Friday, May 28, 2010

I Like Being Me

I like being me because God created me. I like being me because I have a wonderful classroom. I like being me because I have such wonderful friends and a lovely Dad.

by Terancis

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day morning we went to the hall. We gave flowers and cards to our mums, some kisses to our mums and we danced for our mums. After that someone took photos of the mothers. After that we went to the park to play. Later we all went home. My Mum felt excited because I gave her the card I had made. She said thank you and I gave my Mum a big hug. My Mum was tired and she went to sleep.
by Salote

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother's Day

On Sunday morning it was a special day for mothers. I made breakfast for my Mum. I made toast and my Dad came with a cake. My Mum felt happy. We went to church and my brother and I made a card for our Mum. After that we showed her the card and Mum said thank you to me and she gave my brother a hug. My favourite part was when we made the card. My Mum gave us a kiss and my Dad gave her a necklace and off we went to the park.
by Valenisia

A Hero - Firefighter Matt

Firefighter Matt is a hero because he saves people from accidents and fires. He tells schools how to keep safe too. Firefighter Matt decided to be a firefighter because a friend inspired him and said this is a job where you can really help people. His message to us was that heroes work very hard for others. Heroes show love and joy. I think Firefighter Matt uses his virtues.

By Sonya

A Hero - Firefighter Matt.

Firefighter Matt is a hero because he was brave enough saving people in car crashes. He is also a hero because he tells people how to keep safe from fires and accidents. Firefighter Matt decided to be a firefighter because his friend told him that this is a good job where he could really help and save people. His messages to us are that we can learn if we practise, also he told us that we can be a good reader if we read heaps of books. I think firefighter Matt is a hero because he has compassion, courage, peacefulness and LOVE.

By Eden