Friday, May 9, 2014

What Are We Learning About Milk

We got into four different groups. Each group got given four different types of milk and we are looking at the colour and texture.

We have four different types of milk and we are going to see which one we like the most. 

The leader of each group tipped a little bit of milk into some cups so that we can all have a taste. 

When we had tried all of the milk we found that number three wasn't too nice. It was too bitter. 

Number four was the nicest! Luckily it was the last one. 

We got given this sheet to fill out. The first milk was Long Life, the second was Dark Blue, the third was Evaporated and the last one was Condensed milk. The first two milks were white and the second two were brown. The first milk was quite thin but the rest were thick. The first two milks were easy to pour and the last two came out slowly. The first milk tasted like school milk, the second tasted like cream, the third tasted bitter and the last one tasted like creamy and sweet. 

By Room 4

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