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Hello From Room 4

In Room 4 today we had Miss G come in and teach us how to use the Easi-speak microphones. We had fun learning how to speak clearly into the microphone. Next term we are going to practise this skills lots because we want to use it to present our writing expressively.

Rona and the Moon (retold by Alecia)

A long time ago in a Maori village Marama the moon was shining brightly, but Rona’s children couldn’t sleep.
“Rona, Rona please can you get us some water?” they begged.

Rona took the taha and headed off into the dark, still, scary forest. It was a bumpy way but Marama’s bright light helped her way through the dark, still, scary forest.

But soon Marama hid behind a dark, fluffy cloud. Rona couldn’t see the bumpy path. Then something terrible happened! Rona tripped on a root of a ngaio tree.

“Oh you stupid silly moon see what you have made me do, you’ve made me trip!” she yelled.

But then Marama said, “Don’t you talk to me like that.”
With a loud voice Rona shouted, “I can say what ever I want you silly old moon!”

But suddenly Marama grabbed hold of Rona. Rona held on tightly to the ngaio tree. She held on tightly, but Marama was too strong. Marama pulled so hard the ngaio tree came right off the ground.
Marama pulled Rona up into the sky.

Rona’s children waited and waited and waited, for t…