Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At Missiom Bay

We went to Mission Bay. When we got there there were lots of people and my cousin told us to get out of the car and she said, "I will go and look for a park."
So she took a long time. We just ran and swam. When she'd found a park she saw me and my cousin wet. She said, '' Go to the Changing Room and change."
Then she said, "Go back and swim." We got in the water and I stood on a rock. I said, "OW!" because the rock was sharp.
After that my cousin and I went to the deep side and when I was swimming I put my head up. This big wave came and took me back to the small side.
When we came off the beach we went to buy our lunch and our lunch was yum. The chicken was very yummy.
I said to my cousin that the day was cool.


  1. I am sure you had a great time at Mission Bay. I have been there lots of times but have not seen a big wave yet so you were very lucky. Well done for putting your work on the class blog.

  2. Savelio that wonderful story.