Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Surprise

The Junior School sat quietly in the music room waiting for a big surprise. Suddenly we heard the loudest knock out side the music room. Then we put our heads down and closed our eyes. Somebody came into the room. It was Ronald McDonald! He came inside the Music room. And we thought it was some one else. Ronald McDonald came wth his best friend Jason and his other friend Kate, And he asked us questions. He called some people Phillip or Josh. He made us laugh and it was funny. Then he got his frame out, it had a lot of squares in it as well. The colour of his suit was yellow and his sleeves were white and red. He got his picture thing out of his bag, it was red too. Then he told Miss Oldfield to read the sentence on the picture and he kept coming out behind of the picture and kept disturbing her when she started the reading. He was making us the kids laugh. And Mrs Williams, Mrs Mafu and Mrs Moodly was there and Mrs Moodly was laughing at him and she said, " What ever," to him and he said to her, "Don't you what ever me!" We all laughed because of him, and we went out happily to morning tea.

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  1. Well done Terancis, it sounds like you had a lovely visit from Ronald McDonald. It would be great to see you trying to put your ideas in your recounts into paragraphs so that it makes it even easier to read.
    I look forward to seeing your next post.
    Miss G :-)