Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Kanesini

On Wednesday the 9 of November we went straight to the Film Fest instead ofJump
Jam, prayers, line up, math, R.E. We went under the shelter and called out the roll and waited there. When we are ready Mrs Pole said chose a partner so we got a partner .
After that Mrs Pole told us to stand up so we walked to the bus and Rm’s 1,2,and 4 and Rm 3 went on the bus at the back of us.Mrs Pole called them but I don’t know what Mrs Koloti said . And Mrs Pole came back and the driver started the engine and he drove off and Mrs Pole nearly fell over!
Mafu always tells people to sit down on the bus. We got to Panmure and then Sylvia Park .We drove through the Pak’n’Save and the Hoyts. The door of the bus opened and we got out of the bus and walked on the footpath of the road, it was raining .I said to myself, “I don’t care when it’s raining I can get wet .”
After that we got inside and it looked so beautiful. I walked inside. I sat on a very soft chair and the lights were off. The schools were Panmure Bridge, St Pius X and other Schools. When the lights were off I was scared. I was holding onto Vaine’s whole body and it started.
I like all the St Pius X films .My highlight was
when we saw all the St Pius X movies.

From Joshua


  1. It is your turn to make a movie next year, Joshua.

  2. dear Joshua i would tell you all about your movie the st Pius x school one was very cool love from Dorothy bye Joshua see some more of your writing again