Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our First Day of Milk

On Friday our monitors, Aaliyah and Vanessa, went to the music room to Mrs Hoggins and Mrs Hoggins gave the box of milk to Aaliyah and Vanessa. Aaliyah and Vanessa gave the milk to people who were reading. Vanessa gave one of the milk cartons to me. I pulled the straw off the milk. Falakiko called to me "I am going to drink it fast!" I put the straw into the hole and I drank it fast. As soon as I had finished Aaliyah showed me how to fold the empty carton.

By Samuel

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  1. Hi brother:

    I like your story about you drinking milk for your first time. What I like about your story is when Aaliyah and Vanessa went and got the milk box and then they gave it out to the people that was reading that is the same as us. Maybe next time you could put more information onto your writing about you drinking your milk for the first time.

    Love your big brother: Joshua Uiha:)