Monday, December 27, 2010

The Start Of A Zoo Trip

On Thursday morning of the 21st of October, it was a cold and rainy day, and I came late with my Mum.

I had a badge that said 'Saint Pius X' from my friend Rachel. I was wondering if we are going to the Zoo, so we were in our groups ready to go in the bus. When we were in the bus my clasroom girls were singing a Zoo song about the animals and we took some photos too.

While we were in the bus my friends were talking about thier weekends. Mrs Pole said to my friends "don't sing, only when we get there you can sing the song".

When we got there they were singing the song again. We got of the bus, and i was frezzing and my hands we cold too. My class was frezzing and cold too.

My Mum said ok let's go now.

At first we went to see the red Panda, but we were trying to look for it, I said to my Mum "there it is I can see it climbing up the tree".

Mrs Modley came up to Mrs Pole and said "you guys are first for lesson".

TO BE CONTINUED.................

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Awesome Trip

As I was walking in class and hanging up my bag Mrs Pole said "Eden get your bag", Oh yeah we are going on a christmas trip to the Aotea Center. So I got my hat, got my name tag and headed of outside. I was walking to the senior park and on the field, but then I just noticed that Mrs Pole said in the classroom to line up in the hall. So I headed of to the hall. Once I got there I was the leader, I was so excited and happy. We said a prayer and walked down the hill to the bus and Sonia, Rachel, Jane and I hoped into the middle of the bus and sang what ever we wanted to sing.
Once we got there then I said to Mrs Pole, "Mrs Pole this looks different it dosen't look like the Aotea Center". Then Mrs Pole said "Well this is actually not the Aotea Center it's the Town Hall". We walked the stairs to the Auckland Town Hall. Once we got there then we couldn't believe who I was looking at it was Daynah from 'studio 2' and I didn't know why she was their.
I thought she would be in New York City, but then I saw Matt with a brown beard and a brown moustage.
There were 7 people doing a hip hop dance and then they said that we were going to do a dance too. We did a dance and the boys and girls were having a battle and all of the battles the boys won because they were screaming louder than the girls but I think the girls screamed louder. Even the teachers danced too. We were cheering for Mrs Oldfield but sadly the men won.
It was lunch time and I was starving. So we ate. Went back to the town hall and did banners then we went outside looking at all these amazing photos, and it was really fun.
Then we took of our shoes and we were looking for New Zealand Rachael and Justin found it and started looking for Samoa and Tonga. Later on we went to go get our bags.

My favourite part was when I saw Daynah and Matt.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rainbows End

In the weekend I went to rainbows end with my Sunday school. We went to the bus it was a long drive. As we got there we went to the white tent we had prizegiving I came 1st place. Then I went to play. I went to the FearFall. After that I went to the Invader.
After that I went to the Rollor Coaster it was FUN, then we said "one more time", then we said again "one more time". After that I went to the LOG it was FUN because the pictures were funny. At the end I was on the bus.
When we got home I went to sleep.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Pools

In the weekend I went to the pools.
I went in the BIG pool it was COOL, because there was a water slide.
I went on the water slide. I went on the BIG BIG pool. I went on the slide. I slid down the slide and fell down the slide and I jumped into the pool. I went to the side of the pool my Mum and Dad said to get out of the pool and I did. After that we went home and ate K.F.C and I went to sleep.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The King Of Savannah

Room 4 used easi speak microphone for their movie.

They talked about making their own lion masks and how to make them.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Thank-You Letter

Dear Mrs Wright,
I would like to thank-you for being a sponser for our fantastic Duffy books.
I enjoy reading them and, I read every week.
My favourite book is 'Harry and Hopper' because it reminds me of my brother and cousins who died.
I think it is very important to be a great reader so I read every night before I go to bed. I love the Duffy theatre because it was funny and we learnt heaps about Duffy and why we should be great at reading.
We have also had some Role-Models Assemblies. After those Assemblies we get our fantastic Duffy books.
I wish you a Holy and Merry Christmas

From your friend Ana

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elephant Report

A elephant lives in the Savannah. A big elephant drinks 150 litres of water but a human drinks 3 litres of water.

An elephant eats berries, bark, branches, peanuts, grass, leaves and many more.

An elephant plays a very important role in their environment like an ostrich eats insects whenever a elephant is walking the insects annoy him.

A dead elephant may feed a lion for a whole week. Some animals die when they're fifteen years of age. An elephant is the most largest animal on the land but a blue whale is the largest animal on earth.

The boss of the elephants are the mum.

