Friday, November 18, 2011

A Letter To Kanesini

Dear Kanesini,

On Wednesday 9 November it was a exciting day because were going Hoyts to see other schools’ movies.

We went by bus. When we got into the fancy bus we had to sit with our partner. My partner was Rosalina, Annalise’s partner was Alecia.

When we arrived at Hoyts we sat on red, comfy chairs. We got really excited to see our movies so we got ready to see our movies. When it started we cheered for St Pius. “Go St Pius,” I cried.

Tokilupe and this boy were the first one to get on stage to say a little speech before Room7’s movie started

When Room7’s movie started I was excited because it was funny but when it came up to the song I was about to cry because when Rollen was sitting on the bottom of the St Pius sign and he was looking around the school, it looked like he was really lonely.

After that it was Point England’s turn to show their movie. I was wondering what Point England’s movie was about, so it was about to start.

Meanwhile I sat back and waited until it started so then I heard a sound, it was Point England’s movie. It was about a Samoan song, it was called O le Pepe. I loved that song very much.

After Point England’s movie it was Tamaki Primary’s turn to show their movie.Their movie was about dancing, it had music, the music was Move Your Body by Beyonce. It was my favourite because I love dancing that’s why.

Next it was Glenbrae’s turn to show their special movie. When it started I sat back and got ready to watch Glenbrae’s movie. It was about rubbish. I thought it was about going for a picnic but I was wrong.

Later on it was St Pius’s turn to show their movie. It was Room 8’s turn. It was about a wallet. My brother was the taxi driver. It was funny because Maila was trying to find her wallet. When it finished we had to leave Hoyts because the Film Fest finished but I was sad I didn’t want to leave but we had to go. So we got out and hopped on the bus.

When we arrived at school we had lunch. A few minutes later we packed our bags and went home. That was the funniest time ever.

Love from Rosrine.

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