Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Super Assembly

After play on Friday Room4 felt excited because we were going to do our Assembly. First of all Kalo welcomed everybody using the microphone. Then we did a play about the 8 Quarrelling Children and it was such fun. Then Mrs Pole said freeze! And we did! Then Seuati said stop this noise and work peacefully and we said" yes father " And we started to quarrell again and Vaine, Me and Victoria were quarrelling together. After that Seuati said Come here my Children. After that we said What is it father?. He said just Come here and listen and sit down. And he said come here my oldest child and take this stick and break it. Now take 2 sticks and break them. Now take 3 sticks and break them. Now take this bundle of sticks and break them. He took them to all of us and we all tried to break them and the sticks WOULD NOT BREAK. After that Alecia said that was a task and then we did the unity sign. After that we all went around like a rainbow and said Together We Are Strong.

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  1. What a wonderful recount of your assembly Kaneisini. It is wonderful to see you posting on your class blog. You have used some wonderful vocabulary in your writing. Keep up the great work.