Friday, March 9, 2018

My future home

I am learning to make my dream buildings.
By: Sani, Jacob and Daniel
"I am building a maze and if they will pass all of it they can enter the city", said Sani.

"We have worked together to built the town from the maze. Sani and Daniel are trying to find their way into my world", said Jacob.

"I am building my dream castle with Daniel", said Pauliasi.


  1. That is so cool, Daniel, Pauliasi, Sani and Jacob. Castles are great fun.

  2. You guys will become some fine builders one day. Such great teamwork as well. Great work boys!

  3. Maze looks amazing boys. I hope nobody gets lost in it. I like how well you guys work together. Keep it up boys.

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  5. Well done boys keep up the good work, love how well you all are working together.
    Amazing work boys.