Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Funny Morning

The Junior school sat quietly in the Music Room waiting for a big surprise. We all were wondering what the surprise was. Suddenly we all heard a knock, KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK. "Who's there?" Then Ronald Mc Donald walked in with his two friends,Kate and Jason. Next we learnt about road safety. We also sang a song which had a play to go with it. A little girl in Room 1 taught Ronald to work a seatbelt. In the real play Ronald lost his sock. Miss Oldfield was the reader. Ronald was very funny and everyone was full of laughter. Most every time Miss Oldfied tried to read she keep on laughing. My favourite part was when the little girl in Room 1 taught Ronald to work a seatbelt because it was very funny. I felt happy because it was funny.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Surprise

The Junior School sat quietly in the Music Room waiting for a big surprise. Our eyes were closed and our heads were down. We heard a big, loud KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! We said come in and he was still KNOCKING on the door and we said again come in and he came in. We opened our eyes and the big surprise was a clown. His name wasRonald Mc Donald. It was fun and I felt happy because Miss Oldfield made me laugh because her face was looking funny.

My First Virtues Assembly.

Last Friday we had my first Virtues Assembly in the hall and I felt happy in the hall. Mrs Pole also felt happy in the hall. I think Room 4 felt happy in the hall too. Also the families came too and the St Pius people came to see us in the hall. All the teachers and the Principal were there too.

Everyone from Room 4 sang and danced a Tongan song. After that we listened to three children from my class saying prayers. Then my class did a play about Jesus washing the disciples feet. I was a little scared when I had to hold up the words for the children to read.

I enjoyed doing the Virtues Assembly and want to say the prayers one day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Picnic

On the weekend my family went for a picnic down on the field and I went too! But we didn't have a lovely day. Because the duck's were noisy. So my grandpa said oh let's go home and have our picnic. So we went back home and had our picnic. Then I said this is the best picnic I've ever had.