Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We should not have school holidays.

I disagree, we should have school holidays.

Firstly, you can do home learning at home.

Secondly, you can look after your mum when she is sick.

Lastly you can learn by doing study ladder at home.

I still disagree, we should have school holidays.

By Dereon.

We should not have school holidays. (Persuasive writing)

I disagree, we should have school holidays.

Firstly, we need to rest and have a break. For example, our brains will be too tired.

Next, we need a holiday so we can refresh our minds.

Thirdly, we need to spend more time with our families at home.

In conclusion, I still disagree. We should have school holidays.

by: Thomas

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tongan Language week

Last week, we had Tongan Language week.

First we had mass with Fr Iosefo. I got to read one of the prayers of the faithful. At the mass, Alfred led us to sing the songs. Silia said the welcoming speech and Iverson read the bible reading. Room 3 came with us to mass.

After that, we went to Room 7 so we can practice Tongan songs and the New Zealand National Anthem in Tongan for our assembly because our class led the assembly.

The bell went and we went to the hall for Duffy Assembly. There were two Tongan boys from Sacred Heart College who came to speak to us about reading. They were really smart when I saw them. Their names were Isitolo Maka & Ricky Kaufusi. We did well when we presented the assembly.

At lunch, everyone else went out but us Tongans stayed so we can have chopsuey and then we got our bag to go home.

by Sateki Misiuata.

Monday, September 7, 2015

In The Holidays

When I was on holiday, I stayed at home with my mum and sisters. We watched Annabelle and my sisters were scared so we turned it off. Then Sepa and Agnes went to sleep and I watched Smurf's 2. When my sisters woke up I put it the T.V back on.

By Zahara

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to a very big park! I playd on my bike with my brother. We had so much fun on our bikes. We rode on our bikes and we saw some sheep. Then we went in the car. At last we had a hamburger at McDonalds. Then we headed back home!

By Nikos

My holidays

In the holidays, I went to Pak N Save with my mum, baby, sister and my brothers. My aunty gave us drinks and chips and we went home.

By Seine

Anzac Day

After Mass we went to Mother Mary with the whole school.

First Mr Coakley was talking about the soldiers that died during the war. After, he said that the crosses are to remind us of all the men who died at war.

Room 1 didn't have a turn. Room 3 had their turn after us. Room 3 said their part. They said their part then they put a NZ flag on the crosses. Room 5 had the lemon squeezer. Room 6 had said their piece and put down some flowers. They had a long turn. Then Room 7 had thier turn. It was fun.

Last of all the bugle sound came on then we sang the National Anthem. We salute all these people for dying for our country.

By Christopher

Mothers Day

My mother is so special because she helps me with my homework and she is as pretty as an angel.

My mother makes food for us when it is almost night time. She is like a princess. She loves me so much. She washes my sisters clothes, my brothers clothes and mine too.

She is the best mum in the world becuase she buys me new stuff that I like. I love my mum so much. She irons my clothes and my siblings clothes too.

She tells me to shower and makes me lunch. She also helps me dress for school and church.

By Christopher

Father's Day

Dad I hope you will have a good time with Jesus and with the angels too. 

You are like a hero to me and hope you have a great father's day.

My Dad is cool because he was kind to my family.


Visitors from the Warriors

We lined up outside the hall. We saw two Warrrior boys and a lady. The lady asked us if we want to play a game.

The boys were David and Kenny. Room 7 students were very lucky to play with them. They got a ball and showed us how to use certain skills. Some of our students in Room 4 were lucky to get a gift from Kenny and David.
We enjoyed our time with you.

By Sefopalu.