Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Launch

On an exciting afternoon my cousin Sally and I were getting ready for the most thrilling thing that happen in the whole holidays.
Guess what it was?
My Aunty's Book Launch! When we got to Alothop Village we had to search for the light switch it was much fun.When everyone was there the service started .In the service my Aunty went up the front and told everyone that my cousins,Jack and Sally were going to read Baby Sam. The book is about my cousin Sam who died when he was born.
After the service Sally and I sold the books. Later in the night Sally and I found some red balloons and we ran around with them. The next morning both Sally and I wrote our own songs. My favourite part was when we sold the books because I got to see all the money and it was fun. I felt happy and so did Sally.


  1. I would love to hear some of your songs, Ana. You must have had a great time and been very proud of your aunty.

  2. What wonderful, descriptive language you have used Ana! You have certainly kept your audience very interested. "Baby Sam" is such a great book isn't it? Just for next time - it's Althorp Village rather than Alothop.
    So proud of you - as usual, my champion daughter!
    Love Mum