Friday, October 15, 2010

A Big and Long Day

On an exciting day me, my little brother, my two older sisters and my mum went to church to watch my two older sister's perform their dance with everyone else that was in the dance. My sister said, "Mum you and Eden and Ben can go to church by ten o'clock, we are going at nine o'clock because we are going to go to the hall to practice the dance." So I got changed and my mum already had a shower and got changed. My mum changed my baby brother too. My mum said for me to put on my baby brothers shoes but my baby brother kept on going outside because he wanted to go and my mum said, "We should not of put on his shoes because he thinks that we are going now but we are not." My mum said that we could go now.
When we arrived at church we found a seat and sat down. We saw that the dance was before the final blessing and it was very beautiful. Then I saw this old lady crying but it was a happy cry. After that my mum said that there's another dance from the hall and that there's a big feed over at the hall. Alecia and two other ladies came up because it was their birthday and I didn't know what the two lady's age was I just knew that Alecia was turning seven on Sunday. So we sang happy birthday to them in Tongan and Samoan then after that it was the final blessing and after the final blessing we had a song and I sang my way out and walked straight to the hall feeling shy.
As I walked in my mum, said, "Can you hold my bag I need to take Ben to the loo?" So I was holding my mum's bag still shy and this lady came and my mum and my little baby brother just came when the lady called Sialia and said "Are you in the Sunday School?" My mum nodded but I didn't want to sit with my sisters because I was too shy but Sialia said that I had to sit with the Sunday School with everybody else. Before my mum said that we just watch the dance and then we can go home. But we ate first and then we could play outside, after that we went back to the hall and watched the dance. I wasn't feeling shy anymore.
There were dances, after the three dances me, my little brother, and my mum went home leaving my sisters to eat ice-cream at the hall. But we had chocolate ice-cream at home. I said to myself, "What a big and long day we have had." My mum said, "After when your two sisters come back then you and I will go shopping so Ana and Gloria can look after Ben at home." When they came back I was making my dad a coffee, and then my mum and I went to the shops and my two sisters were looking after my baby brother called Ben.
We came home and we were happy. We all had a big and long day eating and watching people perform their dance and we also had a big and long day playing on the senior and junior playground. And tonight when we were watching 'White Chicks' there were two men dressed up as two lady's because they lost their job and after that we went to sleep. Asleep at last!

The Pools

In the weekend I went to the pools. I went in the big pool. It was cool because there was a water slide. I went on the water slide. I went in the big, big pool after that I went on the slide. I slid down the slide and fell down the slide and I jumped into the pool. I went to the side of the pool. My mum and dad said to get out of the pool and I did. After that we went home and ate KFC and I went to sleep. After that I woke up and my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him to my uncle's house?


In the holidays I went to Chipmunks and then I saw Sianna Reigh at Chipmunks. First of all I went to the castle side and when we slid down we were screaming. We did it again. When we were sliding down I fell down on some one! After that I went to my cousin and I saw her shouting at the people and I did it and other people did it too. This machine was floating the balls. Later we went home and we played games. The game was called 'Guitar Hero.' Then I went to sleep feeling happy.

Playing with My Friend

In the weekend we went to 'Chicken N Chips' shop. Later we went to the park. Then we went home. When we got home we ate some ice-cream. After that we watched movies. In the afternoon my mum said I can ride my bike. Last of all my mum called me in for dinner.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Cousin's Birthday

In the holidays it was my cousin's birthday at the beach. My cousin turned ten. Our family sang Happy Birthday to my cousin. My cousin was so happy because she had a lot of presents. Me and my cousin went for a swim in the cold water. When we got out of the water it was time to eat. We ate KFC. My mum said, "Say good bye to your cousin." My family did then we went home. My favorite part was when we went for a swim because it was freezing cold.

Book Launch

On an exciting afternoon my cousin Sally and I were getting ready for the most thrilling thing that happen in the whole holidays.
Guess what it was?
My Aunty's Book Launch! When we got to Alothop Village we had to search for the light switch it was much fun.When everyone was there the service started .In the service my Aunty went up the front and told everyone that my cousins,Jack and Sally were going to read Baby Sam. The book is about my cousin Sam who died when he was born.
After the service Sally and I sold the books. Later in the night Sally and I found some red balloons and we ran around with them. The next morning both Sally and I wrote our own songs. My favourite part was when we sold the books because I got to see all the money and it was fun. I felt happy and so did Sally.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At Missiom Bay

We went to Mission Bay. When we got there there were lots of people and my cousin told us to get out of the car and she said, "I will go and look for a park."
So she took a long time. We just ran and swam. When she'd found a park she saw me and my cousin wet. She said, '' Go to the Changing Room and change."
Then she said, "Go back and swim." We got in the water and I stood on a rock. I said, "OW!" because the rock was sharp.
After that my cousin and I went to the deep side and when I was swimming I put my head up. This big wave came and took me back to the small side.
When we came off the beach we went to buy our lunch and our lunch was yum. The chicken was very yummy.
I said to my cousin that the day was cool.