Friday, May 23, 2014

How To Get the Water Out of Milk

First of all we poured the blue milk into the electric frying pan. Next we turned we turned it on to four or five. Then we looked at it and the steam was going up and up. While were looking at it we poured an icy cold plate over the milk. Later we put the plate up and water was dripping on the paper. After this the milk was going up and down. Last of all it got dry and crisp. Last of we got the dried up bits and put them in the water and used the pestle to make it flat by grinding it. At the end there was no water but it was powder.

This is a picture of the milk bubbling.

This is what was left at the end.

By Makalita


  1. I like the way the steam was going up and up. I found it interesting how the milk became crisp and powder. I also found this interesting because I've never done this experiment before.

    By Christopher, Precious and Akesa

    1. Thanks guys hope yous St Pius School really inspired me alot.