My New Bed

In the weekend I got a new bed. Mum and Vanessa and me and Anna fixed my new bed. I want to sleep in my new bed. My Mum said NO. I am not allowed to sleep in my new bed. She said on Friday. I am so happy. And I'm sleeping up the top. My bed is a bunk. I like to sleep on the top because it will be fun.


  1. Well written, Joanna. It is always great to get a new bed. I hope you get plenty of rest from now on.

  2. Wow, a new bed Joanna. That will be fun to sleep in, new beds always feel so comfy. You wrote some really good sentences in your writing. I am pleased to see you are sharing your feelings about your bed. It helps me understand your opinions. Keep up the great posts Joanna.

  3. I can imagine that Joanna you wanting to sleep up that bed I hope you sleep in it WELL. from Alecia Haiosi

  4. awesome work joanna. keep up the good work..

    :) Steph

  5. very good writing joanna

    from dad and mark


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