Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Virtues Assembly.

Last Friday we had my first Virtues Assembly in the hall and I felt happy in the hall. Mrs Pole also felt happy in the hall. I think Room 4 felt happy in the hall too. Also the families came too and the St Pius people came to see us in the hall. All the teachers and the Principal were there too.

Everyone from Room 4 sang and danced a Tongan song. After that we listened to three children from my class saying prayers. Then my class did a play about Jesus washing the disciples feet. I was a little scared when I had to hold up the words for the children to read.

I enjoyed doing the Virtues Assembly and want to say the prayers one day.


  1. Well done with your first post Sianna-Reigh. That was a good recount of your Virtues Assembly. I really like the way that you said you were 'a little scared when I had to hold up the words'.....I would have been scared too.
    I'm sure you will get an opportunity to say the prayers one day, but remember it was your first Assembly so that is something to work towards.
    Keep up the writing.
    Miss G :-)

  2. Thanks for reminding me about your class virtues assembly Sianna-Reigh. I am sure you will get your chance to say a prayer soon.