Monday, June 30, 2014

My Haircut

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon my mum said I needed to get a new haircut. Then my brother, my younger brother and I got a haircut and I got a line on my head. We had to wear a cloth around us because we didn't want our hair to come on us.

By George

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Rugby Game

On saturday me and my mum went to the rugby game. I got two tries. We had a break. We ate oranges. We were in the field and we played the rugby game. When it was finished my team got juice and chocolate. My coach gave me a card which said 'free cheeseburger.' This is why I got a free cheeseburger because I got two tries. I felt happy. My Brother said "Well done."

By Etuale


On a sunny Saturday morning I played rugby and my rugby team is called Varsity. Then I scored two tries and twenty four rips. I also got the player of the day trophy. When I got the trophy I was very proud of myself and my family was proud of me.

By Diego

Making Butter

Yesterday morning we were making butter. We went into groups and we were shaking the cream in a jar. We shook it for 15 minutes.
Then we saw a lump of butter and some whey. Next we put some paper towels on the sieve.
Some groups came to tip their own butter in the sieve.
After Ms Pole put the butter on the plate. Then she rinsed it. Later it was melting.
Last of all we spread the golden butter on the bread and then we ate it. It was yum! I enjoyed it.

By George

Monday, June 16, 2014

This is Me

This is me.My name is Christopher. I am 6 years old. My favourite food is apples. My favourite number is 67. My favourite sport is racing and running. I like play time. The colour of my eyes is brown. My hair is black. I have 2 brothers.
On Saturday I play with my cousins. I play fetch with the ball. It was fun. I went back inside to sleep.

By Christopher


This is me. My name is Mele. I am 6 years old. I like pink and purple. My favourite food is oranges. My favourite cake is strawberry with chocolate.
I can read my book. I can play my games too. I like basketball.

By Mele

Friday, June 13, 2014

Butterfly Creek

On Saturday I went to Butterfly Creek with my dad. I had a fun time going there. I saw butterflies. My dad had a fun time. My favourite part was the dinosaurs. They had sharp teeth. They were made out of plastic and they were huge!

By Patience

How to Make a Print

First of all we drew a cow. Then we cut pieces of card to make the spots on the cow and to make some bits higher than others so that when we print it, it will look like a cow.

 Next we glued the pieces onto our drawing of the cow.

The next day we put white paint and rolled it onto our drawing. Following this we printed it onto black paper.

Last of all we put it onto white paper to make it stand out.

By Room 4

Friday, June 6, 2014

Can Milk Move

First of all we got some milk and poured the milk in the bowl. Soon we poured in little drops of food colouring. After this we squirted some detergent in the middle. Soon it made patterns so the milk was moving.

By Diego

Can Milk Move

First of all we poured the milk into the bowl. After this we poured in the food colouring into the bowl. Then we got the detergent in the bowl. Soon the milk was blue and the milk was moving around so it was light blue milk moving fast.

By Etuale

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


First of all we poured milk into the bowl. After this we put in four drops of food colouring. We squirted the detergent into the middle of the bowl. Soon the milk started to go into patterns. The milk looked like a flower. The patterns were going around and around. Room 4 had to look at the bowls.