Monday, December 27, 2010

The Start Of A Zoo Trip

On Thursday morning of the 21st of October, it was a cold and rainy day, and I came late with my Mum.

I had a badge that said 'Saint Pius X' from my friend Rachel. I was wondering if we are going to the Zoo, so we were in our groups ready to go in the bus. When we were in the bus my clasroom girls were singing a Zoo song about the animals and we took some photos too.

While we were in the bus my friends were talking about thier weekends. Mrs Pole said to my friends "don't sing, only when we get there you can sing the song".

When we got there they were singing the song again. We got of the bus, and i was frezzing and my hands we cold too. My class was frezzing and cold too.

My Mum said ok let's go now.

At first we went to see the red Panda, but we were trying to look for it, I said to my Mum "there it is I can see it climbing up the tree".

Mrs Modley came up to Mrs Pole and said "you guys are first for lesson".

TO BE CONTINUED.................

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Awesome Trip

As I was walking in class and hanging up my bag Mrs Pole said "Eden get your bag", Oh yeah we are going on a christmas trip to the Aotea Center. So I got my hat, got my name tag and headed of outside. I was walking to the senior park and on the field, but then I just noticed that Mrs Pole said in the classroom to line up in the hall. So I headed of to the hall. Once I got there I was the leader, I was so excited and happy. We said a prayer and walked down the hill to the bus and Sonia, Rachel, Jane and I hoped into the middle of the bus and sang what ever we wanted to sing.
Once we got there then I said to Mrs Pole, "Mrs Pole this looks different it dosen't look like the Aotea Center". Then Mrs Pole said "Well this is actually not the Aotea Center it's the Town Hall". We walked the stairs to the Auckland Town Hall. Once we got there then we couldn't believe who I was looking at it was Daynah from 'studio 2' and I didn't know why she was their.
I thought she would be in New York City, but then I saw Matt with a brown beard and a brown moustage.
There were 7 people doing a hip hop dance and then they said that we were going to do a dance too. We did a dance and the boys and girls were having a battle and all of the battles the boys won because they were screaming louder than the girls but I think the girls screamed louder. Even the teachers danced too. We were cheering for Mrs Oldfield but sadly the men won.
It was lunch time and I was starving. So we ate. Went back to the town hall and did banners then we went outside looking at all these amazing photos, and it was really fun.
Then we took of our shoes and we were looking for New Zealand Rachael and Justin found it and started looking for Samoa and Tonga. Later on we went to go get our bags.

My favourite part was when I saw Daynah and Matt.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rainbows End

In the weekend I went to rainbows end with my Sunday school. We went to the bus it was a long drive. As we got there we went to the white tent we had prizegiving I came 1st place. Then I went to play. I went to the FearFall. After that I went to the Invader.
After that I went to the Rollor Coaster it was FUN, then we said "one more time", then we said again "one more time". After that I went to the LOG it was FUN because the pictures were funny. At the end I was on the bus.
When we got home I went to sleep.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Pools

In the weekend I went to the pools.
I went in the BIG pool it was COOL, because there was a water slide.
I went on the water slide. I went on the BIG BIG pool. I went on the slide. I slid down the slide and fell down the slide and I jumped into the pool. I went to the side of the pool my Mum and Dad said to get out of the pool and I did. After that we went home and ate K.F.C and I went to sleep.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The King Of Savannah

Room 4 used easi speak microphone for their movie.

They talked about making their own lion masks and how to make them.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Thank-You Letter

Dear Mrs Wright,
I would like to thank-you for being a sponser for our fantastic Duffy books.
I enjoy reading them and, I read every week.
My favourite book is 'Harry and Hopper' because it reminds me of my brother and cousins who died.
I think it is very important to be a great reader so I read every night before I go to bed. I love the Duffy theatre because it was funny and we learnt heaps about Duffy and why we should be great at reading.
We have also had some Role-Models Assemblies. After those Assemblies we get our fantastic Duffy books.
I wish you a Holy and Merry Christmas

From your friend Ana