Our First Day of Milk

Today 8th November Room 4 had milk which was very sad that Mrs Hoggins had to lift it for us. Our milk tasted like normal milk but it sort of tasted like the Church bread. I said the milk made my skelton really strong as it had made my brain go faster and made me work faster. I also concentrated on my work rather than talk to my neighbor Samasoni and Fiapo. Room 4 had to drink and read because we had to be quiet. I wish that I could have a cup of milk instead of a little bottle. I wanted some more of the milk. By Sia


  1. Wow what an awesome story you have wrote about milk and I love it how you said it makes you work faster. Also what I like was how you wrote you don't talk to your neighbors when you work so well done Soul friend and well done for putting hard work in to this writing.


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