The baby elephants have big floppy ears for them to cool them down. The tusks are for the elephants to dig up dirt and sand to find water for them to drink. An elephant's enemy is the crocodile.

Elephant Report

A baby elephant feeds on his mother's milk for four years.

Most elephants die when they are 15, only a fifth reach 30.

An elephant is the largest living land animal but the blue whale is the biggest ever.

Elephants live in herds, a herd is lead by the oldest female who is called a matriarch.

Elephants eat peanuts, fruit and berries.

An African elephant is by far larger than the Asian elephant.

Elephants live in the Savannah and forests.

A Sad Time

My sad time was when my nextdoor neighbour died.My nextdoor neighbour collapsed at the shop.My family helped everyone to calm down.They said that it was ok and said that our nextdoor neighbour would be alright.I got over it because I forgot but then they shifted. But I still think about the good times when she was alive.The thing that made me sad was that the nextdoors were singing a song for her and it was so sweet. The next morning we gave flowers to them because she died at the hospital.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Lion Cinquain


Bushy mane

Stalking, roaring, growling

Fierce carnivore

King of the Grassland

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Lion Cinquain


Fierce Hunter

Roaring, Running, Catching

King of the Savannah


Friday, October 15, 2010

A Big and Long Day

On an exciting day me, my little brother, my two older sisters and my mum went to church to watch my two older sister's perform their dance with everyone else that was in the dance. My sister said, "Mum you and Eden and Ben can go to church by ten o'clock, we are going at nine o'clock because we are going to go to the hall to practice the dance." So I got changed and my mum already had a shower and got changed. My mum changed my baby brother too. My mum said for me to put on my baby brothers shoes but my baby brother kept on going outside because he wanted to go and my mum said, "We should not of put on his shoes because he thinks that we are going now but we are not." My mum said that we could go now.
When we arrived at church we found a seat and sat down. We saw that the dance was before the final blessing and it was very beautiful. Then I saw this old lady crying but it was a happy cry. After that my mum said that there's another dance from the hall and that there's a big feed over at the hall. Alecia and two other ladies came up because it was their birthday and I didn't know what the two lady's age was I just knew that Alecia was turning seven on Sunday. So we sang happy birthday to them in Tongan and Samoan then after that it was the final blessing and after the final blessing we had a song and I sang my way out and walked straight to the hall feeling shy.
As I walked in my mum, said, "Can you hold my bag I need to take Ben to the loo?" So I was holding my mum's bag still shy and this lady came and my mum and my little baby brother just came when the lady called Sialia and said "Are you in the Sunday School?" My mum nodded but I didn't want to sit with my sisters because I was too shy but Sialia said that I had to sit with the Sunday School with everybody else. Before my mum said that we just watch the dance and then we can go home. But we ate first and then we could play outside, after that we went back to the hall and watched the dance. I wasn't feeling shy anymore.
There were dances, after the three dances me, my little brother, and my mum went home leaving my sisters to eat ice-cream at the hall. But we had chocolate ice-cream at home. I said to myself, "What a big and long day we have had." My mum said, "After when your two sisters come back then you and I will go shopping so Ana and Gloria can look after Ben at home." When they came back I was making my dad a coffee, and then my mum and I went to the shops and my two sisters were looking after my baby brother called Ben.
We came home and we were happy. We all had a big and long day eating and watching people perform their dance and we also had a big and long day playing on the senior and junior playground. And tonight when we were watching 'White Chicks' there were two men dressed up as two lady's because they lost their job and after that we went to sleep. Asleep at last!

The Pools

In the weekend I went to the pools. I went in the big pool. It was cool because there was a water slide. I went on the water slide. I went in the big, big pool after that I went on the slide. I slid down the slide and fell down the slide and I jumped into the pool. I went to the side of the pool. My mum and dad said to get out of the pool and I did. After that we went home and ate KFC and I went to sleep. After that I woke up and my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him to my uncle's house?


In the holidays I went to Chipmunks and then I saw Sianna Reigh at Chipmunks. First of all I went to the castle side and when we slid down we were screaming. We did it again. When we were sliding down I fell down on some one! After that I went to my cousin and I saw her shouting at the people and I did it and other people did it too. This machine was floating the balls. Later we went home and we played games. The game was called 'Guitar Hero.' Then I went to sleep feeling happy.

