Monday, May 19, 2014


On Tuesday morning first of all we had to change in class. The girls had to wear shorts. Diego and I wore our singlets. Next in the hall, the first thing we had to do was get the ball and throw it up to the ceiling. Then we had to turn around and catch it. Then after this we went to the next station.
Then I went to the part where we had to roll backwards. It was fun when I rolled back.
Next I went to the station with the skipping rope. I skipped four times. It was easy. After that my favourite part was when I rolled. Our coach was called Flaminio. Every time we called him Flamingo he turned pink.

By George


  1. My favourite part of your writing is when you said that Flamino turned pink. Bet he was embarrassed!
    Sounds like you had heaps of fun! You must've been tired after all of that skipping!

    By Christopher, Precious and Akesa

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  3. Hi George it is your best soul friend i like the way how you write your sentence and other people who comments on your Gymnastics You are my best soul friend i ever had.

  4. Hi George
    I like the way you play Gymnastics it is very intresting to hear that you had heaps of fun in Gymnastics.

    By Kanesini