Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ipad in Room 4 Week 7 2018

I am learning to use lasso and crop when using EE( Explain Everything).
Mrs. Grant is showing us how to use lasso. 
                 We are trying to use lasso now.

Well done Christian for trying to use lasso.
Melie & Daniel are concentrating.

Monday, March 12, 2018

My story.

I am learning to write my story and read it to an audience.
By: Everley
"I am going to kiwisport with my Mummy", said Everley.

Friday, March 9, 2018

I can do it.

I am learning to write my idea into a sentence.
By: Lose.

I like clicking and slide and I like to clap.

My Story

I am learning to write my story and read to an audience.
By: David
To-day I went to soccer with my Mum and my Dad. We played and I was checking out to eat and I played again. I went and played a different game and I liked it. I went back home and eat. We went back home and eat and we went to the park for another play and we went back home for a sleep.

My future home

I am learning to make my dream buildings.
By: Sani, Jacob and Daniel
"I am building a maze and if they will pass all of it they can enter the city", said Sani.

"We have worked together to built the town from the maze. Sani and Daniel are trying to find their way into my world", said Jacob.

"I am building my dream castle with Daniel", said Pauliasi.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I can & I will group Capital Letters

I am learning to help my group to write a story.
By: Vince, Solomon, Christian and Pauliasi.
This is our sentences we made up to write our story.

Christian and Vince are telling us their sentences while Pauliasi and Solomon copies their sentences.

Pauliasi and Solomon are telling us their sentences while Vince and Christian writes their sentences.

I can & I will

I can write a story and I will write it.
By: Everley, Lose, Sesimani & Isitolo
They worked together as a writing group to write their story. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My story

I am learning to write my story.
By: 'Isitolo

I went to the water movies to have fun and play games then I went to Mum on the other side. 

My family time.

I am learning to write a story about my family.
By: Vili
To-day me and my two brothers went to school. At school, we ate our lunch and my brothers went to go to mass. Well, me and my Mum, Dad and 2 little brothers went looking for a book. It was about a cat and a dog because the dog chased the cat to the farm.

My sentence

I am learning to make a sentence and read it.
by Vince
I went to see the crocodile.

Editing my story

I am learning to go back and edit my writing by using my marking card. I am also learning to use interesting words in my story.
By: Jonah.
One day, me and my whole family went to the swimming pool then I did a big splash. After, I went to one scary ride then I got dizzy so I went back to the cold pool. It was so cold so I went to the warm pool with my family because I went with my Dad everywhere then he was tired.

My writing

I am learning to write my story.
By: Daniel

Me and Mum went to the movies and we went to the gym. We walked up and down. We went to the jump and went to swim.

My story

I am learning to record my story.
By: Achilles

I went to the scary ghost house. He had skeletons and we went home.

My story.

I am learning to write my stories.
by Isitolo.

I went to the tower with my Mum and Dad then we went to the meat shop. We went home and cooked some food

Using our ipad to take a picture

Here are few things we learnt to-day from Mrs.Grant.
1) Keep the ipad steady.
2)Hold it still and take the picture.
3)Make sure the whole object is clear and is fully covered in the photo.

Mrs.Grant is explaining to us, how to use the camera. 

We are using our apple TV to display our pictures for others to see.

"I am taking a picture of the abacus", said Audrey.

Lose is taking her best shot on her object while Solomon is observing her.

Pauline is taking a picture of Mary and Joseph.

Lose is trying to take a picture of the abacus.

Monday, March 5, 2018

My big brother

I am writing what I can remember.
By: Sanitose.

One day, I woke up and I saw Diego doing his homework in the lounge sitting on the couch. He was doing his homework on his computer.

At the beach

I am learning to write what I did in the weekend. 
by: Achilles.
I went to the beach and I swam very far then we went home. 

My story

I am learning to write my story.
By: Everley.

I am going to the park.

I am writing a sentece

I am learning to write a sentence.
By Lose.
I am reading a book.

Friday, March 2, 2018

My Birthday

I am learning to write down my ideas into a story.
By: Melie
To-day I went to the movies and a picnic for my birthday. My one sister came and 5 brothers came too and my aunties came and my uncles too. Mum and Dad bought some pizzas and chips. We all came in one car. I came with my  Mum and Dad's 4 sisters. 

My recount

I am learning to write about what I did.
By: Sesimani
I went to the sport and soccer.

Friday, February 23, 2018

My story

I am learning to write my ideas down.
By David.
I am sad for the poor people because they don't have shoes because we need to help the poor and they will be happy. It is too sad for them. We need to give money for them to buy toys  to play with and we need to get to that place but we don't have much money for us but it is just very sad for them to eat on a very small table. It is sad because they are too far away from us.

My best day is the weekend.

I am learning to write about what I did.
by Pauline
In the weekend, I had some fun because it was a good day, so we wanted to have the best day in my life too. Sometimes it is beautiful. I love the weekend because I get to see the best on the people. 

Our Friday Developmental Programme

After lunch every Friday, every child has an opportunity to try other things they would love to do in class and talk about it. Here's a few shots from their developmental programme.
Sani and Lucas are building a bridge from St Pius to their homes.

Vili checking out Audrey's picture and asking her questions.

Audrey enjoying her talent to share her picture with her group.

Sesimani and Audrey trialling ways to read using an ipad.

Isitolo is questioning his group of ways he can use his headphone to check out sounds he wants to hear.

Meela is explaining what she is making. She is building a fence for her vegetable garden in Room 1.

These students are so busy trying to design their own reading books using the ipad.

Solomon is designing a learning space for Room 4 by drawing us all.

What I really enjoyed to-day.

I am learning to write a recount using our brainstorm in class.
By: Vili

Yesterday in the hall, I was doing kiwi-sport. I liked the slide and we just have lots and lots of fun and I just like the clapping. I enjoyed it because we had some fun and we had lots and lots of fun. Me, Jacob and Alfonsus did run and I was next to Jacob and we also stretched.

My story

I am learning to write a recount by writing about something I have done.
By Jonah.

I went to the hall to do hip hop. We did dancing moves and we did dancing moves called sliding and kicking but my two favourites are horn and clicking and the teacher's name is Jessie.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

What do I like to do.

I am learning to write a full stop and a capital letter at the beginning of my sentences.
By: Vince

 I like the dancing. I am clapping. I am dancing.