Playing with My Friend

In the weekend we went to 'Chicken N Chips' shop. Later we went to the park. Then we went home. When we got home we ate some ice-cream. After that we watched movies. In the afternoon my mum said I can ride my bike. Last of all my mum called me in for dinner.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Cousin's Birthday

In the holidays it was my cousin's birthday at the beach. My cousin turned ten. Our family sang Happy Birthday to my cousin. My cousin was so happy because she had a lot of presents. Me and my cousin went for a swim in the cold water. When we got out of the water it was time to eat. We ate KFC. My mum said, "Say good bye to your cousin." My family did then we went home. My favorite part was when we went for a swim because it was freezing cold.

Book Launch

On an exciting afternoon my cousin Sally and I were getting ready for the most thrilling thing that happen in the whole holidays.
Guess what it was?
My Aunty's Book Launch! When we got to Alothop Village we had to search for the light switch it was much fun.When everyone was there the service started .In the service my Aunty went up the front and told everyone that my cousins,Jack and Sally were going to read Baby Sam. The book is about my cousin Sam who died when he was born.
After the service Sally and I sold the books. Later in the night Sally and I found some red balloons and we ran around with them. The next morning both Sally and I wrote our own songs. My favourite part was when we sold the books because I got to see all the money and it was fun. I felt happy and so did Sally.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At Missiom Bay

We went to Mission Bay. When we got there there were lots of people and my cousin told us to get out of the car and she said, "I will go and look for a park."
So she took a long time. We just ran and swam. When she'd found a park she saw me and my cousin wet. She said, '' Go to the Changing Room and change."
Then she said, "Go back and swim." We got in the water and I stood on a rock. I said, "OW!" because the rock was sharp.
After that my cousin and I went to the deep side and when I was swimming I put my head up. This big wave came and took me back to the small side.
When we came off the beach we went to buy our lunch and our lunch was yum. The chicken was very yummy.
I said to my cousin that the day was cool.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Letter To A School Mate

Room 4
St Pius X School
Glen Innes

Dear Oselise

We hope you are having lovely days at camp.We are looking forward to you coming back to school. We all miss you. Last Friday we had a Sharing Assembly and we did Folk Dancing. My favourite part was when we did stomping. I felt nervous when I went around people and when I was waving my hand.
I felt happy when we were making popcorn, it was delicious but the butter was too much. We had lots of fun. The popcorn was jumping around.
When we had Iron Brian we had a dancing competition. When the Iron Brian Show was finished we all got a hamburger. It was delicious and yummy.

from your friend

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The K.I.T. Day

On Thursday, 26 August, I went to a K.I.T. Day with Mrs Phillips. We picked up Tevita and Lim Lim from their schools and drove to MOTAT.

K.I.T. Days or Keep In Touch Days are special days when I can meet other children who wear hearing aids like me.

When we got there we had some morning tea and then went to learn about how machines work. I liked it when we made a skateboard and Lim Lim pushed me around on it and then I pushed her.

After lunch we had a look at the different things and went in the mirror maze four times and Tevita wanted to go in five times.

At the end of the day, Mrs Phillips bought us an ice-cream. I liked the ice-cream best of all. I want to go to another K.I.T. Day next year.

Iron Brion BBQ Roadshow

On Monday, after lunch time, all the classes and teachers went to our hall to see a show.

The show was called the Iron Brion BBQ Roadshow and was about healthy foods. There was a man in a funny costume with a big head who was Iron Brion. There was a young woman who helped Iron Brion. Iron Brion talked about the four healthy foods. They are meat, fruit and vegetables, bread and cereals, milk, cheese and yogurt.

Iron Brion was funny and there was dancing and questions and prizes. A man cooked lots of hamburgers and we all had one when the show finished.

I liked the show and the hamburgers were yummy.


Room 4
St Pius X School
Glen Innes

Dear Oselise

I am looking forward to you coming back to school after ther holidays. You are lucky to be at camp. I wish you would come back from camp because we have had a lovely time. We made popcorn and that was lots of fun. We made Lime Jelly and had a disco last Friday, it happened in the hall at night and some families were there. Some school children were and some teenagers were doing the music, the songs and the rapping.
When we made Lime Jelly the colour was green.
I wondered what happened at your camp? Was it fun at your camp too?
At the disco we had chips and drinks. When we had Iron Brion we had a competition and this man named Ollie made the burgers. It was yummy! We all ate our burgers outside the classroom.

Love from your best friend

Monday, September 6, 2010


We are learning to read and write procedural texts. On Friday morning Room 4 made a jelly so we could carry out a procedure.

This is how you can make one too.



