Friday, September 11, 2015

Tongan Language week

Last week, we had Tongan Language week.

First we had mass with Fr Iosefo. I got to read one of the prayers of the faithful. At the mass, Alfred led us to sing the songs. Silia said the welcoming speech and Iverson read the bible reading. Room 3 came with us to mass.

After that, we went to Room 7 so we can practice Tongan songs and the New Zealand National Anthem in Tongan for our assembly because our class led the assembly.

The bell went and we went to the hall for Duffy Assembly. There were two Tongan boys from Sacred Heart College who came to speak to us about reading. They were really smart when I saw them. Their names were Isitolo Maka & Ricky Kaufusi. We did well when we presented the assembly.

At lunch, everyone else went out but us Tongans stayed so we can have chopsuey and then we got our bag to go home.

by Sateki Misiuata.

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