Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Exciting Day At Badminton.

On a still Tuesday morning the weather was still and calm but also quiet. Then Room 4 and I rushed out quickly to go to BADMINTON. After that when we settled down we got started.

First of all we buddied up with a parnter. My partner was Kalolaine. We all got a short racquet because it is easier to hit with. Kalo and I were pretty good at hitting it to each other without a net. Then we got to hit it over the nets. Kalo and I were versing Vaine and Kanesini. At the end of the game the points were 5-3. Kalo and I won that game. But then another disappointment! We lost some games but we still had fun. Our coaches name was " Glorrine. "

At badminton I felt disappointment because Kalo and I lost most of the games. My highlight of badmintion was when we were hitting it to each other without a net, I lid that because it was easy and fun.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thank you Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Wednesday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I would like to thank you for making our Duffy Books possible. What I enjoy is the Duffy Theatre, it's funny.

My favourite Duffy Book is the Lighthouse Keeper's New Friend because it's funny. When the man went to look for a mermaid he found a dog on the rock.

I feel reading is important and fun because I enjoy reading.

I like to read every day because I come to school every day.

That's all for now.

May you have a Merry Holy Christmas, Mrs Wright.

Yours sincerely,

A Thank You Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Wednesday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I am writing this to you because you have given us wonderful books.

What I enjoyed about the Duffy Role Model Assemblies is receiving new books because I love reading so, so much it makes me learn a bit more.

How I feel about reading is it's really fun and cool and it's awesome.

Why it's important is to get better at reading , by the way I love reading.

My favourite Duffy book is" In the Dark" because it's scary and it has adjectives and by the way it is interesting and funny.

Well, that's all Mrs Wright.

May you have are lovely Holy Christmas with your precious family and I hope you enjoy my letter.

Yours sincerely

A Thank You Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Dear Mrs Wright

Thank you for all the special Books. I would thank you for all the books that you have given to me.

I enjoyed the Duffy Theatre because the Duffy people was getting very funny. My favourite book is "I'm not a Supermouse " because it is a very,very false story. In every Duffy Assembly we ask questions, receive our books and listen to our speaker.

I feel intersted in books because they are scary and funny. Reading is inportant so we can learn more.

My favourite book is" Oliver goes Exploring" because it's scary and creepy and the other book is "Scooby Doo" because it has clues and is funny.

Thank you again and I hope you have a Hsappy Christmas.

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Room 4
St Pius X School
Glen Innes

Thursday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I would like to thank you for the beautiful books you have provided from the DUFFY Programme . I like Duffy because he likes READING like me. Also I have 12 Duffy books, that's why I like Reading.

My Favourite Duffy Book is THE WONKEY DONKEY by Craig Smith . I like Wonkey Donkey because it was on a CD, also the PICTURES, they were BEAUTIFUL and FUNNY and COLOURFUL . I always play the CD on the radio, it is so funny. My favourite sentence is" I was walking down the road and then Isaw a donkey HEE HAW, he only had three legs and one eye" .

Also I liked the DUFFY THEATRE because it was really FUNNY .Also the DUFFY SONG it was nice and funny . I would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS.

from Patrick.

Thank You Letter

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Casltedine Crescent
Glen Innes

Wednesday 23 November

Dear Mrs Wright

I would like to tell you and thank you for making these wonderful Duffy Books a reality and thank you for being our sponsor, we all appreciate the Duffy Books.

The thing I enjoy about reading is that I feel that reading is good and it is important. I think reading is important and good is because it helps people get better at writing and helps people to have a good education too.

I would also like to tell you about my two favourite Duffy Books and one of them are called " Miss Primrose and the Stolen Salami'. The authors for that Duffy Book are Janet Slater Bottin and Claire De Zoete. My other favourite Duffy Book is called " Amy and Louis". The authors for that Duffy Book are Libby Glesson and Freya Blackwood. I like those two Duffy Books because they rhyme, they have beautiful pictures inside and they are funny.