  • measuring cup
  • plastic cups
  • kettle
  • jug
  • spoon


  • Jelly crystals
  • 100's and 1000's
  • Mallow Bakes
  • water

1. Empty jelly crystals into jug.

2. Pour four cups of hot water into jug.

3. Stir jelly crystals until dissolved.

4. Leave to cool.

5. Pour jelly into plastic cups.

6. Sprinkle mallow bakes onto jelly.

7. Carry jelly to fridge.

8. Leave jelly in fridge until set.

9. Sprinkle 100s and 1000s onto jelly.

Eat and enjoy your jelly.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Surprise

The Junior School sat quietly in the music room waiting for a big surprise. Suddenly we heard the loudest knock out side the music room. Then we put our heads down and closed our eyes. Somebody came into the room. It was Ronald McDonald! He came inside the Music room. And we thought it was some one else. Ronald McDonald came wth his best friend Jason and his other friend Kate, And he asked us questions. He called some people Phillip or Josh. He made us laugh and it was funny. Then he got his frame out, it had a lot of squares in it as well. The colour of his suit was yellow and his sleeves were white and red. He got his picture thing out of his bag, it was red too. Then he told Miss Oldfield to read the sentence on the picture and he kept coming out behind of the picture and kept disturbing her when she started the reading. He was making us the kids laugh. And Mrs Williams, Mrs Mafu and Mrs Moodly was there and Mrs Moodly was laughing at him and she said, " What ever," to him and he said to her, "Don't you what ever me!" We all laughed because of him, and we went out happily to morning tea.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Funny Morning

The Junior school sat quietly in the Music Room waiting for a big surprise. We all were wondering what the surprise was. Suddenly we all heard a knock, KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK. "Who's there?" Then Ronald Mc Donald walked in with his two friends,Kate and Jason. Next we learnt about road safety. We also sang a song which had a play to go with it. A little girl in Room 1 taught Ronald to work a seatbelt. In the real play Ronald lost his sock. Miss Oldfield was the reader. Ronald was very funny and everyone was full of laughter. Most every time Miss Oldfied tried to read she keep on laughing. My favourite part was when the little girl in Room 1 taught Ronald to work a seatbelt because it was very funny. I felt happy because it was funny.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Surprise

The Junior School sat quietly in the Music Room waiting for a big surprise. Our eyes were closed and our heads were down. We heard a big, loud KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! We said come in and he was still KNOCKING on the door and we said again come in and he came in. We opened our eyes and the big surprise was a clown. His name wasRonald Mc Donald. It was fun and I felt happy because Miss Oldfield made me laugh because her face was looking funny.

My First Virtues Assembly.

Last Friday we had my first Virtues Assembly in the hall and I felt happy in the hall. Mrs Pole also felt happy in the hall. I think Room 4 felt happy in the hall too. Also the families came too and the St Pius people came to see us in the hall. All the teachers and the Principal were there too.

Everyone from Room 4 sang and danced a Tongan song. After that we listened to three children from my class saying prayers. Then my class did a play about Jesus washing the disciples feet. I was a little scared when I had to hold up the words for the children to read.

I enjoyed doing the Virtues Assembly and want to say the prayers one day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Picnic

On the weekend my family went for a picnic down on the field and I went too! But we didn't have a lovely day. Because the duck's were noisy. So my grandpa said oh let's go home and have our picnic. So we went back home and had our picnic. Then I said this is the best picnic I've ever had.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


On a nice hot, sunny day I was very excited because my Dad decided to bake a cake. One that had Milo in it and another cake with cocoa in it. At first we got the ingredients and we started to bake the cake.We put the cake in the oven and waited till it was ready.

Ring! The bell rang from the oven and I screamed because I had a shock and my sisters laughed and laughed. We checked the cakes in the oven and we saw one of the cakes was melted but still it did taste nice. So we told our dad about it. He said to put it on a tray. One of my sisters took out the cake, it cracked into pieces. Then my dad said that we could eat it. My favourite part was when we ate the cake and it tasted nice.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Special Day

Last Friday was a special day for Room's 3 and 4. We celebrated our Being Great For God Mass. It was such a special day. My favourite part was when people brought up the bread and the wine because they were fantastic. I loved the way they walked to Father so slowly. After the Mass we could say bye to our Mums and Dads.When we went outside Father said, "Let's Hi Five." I Hi Fived to Father. I said, "Bye," to my Mum.

A Special Day

Last Friday was a special day for Room's 3 and 4. Do you know why? Because it was a Being Great for God Mass. I saw my mum and my mum saw me. We were singing. My mum waved to me. I was happy and proud. When the Mass was finished we bowed and we went.

My favourite part was when we were singing and being blessed. Why? Because this made me feel holy.

