Thursday, February 17, 2011

At the Pools

It was a sunny day and we went to the pools. My Mum took me and all of my brothers to the Onehunga Pools. It was a long way. We got ready to swim. I went in the shallow pool. The water was cold. I was freezing so I jumped out and got my towel. After that I went in the warm pool. I got nice and warm.

At The Beach

My Mum and Dad and the whole family went to the beach. Then after that we had our picnic. We had bananas and heaps of food. My favourite food is banana. I didn't have a swim. I played Tiggy on the sand.

My New Bed

In the weekend I got a new bed. Mum and Vanessa and me and Anna fixed my new bed. I want to sleep in my new bed. My Mum said NO. I am not allowed to sleep in my new bed. She said on Friday. I am so happy. And I'm sleeping up the top. My bed is a bunk. I like to sleep on the top because it will be fun.

Friday, February 11, 2011


A fun time in the holidays was when I went to the beach. I went with my family. I was excited. I got ready and dressed up. My mum and dad packed all the food and togs. After that we headed off. Meanwhile when we got there we went to the bus. After a while we got our stuff and set up under a nice tree. I went to the playground with my cousins. While I was at the playground with my cousin we played on the swings. After a while I heard my mum call me, when I got there she told me it's time for a swim, but I was wearing my togs under my clothes. When I got to thewater all of my cousins were there. After that we had a race to see who could get into the water first. Then we jumped in the water. Later on we got out and got changed in the bathroom. Meanwhile we ate. After that we went to the playground. When we had finished playing my mum and I went to buy the ice cream, I got goodie goodie gum drops. Then it was home time! My favourite part of the day was swimming. I felt very happy indeed because I had had such a fantastic time.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Fun Time in the Holidays.

A fun time in the holidays was when I went to Rainbow's End. We went in the bus with my Holiday Programme. When we got there we got our tickets then we went on the Pirate Ship. Then I went on the Fear Fall. I was scared when I went up. I was even more scared when I dropped! Then we went on the Log Flue ride. It took a long time waiting in line. Then I finally got a turn and I got wet. When we were finished the ride my tummy was sore. Then we went on the Elevator. It was the new ride. My friend beside me closed his eyes.