That is all I have to say to you Mrs Wright. Goodbye for now and have a Happy and Holy Christmas and I hope you will still help us with our reading.

Yours sincerely

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Letter To Kanesini

Dear Kanesini,

On Wednesday 9 November it was a exciting day because were going Hoyts to see other schools’ movies.

We went by bus. When we got into the fancy bus we had to sit with our partner. My partner was Rosalina, Annalise’s partner was Alecia.

When we arrived at Hoyts we sat on red, comfy chairs. We got really excited to see our movies so we got ready to see our movies. When it started we cheered for St Pius. “Go St Pius,” I cried.

Tokilupe and this boy were the first one to get on stage to say a little speech before Room7’s movie started

When Room7’s movie started I was excited because it was funny but when it came up to the song I was about to cry because when Rollen was sitting on the bottom of the St Pius sign and he was looking around the school, it looked like he was really lonely.

After that it was Point England’s turn to show their movie. I was wondering what Point England’s movie was about, so it was about to start.

Meanwhile I sat back and waited until it started so then I heard a sound, it was Point England’s movie. It was about a Samoan song, it was called O le Pepe. I loved that song very much.

After Point England’s movie it was Tamaki Primary’s turn to show their movie.Their movie was about dancing, it had music, the music was Move Your Body by Beyonce. It was my favourite because I love dancing that’s why.

Next it was Glenbrae’s turn to show their special movie. When it started I sat back and got ready to watch Glenbrae’s movie. It was about rubbish. I thought it was about going for a picnic but I was wrong.

Later on it was St Pius’s turn to show their movie. It was Room 8’s turn. It was about a wallet. My brother was the taxi driver. It was funny because Maila was trying to find her wallet. When it finished we had to leave Hoyts because the Film Fest finished but I was sad I didn’t want to leave but we had to go. So we got out and hopped on the bus.

When we arrived at school we had lunch. A few minutes later we packed our bags and went home. That was the funniest time ever.

Love from Rosrine.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Kanesini

On Wednesday the 9 of November we went straight to the Film Fest instead ofJump
Jam, prayers, line up, math, R.E. We went under the shelter and called out the roll and waited there. When we are ready Mrs Pole said chose a partner so we got a partner .
After that Mrs Pole told us to stand up so we walked to the bus and Rm’s 1,2,and 4 and Rm 3 went on the bus at the back of us.Mrs Pole called them but I don’t know what Mrs Koloti said . And Mrs Pole came back and the driver started the engine and he drove off and Mrs Pole nearly fell over!
Mafu always tells people to sit down on the bus. We got to Panmure and then Sylvia Park .We drove through the Pak’n’Save and the Hoyts. The door of the bus opened and we got out of the bus and walked on the footpath of the road, it was raining .I said to myself, “I don’t care when it’s raining I can get wet .”
After that we got inside and it looked so beautiful. I walked inside. I sat on a very soft chair and the lights were off. The schools were Panmure Bridge, St Pius X and other Schools. When the lights were off I was scared. I was holding onto Vaine’s whole body and it started.
I like all the St Pius X films .My highlight was
when we saw all the St Pius X movies.

From Joshua

A trip to Hoyts

Dear Kanesini

I’d like to tell you about our school trip to Sylvia Park. First we got in the bus, then we drove all the way to Hoyts. Next we went upstairs, then we got to the theatre. Next we sat in the big comfortable chairs at Hoyts.

The Movies were great. There was one about a butterfly. There was a Samoan song in the butterfly movie.

After that it was Room 7’s turn to show their film. It was about a new boy. It was funny because the new boy was all alone and a mum from the play group comes and pats him on the back, and then he got in the classroom. Then he got new friends.

From Paul.

