Monday, June 20, 2011

A Super Fancy Assembly

Last Friday after morning tea I rushed to line because I was super excited for the super assembly. When we arrived at the hall Mrs Pole told us to sit down so we did that right away. Next Mrs Pole told Joshua to go to the office so Joshua could tell Mrs Bell to ring the bell. Then the bell rang really loudly!
I was frightened then the whole school came to the hall. I was really nervous. Later on Kalolaine said something to the whole school then Annalise, Vaine and Joanna came up and said their prayers.It was about their lovely, sweet school and their country. I felt like crying because of their lovely prayers.
After that we sang a song called Come Gather and Praise. I was singing with a boy called Joshua. Once we stood up I was really nervous but I was trying to sing really loudly but I couldn't because I was scared but once group 2 came around us I was not nervous at all because group 2 came around. When we'd finished the song I felt super happy! After that we played our recorders. We only played Leapin' About because that was the only song we knew so we had to play it. We had a folder so we could play the notes because if we didn't have a folder we might play anything.
Later on we did the unity signs. The people who did the unity signs were Victoria, Joshua, Paul, Kanesini, and Justin-Tyler.
After we did a play about The Father and His Quarrelling Children It was about these kids who always quarrelled all the time.
Lucky last we were holding hands and we said," TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!"
Then Kalolaine said," Mr Coakley can you please come and give out the virtue certificates please?" Later on Mrs Pole came and gave the Caught Being Goods out. After that we went back to our classes.
My favourite highlight was when I was singing because my mum took a photo of me.I was really proud of myself and Joshua because we were singing really, really, really proudly.

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  1. What a fantastic recount of your class assembly, Rosrine. Well done for posting on the class blog.