Being Great For God Mass

On Friday we went to the church. We looked at the people, mums and dads. There were heaps of parents. Father came up when Sonya was speaking. After we had the bread and wine we sang in the church.

My favourite part was when the bread and wine children walked up the aisle slowly because it made me peaceful.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Weekend

It was the weekend. I went everywhere. I went to the movies. Then I went to my uncle's home. After that I went to the pools. Last of all we went home. I loved the day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Loving Heart Of Jesus - A Prayer

Loving Heart Of Jesus,

I thank you for your forgiveness when I do something nasty, bad or wrong to others. I also thank you for the beautiful world of New Zealand for us to live in. The creating you did was very helpful for you to do.

Thank you for making me grow up to be loving and kind like you.


A Different Day

Last Thursday was a different day because we wore mufti. After lining up we went to the hall to practise for our Jump For Heart. When we had finished our Jump For Heart we saw Miss G waiting for us.Mrs Pole said put the money on the Jump For Heart writing.After this we had to go back to the classroom. Suddenly I heard the bell ring and I was getting ready to do the Jump For Heart.When we got onto the courts Miss G told the juniors to stand up and we did KISS, KISS.My favourite part was when we got $200 because the money will be used for the babies hearts.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catholic Schools Day

On a rainy Friday we weren’t sure if we were going to have the Catholic Schools Day. Suddenly we heard Mrs. Pole say we were going to have the Catholic Schools Day but we weren’t going to have the concert. Still we weren’t sure what we would do with all that practice. The only item was the St Pius choir. After morning tea we all had to line up in the hall. Room 4 was one of the first classes to go so we had to wait a while before the other classes arrived. When all the classes were there Mrs. Williams talked to us. Soon we went on the bus. We had to be careful when we walked to the church. But luckily there was a shelter just beside the church. When we had raced to the church we had to all line up in our classes. Soon all the schools were in the church and we started the lovely mass. In the mass there was singing, reading and Gospels. After the mass the St Pius choir item sang I pa la de se. Suddenly we heard St Patrick’s stand and start going out of the church. Also Eden and I saw someone start sending our classes to St Mark’s classes. The girls from Room 4 went to Room 6 and Room 4 boys went to Room 7. In Room 6 first we ate our lunch next we had a little play. Soon the teacher from Room 6 came in and put on a movie called ‘Madagasca’. Suddenly we all heard Mrs. Pole say, “ Time to go!” So we packed up and lined up on the deck. Out on the deck Mrs. Pole counted us. Once Mrs. Pole said, “ Okay everyone go to the bus.” Some people ran and some people walked. When we got on the bus everybody was singing happily. When we got back to school Mrs. Pole said all the things we were allowed to do. Me and Salote made cards for Miss Oldfield. When I got home I was so tired that I could hardly play with my friend Hannah. My favourite time was when we went in Room 6 because we watched Madagasca.
By Ana

Friday, May 28, 2010

I Like Being Me

I like being me because God created me. I like being me because I have a wonderful classroom. I like being me because I have such wonderful friends and a lovely Dad.

by Terancis

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day morning we went to the hall. We gave flowers and cards to our mums, some kisses to our mums and we danced for our mums. After that someone took photos of the mothers. After that we went to the park to play. Later we all went home. My Mum felt excited because I gave her the card I had made. She said thank you and I gave my Mum a big hug. My Mum was tired and she went to sleep.
by Salote

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother's Day

On Sunday morning it was a special day for mothers. I made breakfast for my Mum. I made toast and my Dad came with a cake. My Mum felt happy. We went to church and my brother and I made a card for our Mum. After that we showed her the card and Mum said thank you to me and she gave my brother a hug. My favourite part was when we made the card. My Mum gave us a kiss and my Dad gave her a necklace and off we went to the park.
by Valenisia

A Hero - Firefighter Matt

Firefighter Matt is a hero because he saves people from accidents and fires. He tells schools how to keep safe too. Firefighter Matt decided to be a firefighter because a friend inspired him and said this is a job where you can really help people. His message to us was that heroes work very hard for others. Heroes show love and joy. I think Firefighter Matt uses his virtues.

By Sonya

A Hero - Firefighter Matt.

Firefighter Matt is a hero because he was brave enough saving people in car crashes. He is also a hero because he tells people how to keep safe from fires and accidents. Firefighter Matt decided to be a firefighter because his friend told him that this is a good job where he could really help and save people. His messages to us are that we can learn if we practise, also he told us that we can be a good reader if we read heaps of books. I think firefighter Matt is a hero because he has compassion, courage, peacefulness and LOVE.

By Eden