Going to the Cinemas

Dear Kanesini

I want to tell you our school performed a movie for the Maniakalani Film Fest. We went by bus. We took 2 buses. Finally we were there. I saw thousands of people in the theatre. We were ready to watch ST PIUS X SCHOOL movie. It was about a new boy coming to ST PIUS .The movie was really funny. Mr Coakley WELCOMED him to RM 7. Next POINT ENGLAND preformed a SAMOAN song about BUTTERFLIES, it was beautiful and funny. Soon PANMURE BRIDGE acted about eating noodles and WEET- BIX. After that Room 8 acted their MOVIE about Lost Things like a WALLET. My highlight was all of ST PIUS MOVIES because they were funny.

From Patrick

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Fun Time Outside Doing Fireworks

On Saturday night it was Fireworks Day and my mum said if my dad comes early we could do fireworks at night. So I went to my room and watched TV and I fell asleep. After that my dad was here and I heard my mum saying that we could buy a box of fireworks.
So we went to buy a box of fireworks. Next we found a shop at Panmure and it said fireworks sale. After this we went to get a box full of fireworks and it cost 35 dollars and it cost a lot of money.
My mum said “bring the small box then.” Later on I went home and my dad said I am going to have a shower first. Mean while I called my cousin’s house and they said they’re going to come. My cousin’s box was bad boy. When my cousin came I saw her with her sister brother and her mum and her aunty too. Later my dad lit the fireworks and we done the sparkles first. Next our fireworks box was finished and it was fun. After we went inside and I looked at the clock and it was 10 o’clock and my mum said if my dad could go for a ride because my dad hasn’t driven a car before so we went off and came back. After that I came and I went to my room and I fell asleep.

A Fun and Sad time in the holidays

In the holidays I stayed at my house because it was a funeral. After that my big sister went to her room and cried. And then she came with a picture of him. And my mum cried and she gives it to my uncle. After that we went out side and we were dancing. After that we were eating some of the food. After we’d eaten we went to the shop and we got some chips, and some lollies. And we came back from the shop and we gave the food out to every body. And they said thank you and I said thank you and then I passed it the next person.

A fun time in the holidays

I was happy when the All Blacks won too. The French were sad. The All Blacks were so happy when they won the WEBB ELLIS CUP! The whole crowd was so excited when they won to against France. I was nervous because it was a close game.

A Fun Day at Guy Fawkes.

On Saturday night we had fireworks, we all used rockets. My brother lit them. He got bored so he went and I lit the exploding fireworks.

After that our fireworks nearly ran out so we used the best for last. They were spinners. They were so cool. They went so fast in circles. The colours were green, then orange, then nothing! Then back all over again, it was funny.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Playing Outside

A Fun Time Playing Out Side.

On Monday morning we went to play out side with our ball. After this we played hide and seek first. Next I had to hide from my sister and she had to find me. Then she went to my room and into my mum and dad’s room. After that she found me in my mum and dad’s room. After that it was my sister’s turn to hide. After I counted I went to find her. I looked in the rooms but she wasn’t there! So I went out side. I called and she didn’t hear me so I went in the car and looked in the front seat.
She wasn’t there and I found her in the back seat. I’ve found you I said.
She laughed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Fun Time In The Holidays

On Monday morning it was a beautiful sunny day. I was excited because my family was going to see the ALL BLACKS! So I got changed really fast and then I opened the door of my car and sat down. When we arrived into town we were trying to find parking.

Next we found a special parking, a person was about to take the spot but we took it really quickly! So I opened the door of my van and ran out to see the All Blacks but…. They were not there. All we saw was Rugger he said, “Hi.” And I said, “Hi.” back.

Later on the Close Up man came and talked to us and I was on camera.

Then all the sudden we heard music. It was the mighty All Blacks! First I saw Dan Carter, Aaron Cruden, Ma’a Nonu and Piri Weepu.

After that Richie McCaw was holding up the Rugby World Cup, it was so shiny.

Ma’a Nonu and Piri Weepu were dancing on the van.

After, Ma’a Nonu got interviewed by a woman; Piri Weepu was putting things on his head.

Later on the Parade finished I was so happy that I got to meet the All Blacks.