Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Children whose Mum was up in the sky - A re-telling

Children whose Mum was up in the Sky

Many years ago on a dark moonlit night the children were thirsty and asked "E Rona can you get some water?" Rona said "Yes" and she got the taha and went to the path. The path was bumpy. Rona couldn't see anything. Rona said "Marama! Marama! Get out of that cloud!" Marama didn't care. Rona got very, very angry and said, "Look what you have done. Silly old moon." Marama got angry and tried to pull Rona. Rona held the ngaio tree but Marama the moon pulled as hard as he could. Marama pulled Rona and suddenly Rona and the taha and the ngaio tree went high in the sky. Rona was scared and sad. Rona said to the moon, "Marama! Marama! My children are calling for water." The children were waiting and waiting. Suddenly the children heard something and it was their mum. The mum said, "I'm up with Marama."

The message was do not be mean to each other.

By Kalisi

Shining Moon - A re-telling

Shining Moon

A long, long time ago the moon light shone brightly in the sky. The the children were thirsty. They called out "E Rona! Bring us some water." Rona took a taha and set off to the water spring. The way to the water spring was bumpy and Marama hid behind a dark black cloud. "Come out from behind that cloud." Rona shouted at the moon. Rona was walking and she tripped over a ngaio tree. Rona shouted "See! What! You! Have! Done!" Marama said "Don't you talk to me like that!" Rona said "I can say what I want to say." Then Marama swooped down and grabbed Rona but Rona held onto the ngaio tree and then Marama pulled harder. "Please" Rona begged. "My children are calling me." Marama pulled so hard that the ngaio tree came right out of the dirt. Then Marama held onto Rona. The children came out looking for their mum. "I'm up here with Marama."

The message for this story is watch what comes out of your mouth.

By Stanley