather than talk to my neighbor Samasoni and Fiapo. Room 4 had to drink and read because we had to be quiet. I wish that I could have a cup of milk instead of a little bottle. I wanted some more of the milk. By Sia

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our First Day of Milk

On Friday our monitors, Aaliyah and Vanessa, went to the music room to Mrs Hoggins and Mrs Hoggins gave the box of milk to Aaliyah and Vanessa. Aaliyah and Vanessa gave the milk to people who were reading. Vanessa gave one of the milk cartons to me. I pulled the straw off the milk. Falakiko called to me "I am going to drink it fast!" I put the straw into the hole and I drank it fast. As soon as I had finished Aaliyah showed me how to fold the empty carton.

By Samuel

Nanny Mihi And The Rainbow

This morning we went to Hoyt's Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Please watch our movie and share your thoughts with us. We look forward to reading your comments.

Nanny Mihi and the Rainbow Introduction by Samantha and Fiapo from Preba Moodley on Vimeo.

Nanny Mihi And The Rainbow from Preba Moodley on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our First Time Having Milk at School

Today Room 4 had milk. Aaliyah and Vanessa brought them in a box. Then they put them in a fridge so that the milk can be nice and cold. After that when it is nice and cold the monitors put it in the container and gives it to the classes.
When I drank it, it was really cold and nice. It was like I was in heaven. After that we had to make the cotainer flat like paper. Then we folded it like a box. Then we folded the sides in and then you are finished. It takes lots of practice to do that but do not put it in the rubbish! Put it in the recycling bin.

By Falakiko

Our First Day of Milk

Today on November 8th Room 4 got milk monitors. They collected the milk from the fridge. The monitors are Vanessa and Aaliyah.
It tasted like milk. It was really nice and lovely. It is so nice and healthy and it will make you strong. The monitors collected the milk from the fridge in the music room.
At the end the monitors had to fold the empty cartons.
I felt happy and nice.

By Mei

Our First Day of Milk

Today 8th November, Room 4 got their milk from our monitors and we drank it. It tasted like cold milk. While we were drinking it we were told how to fold the carton. The monitors got the milk from a fridge in the music room. The monitors names are Aaliyah and Vanessa.
At the end they collected the milk and folded it. We saw a movie about the milk.
By Malakai

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We learned lots of new skills making our Fabric and Fibre Art. Do read our book to see our lovely work.

Our First Day of Milk

Today, 8th November, Rom 4 had our first Fonterra milk for school. The monitors gave the milk to the people who were reading quietly. The milk tastes like normal milk.
When I finished my milk and the bottle was dry I took the straw out and I flattened it. Then I folded the long side. When the long side was folded I tucked the folded part into the bottom of the carton.
I felt excited when I started to drink the milk because it was yum.
After when you have finished you put the folded carton into the recycling bin.

By Olidah

Our First Day of Milk

Today we had some milk from our monitors. They got it from the fridge which was from the milk man. Vanessa and Aaliyah went straight to the music room when their teacher said to go.
When I drank the milk it was really cold. When I was finished I gave my carton to Aaliyah.

By Beni

Friday, November 8, 2013

Our First Day of Milk

Today,8 November, Room 4 had Fonterra Milk for the first time.Vanessa and I got the milk from the music room then went back to the class room to give out the milk to the class.When I tasted the milk it was very cold and yum. When we were  finished we had to  fold the carton up. This was not easy. After that we had to recycle the folded milk carton into a special recycling bin, it was a big oblue bin.
I am looking forward having more milk.

Our First Day Of Milk

Today,8 November, Room 4 had their first day of  milk. First of all the monitors, Aaliyah and Vanessa, went to get the milk. It was inside a box. Aaliyah and Vanessa  gave the milk to the people in Room 4, only if they were reading quietly. When we got our milk I took the straw off  and put it on the hole on the milk. I was  drinking it. After  I'd finished it I  went  to Mrs Matt to fold the milk carton. Mrs Pole told us to sit on the  mat to watch a video about Fonterra milk.
I enjoyed the milk because it was yummy.