Monday, December 27, 2010

The Start Of A Zoo Trip

On Thursday morning of the 21st of October, it was a cold and rainy day, and I came late with my Mum.

I had a badge that said 'Saint Pius X' from my friend Rachel. I was wondering if we are going to the Zoo, so we were in our groups ready to go in the bus. When we were in the bus my clasroom girls were singing a Zoo song about the animals and we took some photos too.

While we were in the bus my friends were talking about thier weekends. Mrs Pole said to my friends "don't sing, only when we get there you can sing the song".

When we got there they were singing the song again. We got of the bus, and i was frezzing and my hands we cold too. My class was frezzing and cold too.

My Mum said ok let's go now.

At first we went to see the red Panda, but we were trying to look for it, I said to my Mum "there it is I can see it climbing up the tree".

Mrs Modley came up to Mrs Pole and said "you guys are first for lesson".

TO BE CONTINUED.................

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