Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Spirit of Polynesia Show

My favourite part of the Spirit of Polynesia Show was when I volunteered to do the Poi Dance. I felt very nervous when I got up because I was going to dance in front of the whole school, but when I started to do it I wasn't nervous any more, I was happy. A poi dance is when you swing the poi around in circles in time. When I looked at my friends they were smiling and that is what made me smile.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


The Kindy Kids Special Time Visiting Room 4

On Tuesday, 22 June, after morning tea Alecia and I looked out the door and saw the Kindy Kids. When the Kindy Kids came out of the hall we were super excited. Kindy Kids were visiting us to choose a Kids At Home Book, part of the Duffy Programme. When they arrived in Room 4 Mrs Pole took the Kindy Kids around the circle to a partner. After that Mrs Pole read a book to the Kindy Kids. Later on the Kindy Kids chose a book to have. When they’d finished choosing a book we read a special book to them. We read in small groups. After our special teacher Mrs Pole came and took a picture of Annalise and I reading a book to Angelyn, that was Annalise’s little sister. Meanwhile Mrs Pole called us to the mat so we could give out the yellow and green book bags and the activity books that had the cover of Duffy. Soon Mrs Pole told us to sing our song that we performed at our assembly. Rosrine was singing in the front and I was at the back singing. When we started singing the song I was so nervous, that’s like Alecia. When we were singing I was about to cry. Lucky last Sammy, a little kindy boy, said, “ Thank you for having us and we will come back.” Room 4 felt very happy for the Kindy Kids getting their new special book bag and Duffy activity book. We hope they come back and visit us.

By Rosrine and Alecia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Super Assembly

After play on Friday Room4 felt excited because we were going to do our Assembly. First of all Kalo welcomed everybody using the microphone. Then we did a play about the 8 Quarrelling Children and it was such fun. Then Mrs Pole said freeze! And we did! Then Seuati said stop this noise and work peacefully and we said" yes father " And we started to quarrell again and Vaine, Me and Victoria were quarrelling together. After that Seuati said Come here my Children. After that we said What is it father?. He said just Come here and listen and sit down. And he said come here my oldest child and take this stick and break it. Now take 2 sticks and break them. Now take 3 sticks and break them. Now take this bundle of sticks and break them. He took them to all of us and we all tried to break them and the sticks WOULD NOT BREAK. After that Alecia said that was a task and then we did the unity sign. After that we all went around like a rainbow and said Together We Are Strong.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Super Fancy Assembly

Last Friday after morning tea I rushed to line because I was super excited for the super assembly. When we arrived at the hall Mrs Pole told us to sit down so we did that right away. Next Mrs Pole told Joshua to go to the office so Joshua could tell Mrs Bell to ring the bell. Then the bell rang really loudly!
I was frightened then the whole school came to the hall. I was really nervous. Later on Kalolaine said something to the whole school then Annalise, Vaine and Joanna came up and said their prayers.It was about their lovely, sweet school and their country. I felt like crying because of their lovely prayers.
After that we sang a song called Come Gather and Praise. I was singing with a boy called Joshua. Once we stood up I was really nervous but I was trying to sing really loudly but I couldn't because I was scared but once group 2 came around us I was not nervous at all because group 2 came around. When we'd finished the song I felt super happy! After that we played our recorders. We only played Leapin' About because that was the only song we knew so we had to play it. We had a folder so we could play the notes because if we didn't have a folder we might play anything.
Later on we did the unity signs. The people who did the unity signs were Victoria, Joshua, Paul, Kanesini, and Justin-Tyler.
After we did a play about The Father and His Quarrelling Children It was about these kids who always quarrelled all the time.
Lucky last we were holding hands and we said," TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!"
Then Kalolaine said," Mr Coakley can you please come and give out the virtue certificates please?" Later on Mrs Pole came and gave the Caught Being Goods out. After that we went back to our classes.
My favourite highlight was when I was singing because my mum took a photo of me.I was really proud of myself and Joshua because we were singing really, really, really proudly.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Broken Arm

Before last week on Monday I fell off the monkey bars.I was crying because it hurt so much.I went to the sick bay and I sat down on the bed. After awhile Mrs Bell
took me to my brother's Kindy and my dad was there with my sister.We picked up my dad
and sister to go to the doctor to check my arm.I had an x-ray and after the x-ray they
told me that I fractured two bones inside my arm. After that I had to wrap my arm up, After I got something that held my arm in place - a sling. I walked home with my sister and dad and when I got home I went for nap. I missed my mum so much. After a long time mum came home and I was happy to see mum and I ate again and I felt great. My fun part was when I had my x-ray because my sister and dad were there.

Our Virtues Assembly

After play last Friday when the bell rang Room 4 packed up to get ready for our Virtues Assembly. First of all we set up the hall. Then we waited for everyone to join us for Assembly. After this we did our items. I enjoyed playing my recorder and singing.


