Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The fluffy white cat

I am learning to write an interesting story.
By Achilles.


  1. That is an interesting story, Achilles. Well done for completing it.

  2. Great story Achilles. The cat in your story sounds like a very cute & fluffy cat. Well done. ��

  3. I love ur story about cat achilles im sure u love the cat

  4. Wow Achilles! I love this story about a the boy and the white cat with blue eyes. Your handwriting is so nice and tidy. I always like seeing your great artwork too. Keep up the great work! I am proud of you.

    Love from,

  5. I really like your story Achilles. You have neat and tidy handwriting and a great picture to match it. I will keep checking your school blog for the good work that you are doing with your class. Well done!

  6. Hi Achilles. It is me Liam. Where did you see the white cat with blue eyes? Do you remember the grey cat on our street that is always around Mrs Higgins house?

  7. Hi Achilies,
    You are a very good writer, I loved how you described the cat, it sounds very cute. I also really liked the drawing you made, it looks very artsy.

    Great Job!

  8. Wow Achilles! Great Story, I see your handwriting and story line getting better and better! Keep it UP!!

  9. Hi Achilies,
    This is a great story, I like how you drawn your picture and included details.Keep it up.

  10. Hey Achilles,
    I like the way you have been working on your writing,so that your English can be more better when you speak.

  11. Hey Achilles,
    This is great how you included the details in our writing on what you read.Great Picture you have drawn their.Keep it up. :)

  12. Hey Achilles,
    Good writing, just try to make it look better a little bit, great work.


  13. Hi Achilles,
    I think that your piece of writing is very descriptive and full of different adjectives. Maybe you could draw a picture of the boy holding the fluffy white cat. Do YOU have a pet of your own?


  14. Hey Achilles,
    Well done Achilles,I like the way you have been work on your writing and how you drawn your picture.Keep it up.

  15. Hi Achilles,
    you have a really great descriptive writing and also great vocabulary. Maybe you could draw some pictures, but other than that keep up the great work.


  16. Hi Achilles,
    I like your drawing it looks amazing and I like your writing.
    Keep Up The Good Work!!!

  17. Hi Achilles,
    I really like how you have learnt how to write an interesting story. I like the picture you have put in with the story.
    Keep up the great job:)

  18. Hi Achilles,
    I really like your writing it is so interesting.I think that you should work on spacing out you word in the story. Next time you should tell us what is in your picture.

    Great Job

  19. Hi Achilles,
    This is a great piece of writing and its interesting. I think you should on your spelling. Great picture.Keep it up.