Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Hero - Firefighter Matt

Firefighter Matt is a hero because he saves people from accidents and fires. He tells schools how to keep safe too. Firefighter Matt decided to be a firefighter because a friend inspired him and said this is a job where you can really help people. His message to us was that heroes work very hard for others. Heroes show love and joy. I think Firefighter Matt uses his virtues.

By Sonya


  1. HiSonya, I really enjoyed your report about Firefighter Matt. I particularly like the way you linked how Firefighter Matt helps others with the virtues. I look forward to reading your next piece of writing.

  2. Sonya this is a fabulous recount of the things Firefighter Matt told us. He was a great speaker who taught us some great things about being a hero. He is a great inspiration to us at school as to why it is important to use our virtues.

    Keep up the terrific work.

    Miss Oldfield.

  3. thank you miss odlfield.

  4. Hi Sonya!! Dad and mum here. Cool story about the fireman. Keep up the good work.