After play on Friday we went straight to the hall.Mrs Pole told me to tell Mrs Bell to ring the bell.I saw Room 1 lining up. Then Room 1 came inside and sat down on the hall floor. After that Room 2 came inside the hall.Room 1 was the silly class .After that the whole school came inside.Next we started with some prayers.When they'd finished we stood up and we sang Come Gather and Praise. After that we finIshed the recorder song .Then we put our recorders in a basket. The people who were not the quarrelling children stood up and bowed.The quarrelling childern started planting some flowers and digging some dirt and picking some flowers.After this Seauti said,"Stop this quarrelling! " After that Seauti said, "Come here my children ". Then all the childern came to Seauti. They all sat down in a circle. Seauti said, "Come here my oldest child." First of all Albert stood up and went to Seauti and Albert took 1 stick and broke it and he then took 2 sticks and broke them and finlly he took 3 sticks and broke them . They all finished. Last of all Mr Coakley took the certificates to the people who were standing up at the front of us .Next we clapped all the people who stood up .They all sat down in their place. I felt happy when I sang come Gather and Praise.And when I did the unity sign. My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we made a circle and we said together WE ARE STRONG ! I liked this because I liked the sound of it. I felt happy and excited.

A Fantastic Assembly

Last Friday we had our Assembly, it was called unity. To begin with we had some prayers. After this we sang Come Gather and Praise. Next we played the recorders, the song was called Leapin About. Then it was the play! I WAS excited about it.Later on we had a message for every body- TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! We had the certificates.Later on Mrs Pole went around the hall to the children who were sitting up for them to choose a Caught Being Good. Last of all Mr Coakley said a message to every one in the hall. My Favourite highlight was when I sang Come Gather and Praise. I was so proud of my self because I liked the way we moved.

A Wonderful Assembly

Last Friday after play we went to the school hall to have Room 4's Assembly and our Virtues Assembly was Unity. We had a practice and at 12 o clock the whole school came to the school hall . Then the whole school sat down . We waited for them to be quiet and then Kalolaine told me to say the prayer.When I'd finished saying my prayer Vaine said her prayer and the prayer was about Jesus my Friend. After the prayer we played on our recorders and we played Leapin' About on our recorders.After that Kalolaine asked Angelica,''What is our virtue?" Angelica said it was Unity. Kalolaine said," That's right our virtue is Unity." After that we did the play The Father and his Eight Quarrelling Children .After that Kalolaine asked Mr Coakley to present the certificates.Next kalolaine asked Mrs Pole could she give the Caught Being Goods. Some people got to pull a Caught Being Good out of the box. Last of all we got in our lines and we said TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we sang the song together. It was fun because it looked like we were showing the Virtue called Unity.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


After play last Friday Room 4 had an Assembly in the hall.And we did a play. After that Kalo was speaking on the microphone and we did some prayers. We did the play.It was fun doing the assembly. I was excited because it was fun. My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when I played the recorder. I liked this because it was fun playing the recorder at our assembly in the hall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Virtues Assembly

My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we played on Leaping About on our recorders. I liked this because we played with the CD player. I felt happy.

Our Virtues Assembly

My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when I did my part really well. I liked this because my friends J.T and Albert were in the play as well. I felt proud of myself because I did my part well as one of the eight quarrelling children.

Friday, June 10, 2011


After school on Friday my nana came up to my home to take me to Hamilton to have some fun and it was a long way. When we got to Hamilton I went to my dad's home and we had dinner at my dad's home. After dinner my nana came and picked me up and Vanessa up at eight o'clock. I was so amazed that nana picked me up. When we got to my nana's home, we had a bath in the bathroom. Then I got changed into my pyjamas. I go downstairs to watch some movies called 'Glee' and then we went to sleep. My sister and my brother put a comment on my blog. We had some fun.


On Saturday morning at 11:30 my brother went to play rugby behind Okahu Bay playground. After that we arrived at the rugby game right in time so we could watch it. Then we ate our chips and pitch black drink, it was actully grape drink in a monutain dew bottle. Next the game started. We cheered and cheered really loudly, people could hear us cheering from the other side of the field. Later on they had a break. They ate juicy oranges from a lunch box. This woman had put the lunch box out of oranges out of her bag. After the game started. The coach called my brother Eneasi but his back hurt and he was crying and my sister Latai comforted him and hugged him and rubbed him. Later on we went to the park in front of us. I went on the swings and my two brothers, their names werw George and Nasili, my dad's little son Nasili is named after him. George and Nasili were on the swings. After we went home but I said," Mum please can I buy a lolly because I have money on me so I can share it with my little brother and sister.," My mum said," Sure." So we went to the dairy and bought some lollies. when we'd finished buying our lollies we went back home. My favourite highlight was when Varsity won.

Friday, June 3, 2011


At Tonga it was a lovely day because it was my baby's birthday. There were 100 presents. Her cake was a pink one. It had a photo in the middle.After that a car came outside. It was my mum. Then I ran outside. I had on my face a happy smile. My mum said the baby's birthday was starting at 7 but it was 5 0'clock so my dad went to buy pies for everyone at home. My mum told my dad to get a 100 pies. I told my mum it was 7 o'clock. After that we started the party. I gave all the presents to my sister, After that we had finished and everyone went to their own home. I felt happy and good. It was such a lovely day. At last it was night time so I went to sleep for church.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


In the night time there was a knock. Maybe it was our auntie? My Mum opened the door. It was my brother and our sister! Our Mum said, "Hello there. Come in."
My brother had a bag of clothes. He carried it into our room then he put his shoes in our room too. We were happy to see our brother.

The Doctor

On Monday we went to the doctor because my brother had a broken arm. At the doctors the nurse tested my brother's blood. He cried for my mum.