Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ipad in Room 4 Week 7 2018

I am learning to use lasso and crop when using EE( Explain Everything).
Mrs. Grant is showing us how to use lasso. 
                 We are trying to use lasso now.

Well done Christian for trying to use lasso.
Melie & Daniel are concentrating.


  1. Wow! Fonzie can you show me how to use lasso hhhhhhh. Well done kids.

  2. You all look very attentive for Mrs Grant. Keep it up Room 4

  3. You are so lucky Ruma Wha, to have Mrs Grant teach you how to use Lasso.

  4. You look amazing room 4! I like the way you sit and focus on Mrs Grant. Happy learning and have a good week.

    Cheers :)
    Vilis Mum

  5. You guys are so lucky to learn how to use a lasso! I thought it was to capture horse and cows, but its something you use on the ipad. Maybe one day you can show the parents how to do a lasso?

  6. Hi Room 4

    I really like the way you guys are working together to use lasso. I also like the way you are take notice about using Lasso from Mrs Grant.
    Great Job room 4

  7. Hi Room 4,
    I really liked how you learned how to use something new. I also like how all of you are working together.

    Good Job

  8. Hi Room 4,
    I like the way how you sit and focus on Mrs Grant.I also like how all of you are working together.
    Keep it up.!!!