Friday, December 2, 2011

The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon a time there was a lion sleeping in his cave and then a Mouse came and he was climbing on the lion's paw. The lion woke up and the lion got the mouse with his paw and the mouse said "let me go, let me go". The lion said "why did you wake me up?" The mouse said "because I want to look in your cave." The mouse said "call me when you are in trouble". But the lion said "but you are only a mouse" mouse said "I know I am only a mouse" and the lion was laughing.

The mouse went back to his mum. The lion was Roaring and the mouse heard the roar again and the mouse saw the lion trapped. The mouse said "be quiet before the trappers come and kill you." After that the lion said "but you are a mouse how can you help me?" the mouse said "just wait" and the mouse chewed and chewed. Then the lion was free to go back to his cave. The lion said "I won't laugh at you again."

Thursday, December 1, 2011


On a beautiful sunny day, it was an exciting day, as we were going for badminton in the school hall.

After reading Mrs Pole said, “Everybody pack up because we are going to badminton.” So we packed up and took our shoes off and put them under our desks.

When we got into the hall we sat down and waited for Room 5 to finish. So we waited and they were gone. Then we said, “Good Morning Glorinne”, then she said, “Good Morning. ” But before we started we had to get a buddy. My buddy was Annalise and Alecia’s buddy was Kalo.

Next we got two short racquets and one shuttle and we started playing around.

After that Glorinne put out some nets that said Mini Badminton. Victoria and Joshua were challenging Annalise and I. We won 6 times and Victoria and her partner won 7 times.

Meanwhile Petra and her partner came in and challenged us as well. We won again and again .“ Why are there three of you on each side?”, Glorinne cried. Then we said “ We don’t know.” So Petra and her partner sat down on the bench.

Finally Glorinne blew her whistle because Room3 were coming to play badminton so we lined up and walked to class.
My highlight was when we won 6 times, I am so proud of Annalise and I.